Chapter 201- Fued is not over
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Zhan Yue Chapter 201- Fued is not over

I returned to Black Castle and turned back into my Shura Assassin form. I held my daggers and came to Wind Cloud Platform right away.



    Ding Heng appeared in the clouds and looked at me, "As expected from my disciple, you actually broke through to Heaven Realm. How do you feel now?"

    "I am filled with strength."

    I sucked in a deep breath and in that instance I could feel the power of heaven and earth. The sky that was so distant and mysterious, the ground that was firm and thick. I was only able to comprehend a bit of this now. One had to say that this game was so special.

    Ding Heng smiled, "Not bad, so why did you come to find me again?"

    I smiled awkwardly, "Flame Rhino Tooth."


    He understood, "I have heard of this before, they are found on the south Wildfire Plains of Linchen County. I heard that a bunch of Flame Rhinos live there and their horns contain fire element strength that can be used in medicine or flame element formations. If you want it then head to Wildfire Plains."

    I was delighted, "En en, thank you Master!"

    "Go and work hard. When the five outer locations fight, don't disappoint me."



    Teleport, Linchen County!


    I appeared in the broken teleportation formation outside Linchen County and far away, there were a group of players killing blue mantises to level up. I used White Cloak and disappeared into the wind before running towards Wildfire Plains. I checked the state I was in and my equipment were all 100% repaired. The energy potions in my bag were enough. However, Orange Night was still left with 11% and I didn't have time to repair him. As for White Bird, she was back to 100% durability.

    So this time I would rely on White Bird. I would just let Orange Night rest and slowly recover his durability. After all, the repair fees for Lin Fengnian was too expensive and cost a few thousand!

    Half an hour later.

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    Wildfire Plains, a plains that was covered in Fire Maple Trees and dark red bushes. The map was quite open and apart from the trees the plants on the ground were all red in color. No wonder this map was called Wildfire Plains. On the plains, many giant monsters appeared.

    Flame Rhino, level 65 Treasure Grade monster, the best training targets of players at the current level!

    After I appeared on the plains, I noticed that groups of players were killing the Flame Rhinos. I couldn't see their ID so forget it, I was lazy to go to them. Even if I killed them it wouldn't do me any good. It was quite heartless to kill them for loot and in truth I was lazy to do such a thing.

    Time to train!

    I summoned White Bird. She was now a Grade Four Battle Puppet and although her Defence wasn't as good as Orange Night, but her damage was much higher. I believed that once she upgraded, she would surprise me even more.


    I moved about in the crowd and in a blink of an eyes I attracted 12 of them. I flew towards White Bird and smiled, "White Bird, prepare to fight!"


    White Bird didn't say anything but the broken sword that shone bright was her reply.

    Soul Star Explosion!

    I used the skill while turning around and using Apprehension on them. A dark gold storm swept and their health fell. I used Unparalleled Shattering and streaks of blue light rose up from my body. For 12 seconds, 50% of target's defence would be ignored!


    Hunter's Edge!

    Godslaying Blade!


    Mist Slash!

    I threw out a series of skills and right away I insta killed three Flame Rhinos. White Bird jumped and sword light shone bright. She slashed at theneck of one of them and each time she attacked, she would retreat and not give them a chance to fight back. She triggered Meteor Sword and a Flame Rhino fell to her sword.

    With White Bird helping, my leveling speed increased by at least 50%. She was really too strong!

    In less than half a minute, 12 of them turned to experience and gold. When I turned around to pick them up, I realised that many pieces of horns had fallen on the ground. As expected this was Flame Rhino Tooth. Logically speaking it should be called Flame Rhino horn but forget it!

    A total of three of them, the drop rate was quite decent. If it continued like this, after I killed 1200-1800 of them, I would have enough Flame Rhino Tooth for the moment. It would be enough for Ah Fei to earn a large amount!

    Of course, Ah Fei earning money was the same as I earning money. He transferred money periodically and my WeChat amount had long exceeded six digits.


    Continue, I drew ten more over and killed them along with White Bird.

