Chapter 202- Nearly frightened to death
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Zhan Yue Chapter 202- Nearly frightened to death


    A Paladin gritted his teeth, "Its him, the system Boss!"


    The Archer holding a purple bow looked coldly, "He isn't a Boss. Based on our intel he is July Wildfire who appeared on the achievement boards and he is a player with a hidden race. He was the one who helped August End get the Inscriber job change!"

    The Paladin laughed coldly, "Since he is a player then there is nothing to say. It isn't like he has three heads and six arms. Brothers, wipe him out! We managed to snatch this Wildfire Plains from Dragon Alliance by paying a huge price, he can't do whatever he want here!"


    A bunch of players hollered and formed parties to charge at me.


    I smiled and kept White Bird into my bag. I couldn't let anything happen to her as I had much use of her in the future. This was also a battle between the players and I and White Bird didn't have to join in.

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    I charged forwards with my dagger and activated Unparalleled Shattering. I ignored 50% of the target's Defence and aimed at the level 60 Archer. I used Dark Shadow Jump unexpectedly!



    The outcome was surprising too. Just one Dark Shadow Jump and he was actually killed! After all, Dark Shadow Jump only had 200% damage and I guess it was the 50% armor penetration due to Unparalleled Shattering. This Archer went full Agility so his Defence was really low which was why such high damage was dealt.

    Was there anything good to say?

    At this point, I was really confident in my own attack!

    Right when the three Paladins used Assault, I locked onto another Archer and still insta killed him. The moment I got close, he fell to the ground and couldn't fight back at all!


    A series of Dark Shadow Jumps were used and all the squishy players were all cleared out. This was a close to 50 men strong team.

They weren't able to touch me at all and 20 of them were already wiped out. The Mages all activated their Element Shield and were all protected by the heavy armored players.


    In the crowd, the highest level Paladin shouted in rage and used Saint Storm on my head. "Attack, we have to wipe him out!"

    He raised his shield and used Ash Fortress, "He can't insta kill us, follow me up!"

    In the next moment, I charged forwards and spread my arm. A white cloak flashed behind my back and I entered White Cloak state. I used White Cloak+ Annihilation towards his head!


    Under White Cloak state, heavy armored players were as squishy as paper. Even with him using Ash Fortress, he was still killed in one hit!

    "Damn! The leader was killed too..."

    A Warrior retreated while I just smiled. I used Dark Shadow Jump to get close and used Backstab+Godslaying Blade to kill him. He was heavy armored too but he couldn't take one hit at all.

    Actually they weren't to blame. The only reason was because my Attack stats were too sick. My actual attack was close to 17000 and they had at most 10 thousand true Defence. Moreover, I had armor penetration and if my attacks were to be blocked, one had to have 20 thousand true Defence.


    In a blink of an eye, the Breaking Dawn players were turned to corpses. The spoils of war were great too, four Super Rare equipment. There was a Precious Grade purple bow but unfortunately they were only level 52 and weren't that valuable anymore. After all, everyone knew that they were just transition equipment.

    But, I still kept them all into my bag. I then entered White Cloak state and walked to the east for five minutes. Killing monsters was more important, player killing was just something to pass time.

    But right when I was killing monsters, a bell rang in the Linchen County sky--


    System Report (Player Breaking Dawn Destruction shouted): Linchen County brothers please note, the system Boss which is the so-called July Wildfire is at Wildfire Plains (5787, 12002). Anyways, our Breaking Dawn PK group is about to arrive. A hidden job player is killing players for fun and we can't let that happen. We swear to stop at nothing to kill July Wildfire! Those who are interested message me and let's form a hunting group. Let's see who is the real hunter!



    I was filled with disdain towards someone like Breaking Dawn Destruction. He couldn't defeat me so he searched for helpers. Moreover, he made themselves sound so righteous when hunting a single player. Even if I had a hidden job, I was alone. They were just petty.

    But, right at that moment, someone messaged my Paladin account.

    I had to switch and in the next moment, the Paladin stood on Wildfire Plains and joined With You's party. It was Shen Mingxuan's team. Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi also joined in.


    Shen Mingxuan said, "July Wildfire, the system guy is in Wildfire Plains, are you all interested?"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Why, you want to challenge July Wildfire? To be honest, Mingxuan you are still slightly weaker."

