Chapter 235- Invincible God Eye
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Zhan Yue Chapter 235- Invincible God Eye

Now, this Unique Grade equipment was even more unique! Moreover, even if I sold it in the future, just these two inscriptions alone would cause the value of the necklace to increase by 30%. This was really a top answer!

I turned around and headed deep into Great Sage Hall to change accounts. I equipped Pheonix Necklace for the Burning Bone Necklace and all of a sudden, both my stats and combat strength jumped--

July Wildfire (Shadow of the Exiled)

Level: 73

Attack: 4158-4779 (+522%)

Defence: 2888 (+510%)

Health: 44710

Critical Strike: 26.47%

Lifesteal: 17.5%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 67

Soul Star: 40

Contribution point: 3802005

Combat strength: 13258


My actual Attack was close to 30 thousand and my combat strength had broke 13000. My set of equipments were definitely top in the entire server. In Linchen County, even in the entire country, not many people could solo me. Even if my mechanics were not good enough, my stats alone were enough to crush everyone else.

After admiring it, I was satisfied and switched back to the Paladin account.

I sent Gu Ruyi a message, "Ruyi are you back yet?"

"I am coming back, I finished all the blue potions."

"En, I will wait for you at Great Sage Hall. Let me pass you a skillbook that I got in Purgatory Demon Realm."

"Ah? Okay..."

A few seconds later, Gu Ruyi appeared in the teleportation formation. Her robe wrapped around her curvateous body, those that had to be there were there and those that were thin were thin. Who knew which factory in heaven made her. After seeing me, Gu Ruyi ran over with her staff and her chest bounced up and down. My face flushed red and I lowered my head, afraid that I would nosebleed.

"Lu Li?"

Gu Ruyi came in front of me, tilting her head and smiling, "What skillbook do you have for me?"

"Definitely something good if not I wouldn't have called you."

I raised my hand and Ice Soul Dragon Roar appeared. I just passed it to her like that.

"Ah? !"

When she saw the effect, her mouth opened slightly and she was stunned. She gritted her teeth and hesitated a little.

"What happened?" I asked.

"It is too precious..." She frowned and looked at me seriously, "SS Grade skill and it is a super strong damage skill in a small area. Such skillbooks are rare even in auctions, I can't keep it..."

"That is fine."

I smiled, "You are from With You and I am too. We are one family. Moreover, I was just lucky. When you get a Paladin skillbook you will definitely give it to me right?"


She hesitated, "Why not... I ask Lin Xi?"

"No need.

Lin Xi appeared, "Keep it, we are all a family so why be embarrassed?"

"When did you appear?"

I turned around and looked at Lin Xi and I was a little speechless

She smiled, "I was here ten seconds ago and returned back at the same time as Ruyi. I wanted to see what you were doing with Ruyi and whether you were trying to flirt with her!"

"Am I such a person? !" I stared.

She burst out laughing, "our Lu Li is so righteous and pure, is that okay?"

"Good that you know..."

I touched my nose and said, "Is it time for supper?"

"A while longer, let's go do some of our own things first."



Lin Xi went to appraise and if things were as expected, she would lose a huge bunch. I crushed the Black Castle City Return Scroll and came to Precious Treasure Pavilion to fix my equipment and fill up on potions. I felt bored so I came to Wind Cloud Platform.

The three elders wanted to kill me at Spirit Swallowing Hole, should I tell Master about that? If I did then Wind Cloud Platform and Land of Reincarnation would definitely fight. Master is so hot tempered so that outcome would definitely occur. King of Darkness would just close one eye as after all he wouldn't directly wipe out Land of Reincarnation.

When I thought about it, I decided to forget about it!

I held my dagger and had a thought in my head. Once I was strong enough, I would personally deal with Zhuang Huai Shui. To take revenge personally might feel much better!

I stepped into my cave and summoned White Bird and Orange Night to tell them to guard me.

I started to study the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye.


The instance I activated the eye, I felt a streak of light flash across my right. Everything ahead became much clearer and it made me feel like the eyesight of this Shifang Flame Spiral Eye was quite decent~~

Just like that, after familiarising with the Shifang Flame Spiral Eye for a minute.


System notification: Cultivation complete, Shifang Flame Spiral Eye (End of the Universe Grade) obtained 100 experience


I could cultivate?

I was shocked and clicked on Shifang Flame Spiral Eye's icon. I was currently at stage 0 and there was no effect. Now the experience had reached 10% which meant that 1000 points would get me to stage one!

One else did I have to say, time to try!

I sat crosslegged on the ground and continued to use it. Not long later, I obtained 100 points again.

Just like that, after ten times.


System notification: Congratulations, your Shifang Flame Spiral Eye (End of the Universe Grade) has reached Grade One, obtained ability Appraise!



After clicking it, as expected.

Appraise: Can appraise all items.

An appraisal technique Moreover it could appraise all items, a god grade Appraisal Technique?

All of a sudden my heart was about to stop, what was this? This actually happened? Didn't that mean that I could appraise items for those people from Linchen County who exited Purgatory Demon Realm?

I couldn't sit still anymore!

I teleported to Linchen County and turned into my Human Race Paladin. I found a corner and turned into the Shura Assassin account.

White Cloak!

I carefully walked out and avoided the guards in case they found me. After I entered the square, I calmed down. I was level 73, the highest in the server so no one could see through my stealth.

Thus, I looked at those dense stores which were all unappraised equipment.

I looked at a ring and used Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. Instantly a red circle spun in my right eye and that ring started to show data. Level 60 Strong Grade equipment, green!

When I looked away, that ring was still unappraised!

Oh my god!

My mind went blank, I found it hard to believe that this was true. I looked at all the equipment and their stats all appeared. I landed on a staff with a 500 RMB price but this was a level 64 Treasure Grade staff and it added a lot of Magic Attack. Its true price was above 8000!

I sucked in a deep breath. I wished that I could use the Human Race Paladin account to buy it but no.

"Ah Fei!"

I sent a message to Ah Fei and said, "What are you busy with?"

"Talking to Little Qian!"

"Stop talking and come do work!"

"Ah? What!"

"Just come to the square."


Since I was so serious, Ah Fei knew that something huge was going on. When he saw me, he frowned, "You aren't here?"

"My Assassin is."

"Damn, are you not afraid for death? It is bright daylight and you are actually in Linchen County?"

"What are you afraid of."

I laughed out loud, "Just follow my instructions and buy things ok?"


"Walk to the coordinates and do you see that store? The owner is "Auntie I don't want to work hard anymore", 3rd row there is a staff, buy it."

"Buy an unappraised equipment?"

Ah Fei said, "Damn, are you crazy? Let me tell you, those people are rich which is why they are doing that, we... Should just earn money honestly!"

"Stop the nonsense, buy it. Quick, it would be too late if the store closes."

"Okay, who knows what you are selling."

The staff disappeared and Ah Fei bought it.

I continued forwards and very quickly, I saw a sword. Under my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, the stats appeared. This was a level 65 Super Purple Treasure Grade Sword. Although it couldn't compare to Hellfire but it was quite good. I could buy it to equip my Paladin which would increase my damage.

"Ah Fei, the owner is called "I don't want to sleep alone tonight", first row third equipment, buy that sword."


He frowned, "That is quite expensive, he sold it for 1200?"

"Buy it, small money, we definitely won't lose out at all!"

"Okay, I will listen to you."


I continued forwards and Shifang Flame Spiral Eye buzzed and made sounds that no one could hear. It was as if a deep power was activated as I appraised all those equipments one by one.

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