    Time passed bit by bit and two hours later, the Flame Rhino Tooth amount in my bag exceeded 500. It was enough to prove how strong White Bird and I was. Right at that moment, something happened.


    When I drew a bunch of Flame Rhino over, a bright glow flashed. It was a dagger wrapped in flames which slashed past my chest. Stun success!


    Battle notification: Please note, Player Breaking Dawn Destruction used Gouge and stunned you for 1.2 seconds!


    Breaking Dawn Destruction!

    He appeared in front of me and who knew how long he was camping here for. He was level 61 and his level wasn't much lower than me. It was because of that which was why I wasn't able to spot him!

    "Stun success!"

    Breaking Dawn Destruction's face was filled with killing intent and he laughed coldly, "Attack, kill him!"

    He slashed with his dagger and activated his second skill, the Assassin's second job skill- Demon Tribulation!

    "Shua", it was cast!


    Battle notification: Please note, player Breaking Dawn Destruction used skill Demon Tribulation, you lost 3000 health and am in a state of chaos, lasting 3.2 seconds!


    Once again I was controlled! Demon Tribulation had a 40% chance of causing a player to end up in chaos. Breaking Dawn Destruction really was lucky!

    But logically speaking, it should be 4 seconds but it was 3.2 for me. Was it because of the 20% reduction that I got when I entered Heaven Realm? !

    My vision was pitch black and I was in a state of chaos. I wasn't able to attack and move on my own. I could only carry my dagger and move about aimlessly.

    "Shua shua shua--"

    Many people appeared and they were all Breaking Dawn Assassins. Instantly, five of them appeared!

    Behind me, immense pain spread. Breaking Dawn Destruction used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack. Moreover, Breaking Dawn Destruction was not the only second job Assassin. I could hear the sound of Demon Tribulation piercing through the air!

    "White Bird!"

    In truth, I didn't need to say anything. White Bird turned into a white flash and appeared beside Breaking Dawn Destruction. She swept Breaking Dawn Destruction away and helped me to block a wave of damage. her health started to drop and instantly lost 30%!

    Not good!

    When Battle Puppets faced players, their health were reduced by a large amount!

    But her help allowed me to break free. The instance that the chaos effect disappeared, I used White Cloak and disappeared. I looked at my remaining 36% health and raged. Breaking Dawn, I didn't find trouble with you and you actually came over yourself!

    Blood Drawing Blade!

    I flew forwards and Annihilation smashed into the chest of a level 60 Assassin. He was split into two and huge damage numbers rose up--



    Blood Drawing Blade had 30% lifesteal effect and along with my own 12.5%, I had 42.5%. One strike and my lost health was replenished!


    I was filled with killing intent and raised my hands to use Apprehension. The few Assassins were in low health. Right when they tried to flee, I used Dark Shadow Jump to chase. All of them were successfully killed. Breaking Dawn Destruction was shocked and he knew that the assassination had failed.

    "Where do you think you are going!"

    I used Quickness and chased him, not allowing him to exit battle state. As long as he didn't, he wouldn't be able to enter Stealth. After all, he didn't have a forced stealth skill now.

    I chased for 6 seconds and my cooldown was up-- Dark Shadow Jump!


    I turned into a dark shadow and appeared beside him. He panicked and turned around to use Gouge on me. As expected from Breaking Dawn's top Assassin. However, he had thought too much! The moment Gouge was used, I opened my palm and a beautiful scroll appeared in front of me. Along with a flame light, Autumn Moon Cold River slashed on Breaking Dawn Destruction's head with Gouge.


    It was obvious that my damage was high enough! I appeared behind him and used Backstab+ Godslaying Blade!



    The damage numbers appeared but actually when I used Gouge, he was already dead. He had at most 25000 health so he couldn't handle so many hits.


    "Old Destruction... Has died? !"

    A bunch of Breaking Dawn players appeared and their mouths were agape. They were obviously here to assist but who knew that the battle had already ended.

    I smiled and held my dagger. My body shone dark gold as I walked towards them.

    "Heaven gave you a path but you didn't want it, you chose to come to hell!"


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