Chapter 195- Half beast half man elite
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Zhan Yue Chapter 195- Half beast half man elite

 Hot Sand Desert, a patch of endless desert. The Tribulation Valley was in the east of this barren land and it was roughly ten minutes away on foot.

Just like that, I walked into the desert with Orange Night and flipped past sand dune after sanddune. In the distance many monsters appeared. There were terrifying scorpions whose levels I couldn't see and also some desert snakes. Although they were good at hiding themselves but I had a map and as long as they weren't invisible, I could see them when I was within 40 yards. This also allowed me to avoid being attacked by those high level monsters, if not I would have probably died.

Ten minutes later.

The desert slowly disappeared and what replaced it was a canyon with bits of green within. I walked for another five minutes and streaks of lightning appeared in the sky which was deafening to the ear. I was finally here! Heaven Tribulation Valley!


Ahead, the entire valley was within the jurisdiction of Heaven Tribulation Valley. Lightning shone in the sky and it was the lightning tribulation that Senior Sister Yun had survived. It looked different from normal lightning and was much sharper and violent. This was lightning formed from destiny and luck.

Around Heaven Tribulation Valley was a luscious forest.

"Kong kong~~~"

Before I stepped in, a burly figure appeared in front of me. It was a half-beast that wore badly preserved armor. He held an axe and his head looked like that of a leopard while his body was of a human. Those muscles were filled with explosiveness. His beige eyes looked around and they were filled with thick violence.

Half-beast Race had finally appeared!

I sunk down and entered White Cloak state. I told Orange Night to stop afar while I flew close. When I was roughly 50 yards away from it, I noticed that his name was red and I couldn't even see his level--

Barbaric Half-beast (Quasi Treasure Grade Boss)

Level: ???

Attack: ???

Defence: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Barbaric Half-beast, the elite of the half-beast race. These Barbaric Half-beast were born with huge strength and due to that, they helped to expand their territory and clashed with humans, elves and dwarves. However, hundreds of years ago they belonged to Dimension Legion and became a branch of them.


Dimension Legion's monsters?

I frowned. Logically speaking, they should be a race of their own. It seemed like although they were strong but this race didn't have much pride.

"I smell your scent!"

The half-beast elite held his axe and sniffed, "Shameless jerk, scram out. Your scent has revealed you, come out!"

Since he wanted to see me then I shall appear!

I laughed and activated Soul Star Explosion. Although it was reduced to 200% but I was still too strong, even 200% was quite terrifying. I charged forwards and hung in mid air. Autumn Moon Cold River landed on his neck along with the Annihilation effect.



White Cloak+ Attack, the Attack was still so terrifying!

Right after that attack succeeded,

the half-beast hollered and slashed down. But he was slow. In that instance, I used Gouge to stun it and then I arrived behind him. Basic attack+ Backstab+ Godslaying Blade+ Backstab, a close knit four hit strike exploded. Damage numbers flew up and they were enjoyable to the eye!






Pretty much in that instance, along with Annihilation's damage, I dealt around 120 thousand to the quasi Boss. His overall health was around 300-500 thousand so he had already lost 30%.

"You are asking for death!"

Under my consecutive hits, he got angry. He spun around with his axe, forming a violent blood storm. It hit my body and dealt 6000+ damage. He jumped up and hacked down, dealing another 8000+... It was quite painful but it wasn't enough to kill me.

I activated Blood Drawing Blade and attacked the boss. I would use Backstab+ Godslaying Blade. After having Demon Vine Helmet, these two skills were much more painful. Their strength went from an A Grade skill to between S and SS. When killing monsters, it would also be much more efficient!


Moonlight injected into the blade as Autumn Moon Cold River's Autumn Moon was activated. Instantly I dealt 20 thousand damage and caused the half-beast's body to slow down. This series of attacks filled my health bar up too. At this current point, I could handle such quasi bosses alone without any pressure.

"Orange Night attack!"

I retreated and allowed Orange Night to get some experience. I too summoned White Bird.

With a "Shua", a white light gathered in the wind and turned into White Bird's beautiful figure. The moment she stood in front of me, I was stunned. She had changed, her face was much clearer. I could even see the thin pores on her cheeks. If I remembered correctly, her face was made of metal.

Was she, reshaping her body? ! Turning into a human?

"Lu Li..."

She opened her eyes and looked stunned at me, "Can I fight?"


I nodded.

She stopped bothering about me, turning into a white light as she charged at the half-beast. Her sword turned into a falling meteor and she sliced a large part of the half beast's health. Along with Orange Night's Giant Dragon Storm, the half-beast cried out and turned into three streaks of energy which flew towards us.

My experience bar flashed and I frowned. This monster was five levels above me but I could still defeat it. This was a very extreme way of leveling and the experience it provided was near the max, any higher and the experience would reduce instead.

I walked forwards and picked up a few gold. Quasi Bosses were really generous and each would drop gold. The current price was 1:2 and it was still quite expensive. Any gold was money!


"Let's go."

I held my daggers and brought Orange Night and White Bird forwards. The moment I entered it a very simple tent could be seen. There was a campfire with a pot on it cooking a lamb leg. This looked like that half-beast's camp and now it was without an owner.

I continued forwards.

Not long later, there was a furious shout, "Damn, you actually passed Snike's land, did you kill him? !"

I raised my head and saw a half-beast standing on a tall tree. He was also a Barbaric Half-beast and a Quasi Treasure Grade Boss whose level I couldn't see. I held up Autumn Moon Cold River and pointed at him, "Yes, prepare to die, go accompany him in hell."


He shouted in anger and slashed down. Instantly the air around started to ring and long blood colored storms surged around me. That strike wasn't simple!

"Orange Night block him!"

I entered White Cloak state while Orange Night pushed forwards, using his spear to block. At the same time, he used Firm as Rock. As expected from an Orange Grade battle puppet, Orange Night's fighting skills were well trained.


That axe was really strong and even Orange Night was forced back. White Bird and I had split up and were attacking from the wings. A dagger and a broken sword hit his body. The moment he turned, I used Gouge and controlled him perfectly.


White Bird raised his sword and stabbed into his waist. She pulled it out and moved along the grass, stabbing and slashing several times and leaving deep cuts. I was stunned, was she trying to separate him at the waist?

As expected, in the next second, the half beast slashed his axe at White Bird while White Bird just jumped slightly. Her legs twisted and she avoided that attack. At the same time, power within her body exploded and she kicked the half-beast with her right leg.


Who knew how strong that kick was but that half-beast tilted backwards and his body actually snapped at the waist. Just that leg alone dealt 170 thousand damage, that was too vicious!

It seemed like White Bird's attacks on monsters didn't follow normal attack and defence rules.

I frowned and stopped. I looked as White Bird and Orange Night dealt with that half beast. I couldn't understand White Bird at all. After picking up the gold, I looked at her deeply, "White Bird, do you know who you are?"


Her eyes were empty and without energy, "I don't remember Lu Li."

"Oh then nevermind."

It seemed like she really didn't remember, she didn't look like she was faking it.

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I didn't ask for more. Anyways the stronger she was the better, anyways she was helping me level up too. As for the truth to her, things will slowly reveal themselves.

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