Chapter 200- Shen Mingxuan I will take your life
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Zhan Yue Chapter 200- Shen Mingxuan I will take your life

  Within the cave.

    I sat crosslegged and slowly entered the cultivation state.

    Cultivation, waiting for the day I transcended.


    But I calmed back down and each bit of experience gained made me a little happy. After all, this was a game and I definitely couldn't play it like a normal cultivator. At 8pm, that moment arrived. My energy ocean felt filled up and the Spiritual Ruin was really pure. That Heaven Lightning turned into a ball of white light which remained in the forests of the Spiritual Ruin, not moving at all.

    I could break through!

    The last time I felt this was when I broke through Body Training Realm and entered Spirit Astral Realm. It has been a long time!


    Light covered my body and astral energy intersected with one another. My hair danced in the wind and I couldn't open my eyes at all. There was a slapping sound and then it was as if something had ripped open. Shortly after, a door within my body had opened up!

    A bell rang and lasted for a long time--


    System notification: Congratulations, you have stepped into Initial Heaven Realm, obtained passive skill Power of Heaven and Earth!


    It was coming!

    I was stepping into Heaven Realm!

    At the same time, a new skill appeared in my passive skill list--

    Power of Heaven and Earth (SS Grade): Passive, use the power of Heaven and Earth, all skills strength increase +20%, Defence, Magic Resistance increase by 20%, control spell resistance, poison resistance increased by 20%, damage to NPCs increase by 80%, Defence against NPCs increase by 80%.

    This meant a whole new increase in my hidden stats!

    Then the problem came. I was a hidden job player and could cultivate. So what about normal players? They shouldn't be able to cultivate so didn't that mean that they lacked many hidden stats? Even if we had the same equipment and combat strength, if they met me they would get wiped right?

    This problem was heart wrenching.

But I didn't dare to ask it, if I asked, I was afraid that my account would get weakened again...

    Forget it, this wasn't a problem for myself. Maybe Lin Xi had a similar cultivation system. However, there was something I could confirm which was that she was different from me. Even if she cultivated in game, it didn't affect real life because I could sense her energy and it was the same as Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi. If I didn't suppress mine, I was 20-30 times stronger than them.

    Lin Xi's game matters didn't reflect in reality but mine did. Why was that? This was another mystery that I couldn't solve.

    Forget it, I could only take it one step at a time.

    Since cultivation was completed then it was time to transfer the goods. I had a bag full of Skyflame Stone which badly needed storage. After telling Ah Fei, I headed towards Linchen County.


    Linchen County, East Square.

    I stepped into the city and walked by Ah Fei's side. I passed a huge bunch of Skyflame Stone to him.

    Right when I was about to leave, Shen Mingxuan's voice spread into my ears, "Lu Li you are here!"


    I turned around and noticed that Shen Mingxuan was standing behind me. I smiled, "Shen Mingxuan you are here too!"


    She nodded, "I wanted to talk to August End about the inscriptions. Since you are here then follow me, we can use our numbers advantage."

    I laughed and lowered my voice, "Did you really think that because he is perverted that he might eat you? !"

    I was right and her face flushed red, "No, if you don't want then I shall go myself. You brat, sooner or later I will die from anger."

    "No no no."

    I apologised, "Okay why not I follow you?"

    "Tsk, that is more like it."

    Thus the two of us walked towards Ah Fei and when he saw Shen Mingxuan and I together, he was stunned. He reacted quickly and smiled, "Eh isn't that With You's beauty Bright Moon? And also... Yi, With You's Paladin, new member!"


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Can we have a private chat?"


    Ah Fei was willing, "Since Bright Moon said it then of course. Where should we go? Great Sage Hall?"


    Thus, the three of us walked into Great Sage Hall. Shen Mingxuan and I sat next to each other while Ah Fei sat opposite. He was unhappy and sent me a message, "Why are you sitting with the beauty while I am sitting alone like an idiot."