    Gu Ruyi burst into a laugh, "I heard someone say that ten minutes ago, Breaking Dawn Destruction and a bunch of Breaking Dawn elites were wiped out by July Wildfire, that was embarrassing."

    "Lu Li, what do you think?" Shen Mingxuan said.

    I coughed, "Shen Mingxuan, you heard Breaking Dawn Destruction. July Wildfire is August End's friend. With You just ordered a set of level 5 inscriptions from August End and if we go hunt July Wildfire, what if August End goes back against his words?"

    "That... That is right..." She was stunned.

    Even if I agreed, I will be heading to kill myself!?

    Lin Xi smiled, "Okay, it was better if we focused on leveling, disband disband! What July Wildfire. If they want to kill then they go themselves. July Wildfire and us don't have any hatred."

    "En en."

    The party was disbanded. I was sweating due to the near reveal of myself.

    Right at that moment, in the distance a Paladin brought ten people to charge over. His face had a scar and he was unshaven. His eyes looked old but he gave off strong fighting spirit. He held a purple shield and a purple sword and was level 60. He was a second advancement Paladin and was an old friend-- Man of Steel!

    On the side of Man of Steel, Wang Yaozu, Old Li, Chicken Pee and Flower Zhang were all there. It seemed like Hidden Dragon Mountain's core players were all here.


    Man of Steel looked at me, "This friend, have you seen July Wildfire?"

    "July Wildfire?"

    I was stunned and then realised that I was in my Paladin account.

    "Oh? !"

    Man of Steel saw the With You mark behind my ID and he was stunned, "So it is a friend from With You. This friend, have you seen July Wildfire? He is the system Boss. Breaking Dawn said that he was near and we have searched for a few minutes."

    "I saw him!"

    I pointed to the west, "I saw him charging to the west and his body was covered in black energy. Just one look and one knew that he wasn't any good. I was nearly frightened to death!"


    Man of Steel smiled, "Don't worry, our Hidden Dragon Mountain is here so there won't be anything good for him. Continue to level, leave this July Wildfire to us."

    "Okay, good luck to all of you!"


    He nodded his head and brought Hidden Dragon Mountain members away.

    Not long later, I switched accounts!


    A dark gold current was released and a light pillar shone on the ground. The Shura Assassin descended from above and his daggers shone a cold light. I used Quickness+ Unparalleled Shattering before charging at them. I raised my hands to use Apprehension onto their heads.

    "Hong hong hong~~~"


    Wang Yaozu was shocked, "He is here, it is Apprehension!"

    In the next second, I used Dark Shadow Jump. Kill Old Li and then Chicken Pee. Next would be Flower Zhang and then Camel's Back. In the end, only Wang Yaozu, Man of Steel and another two heavy armored players were left.


    Man of Steel's face was green, "How did he appear here, that With You friend..."

    Wang Yaozu gritted his teeth, "Do you need to ask, that friend was already killed! Attack, if we don't try, all of us will die too!"



    A series of hits.

    Ten seconds later, Man of Steel and Wang Yaozu's corpse laid in front of us. The higher ups of Hidden Dragon Mountain were all lined up in an orderly manner.

    After picking up two Super Rare pieces of equipment, I sucked in a deep breath and activated White Cloak once more. I disappeared from all the mess.

    Continue to level.

    I basically switched locations regularly to maintain my leveling speed. Finally before 12, I got 1000 Flame Rhino Tooths. This should be enough for Ah Fei.

    Under White Cloak's stealth state, I looked into the distance and saw many players. Some were from Breaking Dawn, some from Dragon Alliance and there were even some from Elements who were searching for me. But if I didn't want them to find me, they definitely wouldn't be able to. Now, Shen Mingxuan was asking me to go offline.

    I took out the City Return Scroll and got back to Black Castle before teleporting to Linchen County.


    East square.

    After Ah Fei collected the bunch of Flame Rhino Tooths, his brows danced, "Hahaha~~ That is great. My level 5 inscription business can begin. Brother wait for the money to roll in, I have decided where to buy the next house!"

    I was speechless, "Okay, you get to work, I am going to eat supper."


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