Chapter 200- Shen Mingxuan I will take your life
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Zhan Yue Chapter 200- Shen Mingxuan I will take your life

  Within the cave.

    I sat crosslegged and slowly entered the cultivation state.

    Cultivation, waiting for the day I transcended.


    But I calmed back down and each bit of experience gained made me a little happy. After all, this was a game and I definitely couldn't play it like a normal cultivator. At 8pm, that moment arrived. My energy ocean felt filled up and the Spiritual Ruin was really pure. That Heaven Lightning turned into a ball of white light which remained in the forests of the Spiritual Ruin, not moving at all.

    I could break through!

    The last time I felt this was when I broke through Body Training Realm and entered Spirit Astral Realm. It has been a long time!


    Light covered my body and astral energy intersected with one another. My hair danced in the wind and I couldn't open my eyes at all. There was a slapping sound and then it was as if something had ripped open. Shortly after, a door within my body had opened up!

    A bell rang and lasted for a long time--


    System notification: Congratulations, you have stepped into Initial Heaven Realm, obtained passive skill Power of Heaven and Earth!


    It was coming!

    I was stepping into Heaven Realm!

    At the same time, a new skill appeared in my passive skill list--

    Power of Heaven and Earth (SS Grade): Passive, use the power of Heaven and Earth, all skills strength increase +20%, Defence, Magic Resistance increase by 20%, control spell resistance, poison resistance increased by 20%, damage to NPCs increase by 80%, Defence against NPCs increase by 80%.

    This meant a whole new increase in my hidden stats!

    Then the problem came. I was a hidden job player and could cultivate. So what about normal players? They shouldn't be able to cultivate so didn't that mean that they lacked many hidden stats? Even if we had the same equipment and combat strength, if they met me they would get wiped right?

    This problem was heart wrenching.

But I didn't dare to ask it, if I asked, I was afraid that my account would g

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