Chapter 199- Both handsome and righteous
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Zhan Yue Chapter 199- Both handsome and righteous

A buff!

    I looked at the Unparalleled Shattering skill and was delighted. Although it only lasted for 12 seconds but those 12 seconds would make me a killing god. Ignoring 50% of Defence, that meant that I had armor penetration for 12 seconds. At that time, any skill of mine would be the same as a weakened White Cloak+ Annihilation. Those 12 seconds would be anyone's nightmare right!

    At the same time, along with Spiritual Ruin's evolution, my wounds started to itch. Like what Senior Sister Yun said, my body was healing. Especially at where my arm broke, blood and flesh in the shape of an arm started to appear and bones etc started to form. It looked really magical!

    Ding Heng smiled, "It seems like the kid is out of danger."


    Yun Yue smiled, "To have such willpower, he is really not bad. If it was someone else, he would have died to the Heaven Lightning, even if he had Shura Bloodline it would be useless."

    I smiled bitterly at her, "I thought you were quite confident in this."


    She smiled, "I told you that it was unprecedented, this meant that those who tried before had all died. It wasn't easy for you to succeed so cherish this."

    "En." I nodded my head.

    Ding Heng looked at me, "Kid, after this whole thing, your foundations and law comprehension is really firm. Start to cultivate and try to step into Heaven Realm, go grasp the power of Heaven and Earth! I heard that many disciples in the three divisions have stepped into Heaven Realm."

    I was stunned, "My strength.. Is enough to step into Heaven Realm?"

    Yun Yue was annoyed, "Don't you know how strong you are? Listen to your Master and cultivate to step into Heaven Realm. Before you comprehend the power of Heaven and Earth, your strength is limited."

    "I understand."

    At that point, Ding Heng coughed, "Lady Yun Yue I am his Master and you are his Senior Sister, doesn't that mean..."

    "Wishful thinking!"

    Yun Yue's lips curled and she smiled, "Old Ding, you want to be my Master but can you defeat me? If you can then I don't mind calling you Master because of the kid?"

    Ding Heng was helpless, "You know that I can't,

so that is why you say such things."


    Yun Yue smiled, "Since you are fine then I shall leave."

    After saying that, she turned into an afterimage which disappeared into the wind. Her aura disappeared from the cave too.

    "It is time for me to go too."

    Ding Heng looked at me and smiled, "Cultivate well and don't disappoint Master. Once the five locations battle, I am hoping that you can help Wind Cloud Platform get the top position!"

    "Battle? Top position?"

    I was lost.


    Ding Heng explained, "The battle is an annual thing. The top location would obtain more resources and be the leader of all five. Ancient Battlefield was the first last year. Zhang Xiaoshan's disciples really are different, but this year... Land of Reincarnation is really competitive so you need to work hard."


    I slapped my chest that had just formed and said, "Don't worry Master, when have I ever disappointed you!?"

    "Hahaha, Master knows you won't, time for me to go."

    He floated away and left my cave.

    Speaking of which, I have been here for so long and both my Master and Senior Sister Yun treated me so well. It was tough for one to find a single person that was nice to them in their life. Moreover, just one Black Castle and there were two of us people. I had to work hard and not disappoint them!


    Thus, I sat crosslegged and started to cultivate. The energy in my body wasn't strong enough and hadn't reached the level to breakthrough. Maybe Master and Senior Sister Yun sensed it so they told me to continue cultivating. It did seem like I hadn't cultivated for a long time and wasted a lot of good chances.

    So, I sat in the cave and cultivated, also summoning Orange Night and White Bird to let them absorb the spiritual energy to recover some durability.


    Not long later, I received a voice message from Shen Mingxuan, "Little brother!"

    "En sister!" I replied warmly.

    Shen Mingxuan didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Dumb brother, you really know how to play along! Prepare to eat. We will head out tonight, Lin Xi wants to eat Lamb Spine Hotpot, you drive and I will lead the way."

    "Okay, I am coming!"

    "En en."

    More good food, this can be considered my reward for my life and death battle this noon!



