Chapter 203- Paladin's Echo
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Zhan Yue Chapter 203- Paladin's Echo

 Went offline and headed out.

    At the entrance of the house, I took the supper that was delivered and then went upstairs.

    I saw Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi resting on the sofa with their helmets on. The green light showed that they were still online. Lin Xi just took hers off and she looked at me with those beautiful eyes, "Lu Li, I think our dinner plans will be pushed back."

    "Why?" I was shocked.

    She smiled, "That Inscriber called August End told us that he could do level 5 inscriptions so he shall make them for us first. So come online and head to the square."


    I was speechless. I placed the food down and carried my helmet, "Oh, then I shall come online."

    "No need."

    She tapped on the sofa beside her and smiled, "Although it is a little squeezy here, but... There is enough space. Anyways it won't take a long time to inscribe things. Why not you go online here?"

    "En, okay then..."

    I nodded my head and sat beside Lin Xi. After wearing the game helmet, I went online.



    The Paladin account was still in Linchen County and fortunately I didn't return to Black Castle, if not I would have had to make another trip out. In front of Great Sage Hall, Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were all here around Ah Fei. Ah Fei looked blessed and he was really delighted.

    "Lu Li, come."

    Lin Xi waved at me and once I got close, she smiled, "Take out all your equipment that are Precious Grade and above level 55. As for the lower level ones forget it, they are a waste of money."

    "So generous?" I was shocked, "Lin Xi, I remember that Shen Mingxuan and your equipment aren't weak and the entire studio would have up to 15 of such equipment right?"


    She smiled, "With You won't hold back on spending money to raise our strength,

take them all out."


    I looked at my equipment and only my shield and Paladin's Pity fulfilled the requirements. I passed them to Lin Xi and said, "Lin Xi!"

    "Yea?" She asked.

    I got close, "Be careful, our equipment are so good, what if he takes it and goes offline, then it would be a huge loss!"

    She smiled, "That won't happen right? He is a Master of this? But, that makes sense. I will trade him one by one."

    "Smart!" I nodded my head and smiled.

    At this point, Ah Fei didn't even raise his head and sent me a message, "Why did you come back?"

    I stared, "Isn't it because of you. If you didn't tell them to come over for inscriptions, would I have to return?"

    He laughed, "I am working hard for our Legends of the Lake. You aren't praising me and am blaming me instead?"

    I felt a little bad, "Okay that makes sense. I won't take a split of this batch of equipment, you can use them to spend with Little Qian!"


    "That is great!"

    He laughed, "I was thinking about buying some high quality fake LV goods for her!"

    I rolled my eyes, "You are already so rich and you still want to buy fakes? Are you even a human?"

    "Haha, one needs to be careful in case I get love scammed!"



    One had to say that Ah Fei's skills had gotten much better. He waved his brush and he looked like he was one with his brush. Perfect inscriptions appeared at every corner of the equipment and instantly a bright light shone. The effect of a level 5 inscription really wasn't ordinary!

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    Shen Mingxuan took a purple necklace and smiled towards me, "It added 300 Attack! I think that once all my equipment are inscribed, my Attack would reach more than 1000! My true Attack would exceed 12000!"

    I glanced at her, "Hot chicken..."

    "Die you little brat!" She squared up to me and nearly punched me.

    Lin Xi giggled on the side.

    Not far away, the players who were still on the square looked over. The appearance of With You's three beauties was a beautiful sight and now to see them at night, it helped to raise one's energy and spirits too. Their eyes were all filled with envy, especially those who saw me playing around with Shen Mingxuan. Their gazes were so sharp that they could kill me through the air!

    Fortunately I was a Paladin with thick skin so I wasn't afraid!

    Just like that, not long later it was time for my two equipments. Ah Fei added 3000 health to the shield and 300 Attack to the necklace. Not bad, both Attack and survivability were added.


    I wore the two of them and looked towards Lin Xi, "I nearly forgot, I have skills that I have not learnt, I shall go now..."

    Lin Xi was speechless, "You are too forgetful, go quickly."

    "En en!"

    I held the shield and came to the job training place. I chose skills and instantly a light veil landed and they are all of level 60 2nd job skills. I was so busy that I forgot to learn a single one--

    Riding (A Grade): Has the ability to tame mounts and also obtain the skill to ride the mount, level required: 60

    Self-sacrifice (S Grade): Protect a friend and take all damage for him, reducing damage on yourself by 70%, lasting 5 seconds, required level: 60

    Paladin's Echo (S Grade): Passive, defence effects increase by 25%, healing strengthened by 100%, required level: 60


    I took in a deep breath and learnt all the skills! After reaching level 60, Paladin's received an all round upgraded. Apart from Attack not being increased, there was an increase in healing and support. Apart from that, with Riding, it also increased a Paladin's stats. After all a mount did add combat strength.

    But, till now, no players tamed mounts yet and relative mounts haven't spawn yet.

    As for Self-sacrifice they were standard healing techniques. After having this ability, I could support Lin Xi from afar. She could kill Bosses and I will tank the damage and I would only take 30% damage. As for Paladin's Echo it was a passive that added Defence and healing. It was also a god technique, raising healing effects by 100%. I probably have hope of breaking 8000 for a heal.

    After learning it, Shen Mingxuan sent a message, "Everything is done, time to go offline to eat."


    I went offline and when I took off the helmet, I was stunned by her. She looked so beautiful. As a normal guy, who wouldn't like such a life?

    I opened the food and ate with the few girls.

    "Today we spent a lot of money."

    Lin Xi smiled, "We have a total of 18 pieces of equipment and spent 54000 RMB. But our overall strength increased by a large amount. I am planning to find a map tomorrow for us to train tomorrow, how about that?"


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "That's nice, I can also show you my level 5 Seven Star Shot!"

    I was shocked, "You reached level 5 so quickly?"

    "Of course, I have been using it continously when I am online."


    After supper, we went to our rooms to rest.

    I laid on the bed and connected to Star Eye. After confirming that everything was safe, I fell asleep. The battle today was just too tiring.


    Next morning.

    I woke up early and it was actually raining outside. Late September did rain a lot and it might last for many days.

    Shen Mingxuan made breakfirst, egg noodles for everyone of us.

    Lin Xi was dressed in a light skirt and sat on the patio to look at the rain. Her face looked a little sad. Since her legs were injured, she hadn't went out alone. She looked at those holding umbrellas and passing and envy appeared on her face.

    "Lin Xi."

    I walked to her side and placed the egg noddles on the table, "Time for breakfast. Although Shen Mingxuan doesn't look that good, but her noodle cooking skills are quite decent."

    She burst out in a laugh, "Don't make her angry everyday. I am afraid that one day you would fight and tear up the studio."

    "Hahaha, we won't~~"

    After eating breakfast, I held the umbrella in my right hand and my helmet on my left before heading out. After heading online, with a beep, a red countdown popped up in the right corner!

    Competition counter: 32 minutes!

    Outer Five Locations Battle?

    I frowned, I didn't expect it to come so quickly. But With You had a group operation, but... Master has instructed me for many days and I ahve to go. Moreover, I am Wind Cloud Platform's top disciple and I have spent large amount of Wind Cloud Platform resources and connections. I have to step up for Wind Cloud Platform!

    I sent a message to Lin Xi, "Lin Xi, I can't join the group activity today, I have a timed quest that I need to complete."


    Lin Xi smiled, "That's a good thing. Your strength increasing means that With You's overall strength has increased. Even without you we can still level up, after all our stats have increased by a large amount."

    "En en, I will return after I complete the quest!"


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