Chapter 234- Orange necklace
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Zhan Yue Chapter 234- Orange necklace

"You are back?"

On the square, a familiar person appeared. This was Shen Mingxuan who Yun Jian had kicked out from Purgatory Demon Realm. Her face was filled with loneliness but after she saw me she smiled and asked, "How are your gains little brother?"

"Still okay."

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I smiled, "Anyways it is definitely more than you."


She rolled her eyes at me and said, "Okay, go get busy, I will tour the area."



After saying goodbye to Shen Mingxuan, I headed towards the appraisal location.

Behind the square of Linchen County and beside the fruit store was a mysterious looking piece of architecture. On the door were flags with mysterious marks, this was the legendary Appraiser. Usually there weren't many people but today the entrance was filled up. In front of the counter were ten Appraisers who were waiting to speak to players.

"Damn, green again!?"

"What in the world, this is such a loss... Damn we are finished! I lost all my living expenses for next month!"

"Damn, this is such a scam? Five green in a row and no blue at all?"

A bunch of players clamoured and their faces were filled with rage and helplessness. I squeezed in and smiled towards an Appraiser, "I want to appraise my items."

"Okay young adventurer!"

He smiled, "Come, pass the items to me. I have the cheapest prices in the entire Dongyuan Province!"

"Such nonsense..."

I muttered and placed the leather helmet that I got from one of the Bosses. Instantly, the fees that appeared was 800G! I was stunned. One must know that current gold prices were 1:2 which meant that 1 gold was 2 RMB. Although our country was rich now... But this price was still a little high!

No wonder people said that the NPC appraisers were cheats but as for players, there were cheaters all around. Moreover, this was the initial stage of the game and players were unable to appraise high grade equipments.

Forget it, let's give it a try!

I handed 800G over!


A golden light flashed across my eyes and the misty layer on the helmet disappeared. What replaced it was an eye catching blue glow. This was a level 64 Super Rare piece. En, it was basically useless for me and it couldn't earn back the 800G that I spent. This business was a loss, it was a huge loss!


The gambler's mentality continued, I would be able to earn back money right? After all, most of my equipment were from Bosses. Moreover, there were some from Orange bosses so if I were lucky I could get top items right?

I placed the second equipment in and the price was still 800G, it was as if the price was fixed. A golden light flashed across. This time was worse, a golden Strong Grade equipment!

What a huge loss!

I panicked but still placed the third item in.

A golden light flashed across and this time it was even worse. It was a white ring and basically didn't add any stats. Trash!

Damn! What a huge loss!

I looked at my gold amount and I still had over 10 thousand, I could still appraise many right?

Again and again!

Just like that, equipments flashed across my eyes, green, green, blue, blue, blue, green, white... All of a sudden my head felt hot, what was going on? What kind of rate was this, all of these were from Bosses? In a blink of an eye, I finished the ten thousand gold. Moreover I still had a bunch of unappraised ones. What was more infuriating was that only one decent piece, this was a huge loss!

No, I couldn't accept this!

I turned around and headed to the east square. I stood in front of Ah Fei and looked at him with my bloodstained eyes.


He looked at me, "Are you possessed? Your eyes are so red... Did someone beat you up? Who was it, I will help you take revenge. I have many friends!"

I reached out, "Give me 20 thousand gold!"

He tightened his money pouch, "Damn, what do you want to do!?"

"Appraise equipment!" My eyes flushed red.


Ah Fei gritted his teeth, "Purgatory Demon Realm is a scam, the equipment are basically trash and are to scam gold. You shouldn't do it. Just toss the equipment here, I will help you sell 500 for one."

My eyes flushed red, "Stop the nonsense, give me money, I want to splurge for once!"


He gritted his teeth, "Forget it, you are the boss. I have 30 thousand here, you can spend it all. You are my brother so I have no choice."

"Give it!"

"Here, scram!"


I carried the heavy money bag back and I continued with the middle aged Appraiser. I placed pile after pile on the table and they were still green and blue. They were all trash and some could be sold for 1-200.

Just like that, I appraised until I took out a fire red necklace. After a golden light shone, an orange light surged into the sky. This was an orange colored necklace. Was this the legendary one in a hundred!?

I kept it into my palms like I was grasping flames. Its beautiful stats jumped into my eyes. Not bad, today wasn't for nothing--

Pheonix Necklace (Unique Grade)

Agility: +195

Strength: +192

Stamina: +190

Effect: Critical Strike +1.5%

Effect: Lifesteal +4%

Effect: Phoenix, raise Attack by 800

Effect: Rebirth, after use, recover 10% of one's health each second, lasting 30 seconds. Consume 100 special skill value, cooldown of 120 minutes.

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 75%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 74%

Introduction: Pheonix Necklace, a necklace crafted with the spirit bone of the Pheonix, contains the bloodline power of the phoenix. It is said that the person who wears this will have endless power.

Required level: 72


It was here, it was here!

My mood instantly calmed down from all the angst before and I was filled with joy. This Pheonix Necklace was the first orange necklace in game and it added Critical Strike, Lifesteal and Attack with a really strong recovery skill. This necklace helped to increase my strength to a whole new level!

I tossed it into my bag and continued to appraise.

It was still endless disappointment. I have learnt about the rate of items from Purgatory Demon Realm. There were so many green and blue ones and even purple ones were rare. Moreover, my items were from the Boss, those that the others got would probably be even worse. This was the reason why they were screaming and sighing.

Not long later, all the equipment were appraised!

Apart from the Pheonix Necklace, the rest were useless!

Finally, my eyes landed on the only unappraised skillbook. Right, this was the one. I took it out, 800G, appraise!


A golden light flashed on the book, and its stats appeared in front of my eyes--

Ice Soul Dragon Roar (SS Grade skillbook): Summon a giant dragon to deal a magic attack in a 5 yards area around, causing target's speed to be reduced. Level required: 65, job required: Mage.


A Mage skillbook!

Ah Fei's book!

But I got rid of such a thought. It was such a waste to give this to Ah Fei as he was still far from level 65! Why not give it to Gu Ruyi?

I frowned and struggled. Did I really have to give it to Gu Ruyi?

A voice rang in my heart, "Did you forget why you came to With You? Do you think that you are really a member of With You? You came here to take revenge, to take revenge on that proud woman Lin Xi! Don't be merciful, you are a top Assassin who kills without blinking. You are July Wildfire who caused chaos in Linchen County!"

No no.

Another voice rang up in my mind, "Don't be so petty, did you forget how Gu Ruyi treated you? She treated you the best and has never treated you as an outsider. So what if you give her a skillbook? Gu Ruyi's Magic Damage wasn't high and her presence in the studio isn't strong. Should you help her?"


I clenched my fists. I am Lu Li, I am not evil, why can't I give it to Gu Ruyi?



Thus, I just walked out towards Ah Fei and passed him my purple necklace, "Get to work!"


His eyes opened wide, "You got this from the appraisal?"


"Damn, tens of thousands of dollars are worth it!" He laughed out loud, "Okay you wait."

He started to carve and not long later, a streak of golden light shot into the sky. Ah Fei's face turned green, "Are you that lucky? Double inscription effects!?"

"Ah? !"

I laughed out loud, "Hand it over!"

The necklace returned in my hands and two level 5 inscription stats appeared--

Inscription: Attack +300

Inscription: Critical Strike +2%

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