Chapter 197- Lightning tribulation
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Zhan Yue Chapter 197- Lightning tribulation


    Who knew how many meteor pieces I cleaned out. Anyways, I had 600+ Skyflame Stones in my bag and it caused the entire bag to shine red. This batch of Skyflame Stone would be enough for Ah Fei to use for a long time. Moreover... When I turned my back, half of Heaven Tribulation Valley was empty and was picked off by me.

    "That is nearly it."

    I looked behind me and Orange Night's health was only left with less than 30%. He was in charge of tanking monsters and it was really tough onn him. As for White Bird, she still had above 95% health. Her battle style was to be nimble and not fight one head on so she maintained her health really well.

    "Lu Li."

    White Bird held her broken sword and looked at me with a her beautiful eyes, "I am tired."


    I nodded my head. We had fought for an entire day so we should be tired. But White Bird's progression bar had increased by a large amount and was already at Grade Four 31%. As long as I worked harder, she would be able to reach Grade Five battle puppet. Moreover she had to grade up if not she wouldn't be able to keep up. As for Orange Night, he was Grade Five 11% and his progress was a little slow. As expected, grade five to grade six wouldn't be too easy.

    I raised my hand and kept White Bird. I looked at Orange Night and asked, "Orange Night are you tired?"


    He said, "No."

    Tsk tsk a machine!

    At that moment, there was a large screech in the sky. A person landed from above and with a loud explosion, a dark cloud gathered ahead. Someone gave out a large scream, "Animal! You really are an animal! You stole so many Skyflame Stone. Oh my god, this is the nightmare of the half-beast race? !"

    "What? !"

    I held my daggers up and sunk down, entering White Cloak mode.

    At that point, the dark cloud scattered and showed his true form. It was a half-beast old man holding a staff and his moustache hung to his stomach. He sniffed and said, "Little thing, you think you will be able to leave? Hand out all the Skyflame Stone and I can leave you a full corpse!"

    A line of bright words appeared on his head- Target of Extinction!


    My heart shook,

this wasn't good!

    I retreated, shattering the City Return Scroll and trying to leave!

    Right when the City Return Scroll channeled for a few seconds, he raised his staff, "You want to flee? Impossible!"


    A black storm smacked onto my chest and interrupted the City Return Scroll. I lost 12000 health and a ripping pain spread from my chest. I turned around, using Soul Star Explosion and Blood Drawing Blade, "Orange Night kill him together!"


    Dark Shadow Jump. I jumped behind this Boss and waved my dagger. I used Backstab+ Godslaying Blade and I realised that I didn't even do much. Even Godslaying Blade just did 9000+ health. This meant that his Dark Shadow Jump exceeded my Attack!

    I raised my head and only then did his stats appear in my eyes--

    Half-beast All-knowing- Narl (Unique Grade Boss)

    Level: ???

    Defence: ???

    Health: ???

    Skill: ???

    Introduction: Narl, one of the half-beast prophets. It is said that he has 800 years of lifespan and is one of the longest living prophets. He holds the power of lightning and it was said that all the elders have to worry about him. He is loyal to his people but he is violent. He is the nightmare of humans, elves and dwarves.


    Giant Dragon Storm!

    Orange Night attacked and his spear smacked the prophet's face. With a "dang", it felt like it smacked onto a steel board. Lightning shone on his face and it was as if a layer of metal had covered his face.

    "Too weak!"

    He laughed coldly and waved his staff. A thick lightning smashed into Orange Night's chest.


    Just one strike and Orange Night's health was down to 7%. One look and the lightning was about to swallow him up!

    "Not good!"

    I didn't even think and just opened my arms to keep Orange Night. But in the next second, I realised that I couldn't move. Lightning wrapped around my body and my arms spread open.

    Was this the power of a Unique Grade Boss?

    At that moment, my heart felt lost. I was stunned. I was too confident that I could control the situation but once my Shura account was wiped out, the Paladin account would be too. At that time, probably everything would be gone!

    "What is the use?"

    He laughed out loud and controlled lightning to bind me in the air, "Hand over all the Skyflame Stone if not I will destroy you!"

    "If I do then would you let me off? !"

    I looked at White Cloak's CD while saying, "Really?"