    I replied, "Please remove the word like, you are an idiot!"

    "Damn, you are inhumane!"


    Right at that moment, Shen Mingxuan coughed, "This time I wanted to talk about the level five inscriptions. Grandmaster, you grasped level 5 inscription technique already right?"

    "Of course."

    Ah Fei acted cool and smiled, "You saw the screenshots, the thing is that the materials are not gathered yet, why... Is With You interested?"


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "The many new equipments that we have gained are all blank and needs buffs. But I think that 5000 is too expensive."

    "Is it expensive?"

    Ah Fei scratched his nose and said, "Let me be honest, you don't know how hard level 5 ingredients are to get. To get one set of Heaven Flame Ink, I am about to go bald."

    I laughed, you also don't know how hard it is okay!? When I thought about the drunk driving as well as everything I faced in Heaven Tribulation Valley, it felt like a nightmare. This wasn't something normal players could deal with!

    Shen Mingxuan frowned, "Even then, 5000 is too expensive. After all inscriptions are additions and current Treasure Grade equipments at most cost 5000-10000. The addition costs exceeds the equipment itself, that is a pronnlem."

    "As for this..."

    Ah Fei smiled, "My group of friends and I are working together to get the ingredients so I can't decide it. Why not you add me on WeChat and we can talk about it?"


    Shen Mingxuan was stunned and opened her mouth slightly. She hesitated for a few seconds and said, "Is there such a need? I think that the price of the inscription depends on the cost and the cost is how much you spend to complete an inscription. As for manpower needed, that isn't good. I think that it is the reason for the higher price."

    Was she trying to reject him indirectly?

    I was speechless and messaged Ah Fei, "What add WeChat, if we become mutual friends then wouldn't your likes on my posts get revealed? Pig!"

    "Damn, I forgot!" He was shocked.

    "Okay, let's stop the nonsense. Set the price. Little Qian came so far to find you to be your girlfriend. Can you be human, stop being such a scum!"

    "Damn, I know!"

    Ah Fei looked at Shen Mingxuan and gave an evil smile, "Beauty Bright Moon, forget it... Since you are so pretty then... I will charge you 3000. I can do all your With You's equipment but you have to ensure that you use it yourself if not I will stop this deal."

    She was shocked and didn't expect Ah Fei to agree like that, "Then... Thank you Grandmaster, we have a deal!"

    "En, deal!"

    Ah Fei got up and said, "I have work to do, you two couple can just continue talking here!"

    He walked out and sent me a message, "Am I a good wingman?"

    "Good good!" I sent an emoji of someone cupping his fists.

    On the side, Shen Mingxuan opened his mouth and looked at Ah Fei's backview. She wanted to explain but it was too late. She stomped, "What couple, is he mad? Lu Li do you think I can fall for you!?"

    "That hurts..." I smiled.

    She smiled, "What I mean is that you aren't my type, I didn't say that you are ugly..."

    "Then, maybe he say that you are a couple with this chair." I said.

    She nodded and touched her peaks softly, "That is accceptable."

    I raged and pulled my sword out, "Shen Mingxuan, I will take your dog life!"

    "Hahaha~~~ I don't have a dog, so how are you going to take it? ! ! !"


    Shen Mingxuan dragged Lin Xi, Gu Ruyi and I into a chat and then said in delight, "Haha, Lin Xi! I have completed the mission and came to an agreement with August End. Our equipment will be carved for 3000 a peice!"


    Lin Xi was delighted, "That is great. In the near future, our equipment won't fall behind! Mingxuan well done. How did you do it, you reduced it by so much!"

    "Scoff scoff!"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Who is the person who did it!"

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "Did you really flirt with him?"

    "Before I had time to, he gave up..."

    "Amazing...' Lin Xi muttered.

    I cupped my fists, "Skilled skilled! I am impressed!"

    Her face flushed red and she didn't even turn her body to punch me in the chest.

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