Chapter 236- Stop flirting
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Zhan Yue Chapter 236- Stop flirting

Not long later, my eyes landed on a skillbook. That guy had 6 unappraised books and he seemed like a skillbook seller. With Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, the skill names appeared one by one. They were mostly common techniques like Double Hit, Assault, Frost Slash, Fireball Spell which all cost a few silver. But this person was selling them all for 500, he looked like a huge cheat.

"Come take a look!"

This fatty called out while smiling, "Linchen County's first book shop has been opened. Two SS Grade skillbooks were appraised from my store so if you want to get rich, come take a look!"

I smiled and locked my eyes on one of them. With Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, the details appeared one by one. There was no way it could hide at all--

Righteous Provocation (S Grade Skillbook): Activate righteous roar to challenge the opponent. At the same time, increase one's Defence by 50% lasting for 3 seconds. Level required: Level 60, required job: Paladin.


Righteous Provocation finally appeared!

I sucked in a deep breath. Previously my Paladin wasn't that good at drawing aggro and the monster would lose aggro causing the entire team to be in danger. That was because this skill didn't appear. After Purgatory Demon Realm opened up, this skillbook actually appeared in front of my eyes. My voice trembled as I said towards Ah Fei, "Ah Fei, there is a skillbook, that person who is arrogantly saying that he is the first bookshop in Linchen County. The first in the fifth row, buy it!"


Ah Fei walked over and bought it. He was suspicious, "Ah Li what are you doing, are you trying to gamble your life away or are you picking? Do you think this is the lottery..."


I laughed, "You might not believe me, but that staff is the Staff of Audland, level 64 Treasure Grade and adds high Magic Attack. The sword is Blood Slaying Sword, level 65 Treasure Grade sword. As for skillbook, it is Righteous Provocation, S Grade Paladin skill. Anyways, just buy it, we won't lose out at all."


His eyes opened wide, "You... You can see the stats?"


I nodded, "Do you have any doubts now?"

"Tsk tsk tsk, I have no doubts anymore!"

He was delighted, "I... I... Ok okay, I won't say anything anymore. If you tell me to go east I won't go west. I will just follow my little brother Ah Li from now onwards!"


I smiled and continued to walk forwards. I looked at each store and not long later, I stopped once more. There was a bunch of treasure cases called Silver Case and they were unappraised items too. This should be a tool from a quest. This person had 100 of them and he sat there lazily.

With Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, the items in these cases appeared one by one. I saw through the outer shell of the box. Most of them gave experience, some gave skillbooks. Each one was sold for 200 RMB and it didn't look worth it at all. But I looked at one of them at a little silver ball within.

Under Shifang Flame Spiral Eye, its stats appeared--

Silver War Horse (Super Rare Mount): Unbounded.


It was actually a mount!?

My body shook. Lin Xi didn't have a mount so I could buy it, it didn't look expensive too. I said, "Ah Fei, coordinates here, there is someone selling silver cases. The 2nd one on the 4th row, buy it. Now, don't buy the wrong one."


Not long later, Ah Fei bought it and I confirmed. En, it was okay. The only valuable thing out of all the cases had disappeared. Super Rare mount, although it couldn't compare to my Precious Grade one, but it was not bad. Especially at the early parts of the mount system, a Super Rare mount was definitely really precious and could be sold for tens of thousands.

I strolled for a while more and there really wasn't anything good. Like what most players thought, Purgatory Demon Realm was used to burn money. In terms of drop rate, it was lower than the outer world. moreover with so many unappraised equipment entering the market, the company would collect a huge bunch of gold back to stabilise everything.

"Okay, there is nothing anymore." I said.

Ah Fei said, "Then... How do I pass the things to you?"

"Great Sage Hall, same place."


Back of Great Sage Hall, I switched to the Paladin account and my Shura Assassin look disappeared. Ah Fei traded the few things to me while I passed the staff back to him, "You can use it when you are level 64 so keep it for yourself."


Unfortunately, although we got these things but we needed to appraise them again. My Shifang Flame Spiral Eye could only see the true stats of the unappraised items but not truly appraise them. So I returned to the Appraiser and appraised Blood Slaying Sword and Righteous Provocation. I equipped it and learnt it. Now my Paladin account was much stronger and I could be said to be one of the strongest Paladins in the game. Apart from Lin Songyan, there aren't many that were stronger than me. At least after getting Blood Slaying Sword, I had the advantage over Breaking Dawn Dust!

I walked out and noticed that a familiar person sat on the chair near the tree nearby. Lin Xi frowned and she seemed really despondent.

"What happened boss?"

I sat beside her and asked, "Why do you look so down?"

Actually, I could guess it. The equipment she appraised were all trash so she was stunned. Her eyes were lacking in energy and she just looked stunned.

"What Purgatory Demon Realm, what appraiser, they are all lies..."

Her eyes were filled with disappointment, "Lu Li, I won't head to Purgatory Demon Realm anymore!"

I facepalmed, "At least the experience is not bad... Moreover, it depends on luck. Look at me, I got an Ice Soul Dragon Roar for Ruyi."


She smiled, "I need to thank you. Since Ruyi became strong, the studio gets stronger too. Thank you, to give up that book, thank you..."

"That is okay, didn't you say that I am a member of With You, we are one, come, get happier~~"

I took out a silver case and smiled, "I got three cases and opened two. I have one more for you, maybe you are blessed?"

"Ah? !"

She opened her mouth slightly and burst out laughing, "So I am scratching a lottery ticket?"

"Yes." I nodded, "To let you feel happier."

She smiled, "No wonder Mingxuan said that you are good at flirting~~ Even Ruyi..."


I stared, "There is nothing between Ruyi and I, moreover, did I flirt with her? I am a member of With You and I am the only guy. Of course I need to treat every one of you good. Quick, take this and see what you can get."


She nodded and kept it. The case disappeared and turned into a silver mount egg. In that instance, her face was about to freeze up, "I... I..."

"What, what is it? Did you get something huge?" I asked.


Lin Xi jumped up, the skirt below her exquisite her armor blew in the wind. Her long legs nearly caused me to stop breathing. She charged at me and hugged me, nearly squeezing me to death. This... I thought that I would have some close contact with Lin Xi but I didn't expect this. The spikes on her shoulders nearly pierced my Shifang Flame Spiral Eye!


She released me and held up the mount egg, "Lu Li, it is a mount, a super blue mount!"


I acted like I didn't know, "Damn, why did I only get experience from the two I opened, it seems like... The heavens only take care of those that look good."

She burst out laughing, "Stop it, I might not be able to take it anymore..."

"Really?" I teased.

"No! Hahaha~~"

I laughed out loud but for some reason I felt a little sad. At that moment, Lin Xi bit her finger and dripped blood onto the egg. The egg started to shine and a silver horse appeared beside her. Even the reins and saddle were automatic.

"I can finally ride!"

Lin Xi's face was filled with joy and excitement. She got up and pulled the ropes, "I am going!"

"You aren't faster than me.."

I summoned the bone horse and chased. The bone horse was purple so it was much faster.

The two of us rode on the streets like that of a couple. Of course, that was just my thoughts, Lin Xi didn't care at all.

People looked over in envy. At the current stage only a few players got mounts. Now that two had appeared in front of them, everyone was stunned.

"Is our With You amazing?"

I smiled while waving at others.

Instantly, some people bowed, "Boss you are amazing, we lose..."


Lin Xi gritted her teeth, "You idiot..."

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