My face flushed red, "If you continue like this, our relationship is going to end, this will be our last chapter!"
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Zhan Yue My face flushed red, "If you continue like this, our relationship is going to end, this will be our last chapter!"

Late at night.

Shen Mingxuan had ordered supper but it hadn't arrived. Thus I returned to Linchen County's east square to see if my 'farm' had any more new items. When I opened the friend's list, I noticed that Ah Fei's name had dimmed. So I sent him a message, "Where are you, why did you go offline so quickly?"

"Yea do you think everyone is like you and don't have a girlfriend?"

He replied with dozens of mocking expressions.

I felt like I was being insulted and replied, "F** you!"

Then I switched off WeChat and ignored him. Probably in a few minutes he was going to get busy.


It seemed like I could only rely on myself.

I had an idea. Who knew whether or not the Paladin could use Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. If it could then I didn't need any help. I chanted to myself, "Shifang Flame Spiral Eye!"

It really came!

A mysterious power surged from deep in my body towards my right eye. My pupil disappeared and what replaced it ere many red ring that intersected. Just like that, my Paladin could actually use Shifang Flame Spiral Eye too!

"So it really could..."

I didn't expect that it could actually work. It seemed like although the Assassin and Paladin were two accounts but they shared the same body. Shifang Flame Spiral Eye was something that Master Xiao Chen gave me, like a life mark set deep into my body which is why my Paladin account could use it too.

But if that was the case, was there a chance for the two jobs to merge?

If it could happen, that would be overpowered!

Of course, that was just my conjecture and there was no chance of it succeeding as of now.

I just walked around the square with Shifang Flame Spiral Eye. As I only used a small bit of energy, so my eyes looked no different from normal eyes. Even if players looked at me they would think that I had faked it when configuring my looks so I was safe.

I spent half an hour here and noticed that all the good items were already taken by me. At this point, Shen Mingxuan sent a message for us to go offline for supper.


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Second floor of the studio.

Everyone were in a good mood. We each had a bowl of porridge with some snacks.

"Lu Li seems really lucky tonight?"

Shen Mingxuan looked at me, "He helped Ruyi get Ice Soul Dragon Roar and also gave Lin Xi a Super Rare mount, scoff... Are you looking down on me, why didn't you give me anything?"

In my heart I was thinking about how her orange bow was mine but I could only say, "Calm down, if I am so lucky it would be your turn soon."

Shen Mingxuan giggled, "Okay then I am at ease."

Lin Xi placed down the spoon in her hands.

She looked at us, "Ruyi, Yun Jian cleared out Mingxuan and he really is despicable. What about your side, does he still disturb you?"

"En, he often sends me messages..." Gu Ruyi said.

"Block him."

Lin Xi smiled, "Why do you bother with such a person?"

Gu Ruyi was stunned, "We added him when Elements and With You worked together. If I block him then does it mean that With You and Elements are on bad terms?"


Lin Xi nodded, "Today when I killed Old Mountain, With You and Elements have already clashed."

"En, I know."

Gu Ruyi blocked Yun Jian right away. She was a little sad, "Originally they treated us so well, why did their attitude change in less than half a month? I don't understand."

"Very simple."

Lin Xi smiled, "Before this it was because the three of us look good and they needed us to help Elements deal with July Wildfire Now that July Wildfire appears less and less, he isn't a threat. We went from friends to competitors so it is normal for their attitude to change."

I nodded, Lin Xi really saw deep into the problem.

Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Lin Xi, Feng Canghai liked you for so long, he even treats you nicely now. If you ask, our relationship would definitely get better."

"I won't beg him."

Her voice was really calm, "I want With You you gain respect because of our own strength and not because of relations. Moreover, I have no feelings for Feng Canghai and don't want to accept anything from him. Moreover, we might become enemies in the future so there is no need."

I said, "Boss, you don't have to care about Feng Canghai, you have me."


She looked at me and nodded. She teased, "But you are a little brother, he is one of the strongest few in the server..."


Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi burst out laughing while I felt complicated. My identity in With You was of the Paladin which was why Lin Xi would say that. What if I was July Wildfire? Would she think that I wasn't on the same level as Feng Canghai?

Unfortunately I couldn't say it myself if not too many things wouldn't be able to be explained. Forget it, there was no other way.

After eating, I returned to rest.

Rest well, there was still a long time!


Next morning, I woke up early.

It rained outside. After washing up, Shen Mingxuan wore a small white dress and walked down. She looked outside and then atme, "Lu Li look at me, are my shoes nice?"

"They are."

I lowered my eyes but my gaze didn't move from her legs.

"Damn... The place you are looking at isn't correct right?"

She stared, "I am asking you, are my shoes nice?"

"Not bad." I said.

"That's good." She smiled, "It would be bad if these shoes get dirtied so you go get breakfast. Lin Xi and I both want pancakes and soya bean milk. Ruyi wants to vegetable buns and one salty porridge. You buy what you want, the money is in the cabinet downstairs."

I was speechless, "Damn, I fell for it!"

She burst out laughing, "Good brother, go, I am quite hungry."


I walked out and returned not long later.

"Do you have plans today?" I asked.


Lin Xi shook her head and smiled, "There aren't any suitable maps so I am going to try to get to level 70. Mingxuan and Ruyi too, why not... Let them bring you?"

"I don't need them, I am strong too, I will train myself." I said.

Shen Mingxuan looked like she heaved a sigh of relief and she smiled towards Gu Ruyi, "Ruyi, our speed has increased by 20%."

Gu Ruyi smiled, "Mingxuan, why not... We bring Lu Li, how can a Paladin like him train?"

"What bring..."

Shen Mingxuan was speechless, "Look at his level, he is level 66, does he look like he needs us?"

"That's true..."

Gu Ruyi was shocked, "Lu Li how did you level so quickly?"

I touched my nose, "Hardwork of course."

Lin Xi laughed, "Okay okay, I can't take this anymore."

We ate and prepared to go online.


I carried my helmet and was preparing to head to the guard post. Shen Mingxuan was making coffee and she looked at me, "Do you need coffee?"

"No, peeing wastes time!"


Her eyes landed on my helmet and she was stunned. This was the first time she noticed, "Glory Helmet? Oh my god... Lu Li you are using a Glory Helmet like Lin Xi?"

I know I couldn't hide this so I just smiled, "Is that weird? I told all of you that I worked in Destiny Corporation. Isn't it easy, to get a Glory Helmet from within?"


She opened her eyes wide, "So dark, when are you going to get me one!"

"That would depend if you are smart or not."


She smiled, "If you are saying that then I won't close my room door tonight!"

My face flushed red, "If you continue like this, our relationship is going to end, this will be our last chapter!"



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