Chapter 196- Increased price
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Zhan Yue Chapter 196- Increased price

  After finishing off dozens of half beast elites, I pushed forwards and reached the center area of the forest. I was only hundred meters from Heaven Tribulation Valley. However, right ahead, huge patches of half-beast camps appeared. The tents were connected and behind those tents was an army!

    Those were all half-beast soldiers holding spears and axes and their levels were quite high. If we went head in, we would all probably just die.

    After keeping Orange Night and White Bird, I entered White Cloak and disappeared into the wind. Next would be to enter Heaven Tribulation Valley. It was not practical to kill past their defence line but I could still rely on stealth.


    "Sha sha..."

    The sound of the wind was really slight and up ahead were arounda thousand half-beasts that were gathering. At the front was a half-beast general riding a giant flame wolf, his face had two scars that made him look really terrifying. He shouted, "Gather up you bugs!"

    "Kong kong kong~~"

    The half-beast soldiers roared.

    The half-beast general said solemnly, "I heard that Linchen County's Bahuang Marquis has given an order to lead troops to attack Heaven Tribulation Valley, scoff! This Heaven Tribulation Valley is our treasure, how can we let the humans touch it? ! Those precious Skyflame Stones belong to us. Once our all-knowing grandmasters use them to invent a strong formation, our half-beast race would not need to fear the humans and elves anymore. Our war axes will crush their civilisation!"

    "Crush them!"

    The half-beasts raised their blades and roared in a manical manner.

    I frowned. So the half-beasts occupied Heaven Tribulation Valley for the Skyflame Stones too? They treated it as an energy crystal to invent a killing weapon that could decide the outcome of the battle?

    Wishful thinking. Before Lin Huang leads the army over, I needed to steal some first!

    I passed them silently and maintained 20 yards distance with them. I walked in a z pattern and noticed that the number of half-beast troops increased. The entire forest was covered. There were probably more than 100 thousand of them!

    This was quite terrifying. Each one of them was so strong and they were born with superhuman strength. If they used Assault together, the entire Linchen County army along with players wouldn't be able to block it!



I got out from the forest and broke free from the area that they controlled. This was the advantage of Assassins. As long as they weren't prepared, I would be able to move past a huge army.

    Ahead was the Heaven Tribulation Valley. Streaks of lightning surged in the sky and turned into sharp blades which shot down towards the ground. Some half beasts were even turned into dust.

    "Be careful!"

    A three meter tall stone protruded and on it were streaks of red light. Aside there were at least 20 half-beasts guarding. Most of them were normal troops and there was only one elite. He shouted, "Once the lightning descends, even the commander might not be able to block it. So open your eyes and don't get hit!"

    "Yes sir!"

    A half-beast with a boar head said, "Sir, who attracted the tribulation? It actually didn't fade after so many years, that is so terrifying!"


    The half-beast elite said coldly, "A super strong woman, I heard that... Our Sword Saint fought her and lost in just ten rounds. That woman even broke off his neck!"


    The boar head half-beast was shocked, "Didn't he die?

    "Nonsense, Sword Saint is so strong, how can he die?" Another beast shouted.

    The elite half-beast laughed coldly, "Nonsense, A Sword Saint is still a person, if his neck is broken so of course he died!"

    I wanted to laugh, was Senior Sister Yun so strong? Even the half-beast Sword Saint wasn't her match? But... Thinking about it, half-beasts were those that focused on strength. Their Sword Saint probably didn't have high cultivation and as compared to humans and elves, he was definitely weaker. It wasn't surprising that Senior Sister Yun killed him.


    I looked at the giant cliff that they guarded and the red rocks should be the Skyflame Stone. The stone looked like a meteor that smashed into the ground and it felt really natural. If I was right, this entire Heaven Tribulation Valley was probably formed from a meteorite or if meteors had smashed into this.

    Thinking about it, this stone was too far on the outside and if I fought I might attract attention from the half-beast army. I had to head deeper. Maybe then the fights would be more obscure.

    Thus, I proceeded forwards in White Cloak state. I walked for ten minutes and stopped after entering the depths of Heaven Tribulation Valley. Streaks of lightning could be seen in the sky. I didn't know when they would land but I didn't bother much about them.


    I aimed a piece of giant meteor and summoned Orange Night and White Bird. I looked at those half-beasts guarding the Skyflame Stone. There was still one elite and a bunch of normal monsters. I said seriously, "Orange Night go and use Firm as Rock to attract their attention. White Bird follow me and kill their strongest one and then clear the rest."

    "Yes Master!"

    Orange Night charged out with his spear and used Giant Dragon Storm. Then he activated Firm as Rock to absorb damage. White Bird and I split up and I used White Cloak+ Annihilation on the elite monster. Then I used Backstab+ Godslaying Blade. This wasn't enough and I followed it with a Dragon Will. The golden colored palm energy shot through the crowd and it was fantastic to watch.


    White Bird seemed really strong too. Her broken sword slashed through the elite's chest with a light blue light. She then slashed down and caused the elite monster to be a mess of flesh.


    Right when the elite monster was having low health, I started to use AOE to clear them up. After Dragon Will+ Apprehension, the basic monsters were all low health. It was time for Dark Shadow Jump to perform. I turned into a dark light and passed through the crowd, finishing those low health monsters. Like that, the experience I got would be slightly more too.

    In less than a minute, the battle ended and the ground was covered in half-beast corpses. I didn't even have time to pick the gold and I used Autumn Moon Cold River and Frostfang to pry off pieces of Skyflame Stone. Along with "keng keng keng" sounds, my heart was filled with joy. One of these had close to 11 pieces!

    Moreover one could imagine how precious they were. For current players this was pretty much impossible. Firstly, one had to hire a boat to get here and normal people couldn't afford it. Even if they arrived here, they would have to deal with the half-beast army. Now, even if Assassin players came in, how many could deal with so many monsters at once. So even if they could enter, they would most probably return empty handed.

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    Thus, for current stage players, Skyflame Stone were absolute gems!

    In a long period of time, Ah Fei's inscriptions would still be the only one in the server and he would monopolise everything!


    Next was my attack process. I cleared pieces of the wall. Today I was going all out here!


    Right when I was killing monsters and collecting Skyflame Stone, a message came from Ah Fei, "Ah Li, I placed a few screenshots on my stall and guess what, at least 30 factions contacted me and wanted to preorder. Especially that 3000 health one, their eyes turned green from that."


    I laughed, "Of course, inscriptions are just terrifying, even I got jealous much less them. Tell me, which factions are interested?"

    "For Linchen County, Elements, Breaking Dawn, Dragon Alliance etc all sent people over but you know that we hate Breaking Dawn so I rejected them. Apart from that, there are others from other counties like Legend, Winds of Battle etc sent people."

    "Wow business is good!"

    I nodded my head and said seriously, "Ah Fei the stats of level 5 inscriptions are good but the materials are too hard to get. So we have to greatly increase the price."

    "Increase the price?"


    I nodded my head, "5000 for one, let's set this price. If you price it too low then my hardwork would be for nothing."


    He smiled, "Anyways we are famous now and the high price can only scare off those poor ones. Anyways as long as we have materials we don't have to worry about not having business."

    "Right, inscriptions aren't for commoners, that is something we have to understand."

    "I know, when will you be able to get them?"

    "What are you rushing for, I am working hard. Do you think this is easy? !"

    "Hahaha, I know it isn't. It is tough, it is tough~~"

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