    "No, I will kill you too but I will make it feel better." He laughed out loud. His eyes were filled with violence, "Little thing, you chose the wrong place. You dare to behave so arrogantly on our half-beast land, you deserve to die here!"

    "That might not be the case!"

    Right at that moment, White Cloak's cooldown was up!


    The white robe behind me flashed and White Cloak was activated. I entered a state where I couldn't be hit and got out from his constrains. I used Dark Shadow Jump to appear behind him and I turned to use Dragon Will!


    A golden palm power shot forth and took away 50 thousand of his health. As expected, Backstab, Godslaying Blade etc couldn't deal much but Dragon Will could!

    "Very good!"

    Lightning shone around him and he laughed, "This is interesting, you actually have such a technique. It seems like I can't let you die too easily!"

    He opened his hands and raised his staff. Lightning spread from his legs and spread out!


    I activated Current and instantly my movement speed increased. Along with Quickness, I was fast like lightning and I escaped his area of control.

    "Can you escape?"

    He controlled wind and lightning to chase me, "I want to crush you so you will die like an ant!"


    A ball of lightning exploded on my left and I was flung back, losing 20 thousand health. The moment I got up, I continued to run. I had to last until White Cloak was up!

    Blood Barrier open!

    I used my only defence skill and a blood colored shield appeared around me. I blocked his third lightning attack.

    "You still want to leave!?"

    He opened his fingers and his eyes shot lightning out, "Time for the end!"


    A thick lightning strike smashed towards my back.

    I couldn't dodge it so I summoned my treasure!

    I turned around and instantly Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map appeared around me which swallowed the lightning. Shortly after, a streak of lightning descended from above and finished the two blocks of Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map. The treasure turned dim.

    "You actually have an eastern artifact? !"

    He laughed out loud, "Die then, it is best if you are dead, leave all your treasures to me!"


    Another lightning exploded from the ground and struck me towards the sky. At the same time he hollered in rage and sent another lightning towards the right arm which I held Autumn Moon Cold River with!


    Pain spread into my body and instantly my arm exploded. It broke just like that. The broken arm and dagger turned into light which returned into my body. At the same time I lost 30 thousand health.

    I had never suffered such a heavy injury and the pain made me cry out.

    "Does it hurt? !"

    He laughed out loud and smiled, "You should feel more pain, how about you sense the taste of the tribulation? !"

    As he said that, he opened his fingers and streaks of energy lifted me towards the lightning above.

    "The power of Heaven Lightning is something I can't handle. Let your body turn to dust, hahaha~~~"


    "Am I going to die!?"

    My body shook and my pupils constricted. I saw a dragon-like heaven lightning flying in the sky. The prophet placed me in the path of the lightning and my eyes blanked out, not being able to see a single thing.

    "I am finished..."

    At that point, my heart was dead as ash.


    There was a loud explosion as I was hit. The Heaven Lightning far exceeded the lightning laws that the prophet held. It was about to evaporate each inch of my skin and each cell of mine. Heaven Lightning injected into my body and I was scorched.

    Finished, I was really finished!

    In my inner world, the Heaven Lightning smashed into my energy ocean and lit the entire sky up. However, the energy ocean fought back and the Spiritual Ruin gave off a bright light. The golden power was like an invisible hand which blocked the lightning.

    "Kong kong kong~~"

    The Heaven Lightning was like a giant white dragon that gave off a deafening roar. It was fighting back too!

    The Spiritual Ruin light was even brighter and my entire inner world heated up like it was about to explode!

    "What is going on !"

    I was stunned. My Spiritual Ruin, my Shura Bloodline, was it about to swallow this Heaven Lightning? ! This was Senior Sister Yun's lightning tribulation! One that could threaten her life!

    "Hong hong hong~~"

    The loud explosions lasted for close to a minute. Finally, the white lightning turned much gentler and along with my internal strength, it turned into a golden lightning whcih charged out!


    The lightning smashed onto the half-beast prophet's body, causing him to cry out and spit out blood. He fell to the ground and lost 25% of his health. The lightning returned back to my body and a large portion of its strength was used up.


    Time to go!

    I was in a bad state and my body was about to shatter. I used my left hand to crush a City Return Scroll and disappeared from this place!

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