    I walked out of the guard post and took the car to the carpark. Not long later, I parked by the side of the streets and beside was the hotpot shop that Lin Xi wanted to eat.

    We entered and ordered a big pot.

    This shop's specialty was to cook a big pot of lamb spine like how one did chicken pots and then stick pancakes at teh side. Not only was there the taste of lamb spine but there was also carbs like pancakes.

    I tasted a piece, it really tasted really good, both spicy and fresh!

    Lin Xi ate while smiling, "How is everyone training today? How much experience have you all got?"

    Shen Mingxuan raised her hands, "Me first, I got roughly 70 million and also got a purple equipment that could be sold for 1-2 thousand."

    "Not bad, Ruyi?"

    "I was with her so her spoils are mine too..." Gu Ruyi said in a shy manner.

    Lin Xi laughed, "What about you Lu Li?"

    I thought about it, "Mine is the best, I got no less than 100 million, I am about to reach Level 61. As for equipment, I didn't get any."

    "Not bad, eat more and continue to work hard tonight!"

    "En en!"

    We ate for a while more before Shen Mingxuan looked at us, "Lin Xi, did you notice the Inscriber on the square. That August End can make level 5 inscriptions. One of them was the Demon Vine Helmet that we exchanged for and he added 300 Attack. There is also a Super Purple Boots that added 3000 Health. High level inscriptions are just too terrifying!"

    "I saw."

    Lin Xi said, "So I am considering tis. If we lack insciptions, we won't be able to compete with those main guilds and they would brush us aside."

    "Right, inscription effects are something we have to have." Gu Ruyi said.

    Shen Mingxuan frowned, "I asked August End and he said that he lacks materials and is not accepting level 5 inscription pre orders. He also said that one of them cost 5000, I feel that the price is quite high."

    "It is indeed!"

    Lin Xi said, "Cunning merchant, as expected from someone who spends time with July Wildfire!"

    I was speechless, what was wrong with July Wildfire? Didn't he kill you many times? You also did kill him...

    "Try to lower the price!"

    I ate while saying, "I heard that he is a greedy and perverted person. Our Shen Mingxuan is so pretty, just flirt and it is fine. I think you can reduce the price to 3000."

    "That is not possible right?"

    Lin Xi was stunned, "A level 4 inscription is around that price."


    Shen Mingxuan raised her peaks and was annoyed, "But... I can't underestimate my charm. I shall ask him whether or not he can charge a lower price tonight."

    Gu Ruyi looked at her, "Mingxuan, are you... Really thinking about using your looks?"

    "Why would you think that?"

    Shen Mingxuan's lips curled, "I won't let him take advantage of me. Even if there was an advantage to take, Lu Li will be the first, anyways he is one of us."


    I nearly bled, "Is that for real? Then I won't lock the door to the guard post anymore..."

    Lin Xi burst out laughing, "Stop it, can we just eat?"

    "Ok ok let's eat!"


    Not long later after we finished, our faces were filled with satisfaction. Lin Xi's face flushed red and she looked at me from the back.

    "Lin Xi why is your face red?"

    My heartbeat sped up, "Am... Am I different today?"


    She picked up the sprite at the side and smiled, "I bit on chilli..."


    I was disappointed and drove the car back from where we came from.

    After returning, I parked the car and then went back online.


    A light flashed and I appeared within the cave. I opened my friends list and sent a message to Ah Fei, "Are you there?"

    "Yes, do you have the ingredients?"

    "Your head. "

    I laughed, "Shen Mingxuan might find you to lower the price, they think that it is too expensive. Just give chance and charge With You 3000, don't charge too much."


    Ah Fei was shocked, "Brother you are there to be a spy? Why do I feel like you are about to join them!"

    "They are pretty..." I was speechless.

    "Looks is the most important?"

    "That is true, anyways I can't take it anymore..."

    "Okay." He smiled helplessly, "Actually I can't either, with Shen Mingxuan's looks, I would agree if she gave me a thousand for a level five inscription..."



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