Chapter 198- Unparalleled shattering
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Zhan Yue Chapter 198- Unparalleled shattering


    Light flashed across and I appeared in Heaven and Earth Pavilion that was empty now. The instance that I was back, a really unstable energy surged outwards, turning into huge streaks of lightning which swept the area around me. I felt like my body was about to explode. I knelt onto the ground in pain and trembled.

    "Ah ah ah ah~~"

    Such pain was just too hard to describe. Each part of my body was burning and getting ripped apart.

    Was this that Heaven Lightning? It still wasn't willing to be tamed!

    Right at that moment, a gap was ripped open in the sky. A celestial-like body floated in the wind, it was of Master Ding Heng. The moment he saw me his expression changed, "How did this happen!"

    When he said that, he opened his fingers and laws wrapped around it. He instantly sealed me in a ball of energy, "Follow me back!"

    In the next second, I appeared within my own cave and just sat crosslegged. Ding Heng kept the barrier and instantly lightning flew up from my head. It was hard to imagine how strong that small lightning that didn't look big at all was actually so powerful.


    Ding Heng turned around and looked at the entrance.


    A thin finger sliced the barrier and a top beauty stepped into the cave. Moreover, she had forcefully opened the barrier. One could imagine how strong she was from that, at least she was above Master Ding Heng.

    Yun Yue, she was here too.


    She asked, "Old Ding, what happened?"

    Ding Heng frowned, "Heaven Lightning!"

    "Heaven Lightning!?"

    Yun Yue flew forwards and touched my body. Instantly, the Heaven Lightning seemed like it was wary of her. It repelled her finger and instantly her face was filled with shock, "So familiar, this strength... Kid, where did this Heaven Lightning come from?"

    "Heaven Tribulation Valley.

    I suppressed the pain on my body while frowning, "Senior Sister Yun it is where you went through your tribulation. A half-beast prophet controlled me and smashed the lightning into me. I didn't expect it to enter my body."

    "No wonder."

    Yun Yue crossed her arms and looked at me, "Even I feel worried about this lightning spell so that is not surprising."

    Ding Heng frowned, "Lady Yun Yue don't say that, think of a way. If this continues, this fellow will be shattered into dust!"

    "Don't worry."

    Yun Yue saw through it, "If this Heaven Lightning could kill him then he would have been turned to dust already. It seems like a power in his body is going against the Heaven Lightning but Heaven Lightning is not willing to yield."

    "Since that is the case then release the Heaven Lightning."

    Ding Heng said solemnly, "Let me open the barrier and let this Heaven Lightning go!"


    Yun Yue frowned, "This is the lightning that I led down, that year I nearly died to this. Now that this kid has this Heaven Lightning trapped in his body, don't you think that he should refine it? If he can control this, what kind of benefit would that be. Everyone beneath Eternal Life Realm would be wary of him?"


    Ding Heng hesitated, "I am afraid that his body is not strong enough!"

    "Don't worry, Shuras aren't so weak."

    Yun Yue looked at me and smiled, "Moreover, he isn't a normal Shura."

    Not a normal Shura? What did she mean? !

    Before I could ask, streaks of violent Heaven Lightning swept my body and each bit of my body was being electrocuted. My will was about to collapse, how would I be free to bother about Shura.

    "Junior Brother."

    Yun Yue obtained Ding Heng's agreement, "Calm yourself down and lead out the Spiritual Ruin power and try to merge and refine the Heaven Lightning. Don't resist it and just feel its power. Let it feel your sincerity and only then would you be able to merge with the Heaven Lightning. This is unprecedented so good luck!"

    Unprecedented? So didn't that mean that I was a lab rat? !

    But, Senior Sister Yun's words were really attractive. As what she said, if I could control the Heaven Lightning, I would have a trump card against NPCs that weren't top tier. Even against those, I would be able to fight back. This attraction was huge!

    Go all out!

