Chapter 204- Total suppression
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Zhan Yue Chapter 204- Total suppression


    A dark gold current shone in the teleporation formation. When I walked out in my Shura Assassin form, an undead cavalry headed forwards and the word Wind Cloud Platform appeared beneath his name. He was a little anxious, "Young Master why did you only come now! The battle is about to begin. Sir has been looking for you, you are finally here!"

    "Bring me over."


    He guided the war horse in front and then I followed behind to run back to the main hall. When I arrived on the main square, there was a huge crowd of people. These were the foundations of Black Castle and many from the three divisions even came to spectate. Most probably they were here to select talents.

    "Little fellow you are finally here!"

    Master Ding Heng's body appeared in the sky and he said, "Follow me."

    "Yes Master!"

    I carried my daggers and stepped into the square along with Ding Heng. The main square was huge and in the middle was a platform that was surging with blood energy. There were protective inscriptions on the ground. When one got close, one could see five viewing stands that were for each outer location. I followed Ding Heng over to the one that belonged to Wind Cloud Platform.

    Two Balls, Dong Yuanbai and the other Wind Cloud Platform disciples were here. Beside us were Land of Reincarnation and they were sitting based on their status. I sat behind Ding Heng, Elder Feng and Elder Yun and was between Two Balls and Dong Yuanbai.

    Right at that moment, a bell rang in my ears!


    System notification: Congratulations, you have signed up for Outer Five Locations Battle, no matter the outcome, your results will be based on your rankings.


    This was an in-game competition and no matter the outcome I would get a reward. What if I got first? The rewards would be more right! Moreover, I had to get first!

    "The competition this year is quite intense!" Dong Yuanbai looked towards the Land of Reincarnation disciples and said, "I heard that the few direct disciples of Zhuang Huai Shui has came out of cultivation to get first."

    Lodan frowned, "How are they compared to Ghost Axe and Lei Ling?"

    "Lei Ling is not on their level.

As for Ghost Axe, he is much weaker than those few monsters." Dong Yuanbai was worried, "Moreover the most terrifying ones aren't from Land of Reincarnation but from Ancient Battlefield!"


    A skeleton Junior Brother said seriously, "Ancient Battlefield's sword skills.. They can sweep the entire Black Castle. Apart from King of Darkness, no one else is better than Zhang Xiaoshan in the sword!"

    I looked out and those from Ancient Battlefield were opposite us. As compared to Wind Cloud Platform, Precious Treasure Pavilion, Land of Reincarnation and Heaven and Earth Pavilion, there was only a few of them. Zhang Xiaoshan held a black staff and was like an old piece of fallen leaf. He just sat there with four other disciples.

    "There are so few of them?" I frowned.

    Elder Feng smiled, "Young Master July, don't look down on them, these four... They are all top talents. Each one of them have a chance of winning."

    "En, understood!"

    After which I looked at the other few.

    Precious Treasure Pavilion. Pang Dalong's fat body filled the entire chair and behind him were a bunch of pumped up undead disciples. Heaven and Earth Pavilion, Lin Fengnian had a black robe and held a staff. His body gave off death energy. He was a Necromancer, Inscriber, Refiner, an all rounded talent. There were many disciples behind him, much more than Ancient Battlefield.

    Anyways, in terms of numbers, there were the most from Land of Reincarnation. Wind Cloud Platform was second and then was Precious Treasure Pavilion, Heaven and Earth Pavilion and Ancient Battlefield.


    Right at that moment, a grey robbed elder got up holding an old scroll. "The battle is about to begin, each elder please choose 10 disciples. Whichever side wins will become the top faction for a year!'

    He looked towards Land of Reincarnation and smiled, "Junior Brother Zhuang?"

    "We are ready!"

    Zhuang Huai Shui raised his hands and a scroll flew towards the elder.

    "Senior Brother Ding?"


    Ding Heng tossed a jade scroll out. I saw my name on the first line. It was obvious that Master treated me as the top disciple.

