Chapter 233- Fleeing
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Zhan Yue Chapter 233- Fleeing

 Just like that, the battle proceeded according to my plan.

    Today, I had formed my own battle ideology. Based on energy consumption, I had two plans. First was to use White Cloak+ Annihilation+ Gouge+ Backstab+ Godslaying Blade. The other was to use Dark Shadow Jump+ Hunter's Edge+ Separated by water+ Flames of Karma. This balanced the use of energy and skill cooldown. Along with Bloodthirst Banner and Dark Shadow Jump, this was basically perfect control!

    Although the Desert Giant had strong stats and terrifying Attack, but its movement was just too slow. With my nimble strategy, it was an easy kill.

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    Although the killing took a long time but it was relatively safe. One must know that he was a Unique Grade Boss!

    Moreover, once I finished the kill, I would definitely level up. After all I was at level 70 82%. Purgatory Demon Realm gave loads of experience and rewards!


    After half an hour, Desert Giant's healthbar dropped to 50%. His recovery speed was just too quick!

    This sounded the alarm bells for me that it was time to find poison effects. After all in any game, Assassins were basically players who used poisons. If my daggers had poison, I would be able to suppress the boss's health recovery. After this half an hour, maybe the boss would have already been defeated. Looking at the entire server, no one had more damage than me.

    Thus, I continued the grind.

    Until around 9pm, finally the Desert Giant was left with less than 1%. I used Dark Shadow Jump and Bloodthirst Banner to dodge his few large skills or used Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map to block it. Anyways I had many artifacts and skills to kill that dumb boss.

    A minute later.

    "Wu wa~~~"

    Along with Desert Giant crying out, this Unique Grade Boss finally knelt onto the ground and turned into a pile of golden and equipment. At the same time, I bell rang in the air. This was actually the third Unique Grade kill notification--


    System Notification: Congratulations player Seven Fire for killing Desert Giant (Unique Grade Boss), obtaining the third Unique Grade Boss kill! As this player did so alone,

rewards doubled, he has obtained level +2, Charm +4, Contribution points +400000, gold +10000!


    "Shua shua shua~~"

    I levelled three times in a row!

    Desert Giant's experience itself was enough to get me to level 71. The double rewards leveled me up twice and I reached level 73, becoming the absolute top in server!

    At the same time, it also dropped a pile of unappraised equipment!

    I was delighted and kept them all into my bag. I then looked towards the teleportation gate, should I head to level 17? The boss there should be a level 77 Unique Grade boss. He was 4 levels higher than me and logically speaking I had a chance. However, it would be really tiring.

    A Desert Giant made me fully focused and I was drenched in sweat. If I did it again, I would probably end up in shock.

    Forget it, head up first and train on the mobs.


    Thus, I headed into the 17th floor without any hesitation!

    The map was a forest. Many undead archers appeared. They were level 77 Unique Grade monsters. I immediately summoned Orange Night and White Bird to level.

    Just when I was leveling happily, Shen Mingxuan's voice spread from the groupchat, "I am so angry! So angry!"

    "What happened?" Lin Xi asked.

    "I was killed."

    Shen Mingxuan gritted her teeth, "Luckily the Orange Bow didn't drop!"

    "Who was it?" Lin Xi was angry too, "They dare to touch us?"

    "Elements, Yun Jian!"

    Shen Mingxuan said, "A few minutes ago, Yun Jian and a few other Elements people sneak attacked my group and my few guild members died. I charged to the next floor but he still sneak attacked and killed me."

    "Yun Jian? !"

    I said coldly, "Him again."

    Lin Xi was infuriated, "I... I will go talk to Feng Canghai about it."

    "No need."

    I frowned, "Lin Xi even if you talk to him about this, he would say that Purgatory Demon Realm is a battle of resources. No matter what you say nothing would happen."


    Shen Mingxuan calmed down, "With You has a few members and the only thing we can do is to clear out those from Elements in our map."

    "That's good~~"

    Lin Xi smiled, Not long ago I saw Old Mountain and a few others. Since that is the case, I won't head to the next floor. I should wait for them and kill them all before heading down."

    I smiled, "That is good, if you can kill Old Mountain, we pretty much have taken revenge."

    Shen Mingxuan said, "What about you Lu Li, are there Elements members there?"

    "I haven't seen any."

    I was speechless, "Are you expecting a Paladin to kill someone? That is a little tough..."

    Lin Xi giggled, "Forget it. Although Elements has many players but Lu Li might not be able to bump into any. You should just focus on monsters. We need you to level up for the heals."



    Continue to level.

    A few minutes later, I got a message from Ah Fei, "Ah Li, many people have came out from Purgatory Demon Realm and now there are many unappraised items on the market. The prices are really expensive. Many bosses are purchasing, hahaha~~"

    I frowned, "Is there a need?"


    He said solemnly, "Half an hour ago, someone appraised a level 60 Treasure Grade Ring which gave lifesteal and critical strike. There was also an Attack skill that sold for at least 10 thousand. Many bosses are buying tens at a time, each for 500. In truth, it is quite expensive."

    "They really are mad..."

    I looked at my bag, "I got many of them, most are from bosses. Once I return to the city I will go take a look."

    "Hahaha, great. Hope you can get a top mage item for me and not Gu Ruyi. Although her chest is bigger than mine.."

    I was stunned, "Can you be any more shameless?'

    "Hahaha, I can!"

    "Scram, I am going to level."

    "Okay brother!"


    Roughly ten minutes later.

    Lin Xi's voice spread out from the chat, "Done, Old Mountain and the few other Elements players are out!"


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Will Feng Canghai say anything?"

    "I guess not, he has no choice but to swallow this."

    "En en, I think so too!"

    I didn't say anything. It was obvious that if Elements did this, they were the only ones taking loses. After all there were many Elements players spread all about. With You can easily clear them out. There was only four of us and it wasn't easy for them to find us.

    In truth, they could only find three of us. As for me, when I was July Wildfire, they probably wouldn't even expect me to be a part of With You. Of course, Lin Xi wouldn't expect it either.


    Just like that, I continued to 11. Finally, I noticed a Boss on level 17. This was a girl wrapped in death energy, Arrow of Death- Adele, level 77 Unique Grade Boss!


    I frowned. I looked at Adele and didn't feel very confident. The Bloodthirst Banner was useless against this Boss as she was ranged. When my Dark Shadow Jump opened up the distance, she could still attack me. As for shooting arrows, my Cloud Piercing Arrow couldn't beat her black bow!

    As for close combat, the difference in stats was huge.

    But, I would still try!

    I sunk down and drew close. After 60 seconds, I sneak attacked. However, her reaction was really quick. She turned around and stared at me, "You brat, are you asking for death? You dare to provoke me!?"

    She shot!

    "Peng peng peng~~~"

    Three shots and instantly my health was about to empty out. I raised my hand and used Blood Barrier. Who knew that my special skill would be forced out so quickly.


    She raised her bow and streaks of blood colored arrow rain descended from above. Continous damage!


    I stuck a Bloodthirst Banner down and Dark Shadow Jump over. I then used White Cloak to enter the forced stealth state to flee.

    I lost just like that!

    There was no chance at all. All my equipment were all red too and after losing durability, I couldn't even beat normal monsters. Moreover I had a bunch of unappraised items and needed to return to the city!

    Time to go!

    I switched into my Paladin and smashed the City Return Scroll!



    I appeared in Linchen County. As expected, there were more than 50 more stores than usual. There was a dense group stretching all the way to the blacksmith. I casually tapped onto one and noticed many unappraised equipment. Indeed, Purgatory Demon Realm really added a lot of excitement to the equipment market.

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