    I focused and sat crosslegged on the ground. The energy in my body started to flow and the Shura Spiritual Ruin gave out a golden light. It wrapped with Heaven Lightning and caused my body to become a battlefield, buzzing all around.

    In a short two minutes, I was drenched in sweat and all my clothes were wet!


    Suddenly, it felt as if something exploded in my head as a giant lightning surged into the sky!

    "Don't think about leaving!"

    Yun Yue flew into the air and spread her fingers. A thick power filled the cave and pressed the Heaven Lightning back into my body. With a "xiu", it turned into a golden dragon which fell back into my energy ocean. The Spiritual Ruin's light became even more eye catching and it started to buzz. Streaks of invisible energy gathered from all around and tried to refine the Heaven Lightning.

    At this moment, I didn't care about anything and just used my strength to battle the lightning.

    "Pu pu~~"

    Who knew what that was, I just felt pain in my chest but I couldn't open my eyes. I was fully focused on the lightning.

    "I... What happened, Senior Sister Yun?" I asked.

    "Nothing, your chest just ripped open."

    She made it sound really simple, "It is fine, anyways you already lost an arm, now that your chest ripped open it is also nothing much. The Shura bloodline is so strong and you can regenerate quickly. Focus on merging with the lightning."


    A short while later, there was an explosion on my back and my body started to shake. Pain covered my heart and I was nearly about to faint. I had never experienced such intense pain since I entered the game, this was too real!

    "I... Am I going to die..."

    I spat out blood while asking.


    Senior Sister Yun continued to say simply, "Your back just exploded and spine broke but it isn't much of an issue. Your internal organs are still intact, oh... Half your lungs are gone... It's fine, your heart is still okay."


    My body shook and I could sense that I was about to die. Streaks of Heaven Lightning ripped my body apart and it wasn't willing to bow down to the Spiritual Ruin.

    Pain spread from my body and I was furious. I controlled the power of the Spiritual Ruin and shouted, "Have you had enough? Do you really want to die together? !"


    That shout turned into an invisible palm which descended from above and smashed onto the Heaven Lightning. Instantly, the Heaven Lightning split up and was wrapped up by the Spiritual Ruin power. Finally the merging process had begun!

    At this moment, waves rose up within my body like they were celebrating this victory.

    Roughly half an hour later, bits of Heaven Lightning were merged at parts of the Spiritual Ruin and turned into a portion of my ability. "Pu pu pu" sounds spread from all around and fingernail sized Heaven Lightning gathered from all corners of my inner world and appeared in front of me like a silver dragon.

    "Finally done..."

    I raised my hand and instantly this Heaven Lightning was like a little cat that gently climbed up my arms. Of course, its strength didn't change and it was still so strong. But its attitude towards me was totally different!



    I opened my eyes and the moment I did that, lightning flashed in them, "Thank you Senior Sister Yun, thank you Master, I have merged with the Heaven Lightning."

    "Not bad."

    Yun Yue smiled, "But listen to me, don't use it easily and don't show others. Once people see it, many will want to steal it."

    "En." I nodded and smiled.

    Yun Yue looked at Ding Heng, "Old Ding, you better not mention it."

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    Ding Heng nodded, "Of course."

    At that moment, I realised that there was a change in power in my inner world and the Spiritual Ruin became more pure. It was filled with intense power and in the skies above, stars were being lit up. I counted and the number actually increased in folds, there were 40 now!

    At that moment, Spiritual Ruin's power increased and there was a slight crack, like a bag filled with water ripping open. The Spiritual Ruin upgraded. There was also a loud bell which made me excited-


    System notification: Congratulations, you have awakened Spiritual Ruin Second Stage strength, Soul Star +20, successfully awakened the skill: Unparalleled Shattering!


    Unparalleled Shattering!?

    Was this a new skill!?

    I opened my skill column and as expected, a golden skill appeared in the skill column--

    Unparalleled Shattering: Use the Shura legacy power, after activation, ignore 50% of target's Defence lasting for 12 seconds. Cooldown of 60 seconds.


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