    Shortly after, Precious Treasure Pavilion, Heaven and Earth Pavilion etc handed out their namelists. When it reached Ancient Battlefield, Zhang Xiaoshan opened his eyes slowly and smiled, "My Ancient Battlefield only has four disciples, they will all participate."

    "Okay Senior Brother Zhang!"

    The elder pushed his palms forwards and the five scrolls shattered. Their names turned into golden words which appeared in the sky above. "The space laws will decide the battles. All disciples can come forward to battle. This is a sparring and no killing is allowed!"

    "Yes Senior Uncle!"

    The disciples all nodded their heads.

    In the next moment, names were paired up. 44 names but there had to be 25 pairs so some would have a bye. When I saw my name, the opposite name was blank.

    "Senior Brother July has a bye."

    The Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters behind me smiled.

    I didn't say anything.


    "First pair, face off!"

    The deacon elder raised his hands and the world ender formation spread out. Instantly two disciples flew up and they were both Spirit Astral Realm experts.

    Unfortunately, I was an Initial Heaven Realm expert now so these people were all trash to me!

    Two disciples, one was from Precious Treasure Pavilion and the other was from Heaven and Earth Pavilion.

    "Senior Brother, please show me your skills!"

    "Junior Brother, defend yourself!"

    The two of them were really polite before fighting. In the end the Senior Brother slapped the Junior Brother and he flew away

    "So simple.."

    Lodan frowned.

    I laughed and didn't say much more.

    On the platform, pairs of battles went on in an orderly manner. They were really quick and in the first round, there weren't any intense battles. The second round began very soon and when the elder's sleeves were waved, 25 names spun about and a random pairing occured once more!


    This time, my opponent appeared, Lei Ling!

    Moreover, we were the first pair!


    "En? It actually is July Wildfire!?"

    Lei Ling stood up right away holding an inscribed sword. His face was slightly white. It was obvious he knew that I wasn't his match but he still said stubbornly, "Don't worry Master, I will defeat him!"


    Zhuang Huai Shui nodded his head expressionlessly. In truth he probably didn't expect Lei Ling to beat me. His chips were all on the few dark looking disciples beside him. I had never seen them before so I didn't know how strong they were.

    I jumped up. I didn't even use White Cloak. Against Lei Ling, White Cloak was too much and I didn't need it!

    Moreover, the moment Lei Ling went up, I saw his realm. Complete Spirit Astral Realm, he still hadn't broken through! What a little brother!


    The elder gave an order and Lei Ling attacked first. He was afraid that I would get into White Cloak so his sword turned cold and lightning shot out. Streaks of lightning sword energy stabbed through the air and formed a sword wall. The SS Grade golden words Spirit Astral Sword Wall appeared around me, this... He was using his ultimate right away? !

    Soul Star Explosion was used!

    In the next second, I used Dark Shadow Jump!


    I turned into a streak of light and appeared behind Lei Ling. Just one Dark Shadow Jump did 13000 damage. Lei Ling seemed weaker now? ! Or rather, I had became stronger!

    Unparalleled Shattering!

    I activated the armor peneration effect and sparks flew. Autumn Moon Cold River pierced into Lei Ling's back with Backstab, Godslaying Blade and Mist Slash. His health pretty much emptied out. He only had around 120 thousand damage and he really couldn't take many hits.

    "July Wildfire, you!"

    He turned around and raged, "Loss!"

    He stabbed with lightning towards me and his Spirit Astral Power exploded!

    I frowned and I felt some power surge within myself. At the same time I stabbed. This dagger was covered in an invisible energy wave that perfectly mixed with heaven and earth. Was this the legendary power of Heaven and Earth!

    Could it really be used like that?


    A loud explosion as Lei Ling's lightning energy was shattered. Just one normal attack from me actually caused a huge wave which sent Lei Ling's body flying.


    "July Wildfire wins!"

    The elder said calmly, "Scoff, another Heaven Realm. This generation of youngsters are all freaks..."

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