Chapter 194- Wind is a little big
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Zhan Yue Chapter 194- Wind is a little big


    I rubbed my hands and smiled, "Nothing much, I just wanted to ask Senior Sister Yun something."


    She rested on her throne and her body proportions were there for all to see.

    I said seriously, "Skyflame Stone! Has Senior Sister Yun heard of such a thing before? I badly need such a thing!"

    "Skyflame Stone?"

    She frowned, "How does you kid know about this?"

    I thought about it and could only be honest, "I have an Inscriber friend that wants to make level 5 inscriptions so he need this. I am helping him gather his ingredients."


    She replied and her eyes made me a little awkward, "Skyflame Stone are really rare and I only saw them once when I was going through my tribulation, but that place... Is probably not suitable for you to go to."


    "That was because the tribulation caused the environment to change and that place is now occupied by half-monsters and belong to Dimension Legion. It would be dangerous for you."

    "That is okay." I smiled, "Only because it is dangerous, it will show off my strength."

    "Very good."

    She smiled, "As expected from my future Junior Brother that shows no fear. Since that is the case then go. That place is a valley and people called it Heaven Tribulation Valley after I went through my tribulation there. I heard that there are still remnants of the lightning tribulation so you have to be careful."

    "Understood, thank you Senior Sister Yun!"

    Right at that moment, my map flashed and a red light appeared at an unopened dark part of the map. I marked it. After I marked it, I realised that it was very far away in a map known as Hot Sand Desert.

    "This... How do I get there?" I was speechless.

    Yun Yue smiled, "That place is barren and isn't connected to our teleportation formations, you can head to Heaven and Earth Pavilion,

and hire a boat. But it won't be cheap~~"

    I felt heartpained, "Understood, thank you Senior Sister Yun."

    "En, go!"


    Just like that, I returned back to Heaven and Earth Pavilion and stepped into the main hall.

    Lin Fengnian was resting and when he sensed me, he opened his eyes, "Are you here to return that puppet?"

    "No, Senior Uncle Lin is thinking too much."

    I laughed and said, "Senior Uncle I want to hire a boat."

    "Hire a boat?"

    Lin Fengnian opened his eyes, "Where do you want to go?"

    "Hot Sand Desert!"

    "That place..." Lin Fengnian frowned, "It won't be cheap, are you sure? If it is to Hot Sand Desert then along with pilot costs, that would be 8000 gold."

    "What, 8000?"

    I was shocked, "This... What's the difference between that and a robbery? !"

    "Is that so?"

    He looked at me, "Didn't you steal a precious grade one puppet from me?"

    I smiled awkwardly and looked at my bag. I still had 10 thousand gold so that was enough. I cupped my fists, "Okay Senior Uncle, eight thousand then, I shall hire it!"


    He gave a deep smile.


    Ten minutes later.

    "Du du du~~"

    On a shaky boat, I held onto the sides and my face turned green. This boat looked like it would crash at any moment. When I looked at the pilot, he was a white moustache man and looked drunk. He drank while laughing, "Kid you really are smart, you chose this boat out of so may!"

    Why did it sound so familiar?

    I was furious, "Did I choose it? Lin Fengnian tossed me here. Also old grandpa please take care, you are drink driving!"

    "Drink driving?"

    The old man was filled with disdain, "One jug of wine and one boat will last one to the ends of the earth, haven't you heard of that before?"

    "Last you to hell right!?"

    I dissed and then grabbed onto the place on the boat that I could grab. The boat started to shake but it wasn't slow at all. It charged into the distance and in just five minutes it had charged into some black clouds. Instantly lightning shot down and the rain got bigger.


    A piece of wood on the boat was swept away by the wind. I was covered in cold sweat, "The board... It flew!"

    "So be it."

    The old man drank another mouthful, "Aren't we flying too?"


    I was speechless.

    "Oh right kid where are we going?" He asked.

    I spat out blood, "Aren't you the one driving? Hot Sand Desert! Hot Sand Desert!"

    "I understand."

    He adjusted the coordinates and then sat onto the ground while rotating the wheel. Instantly the boat curved and I fell to the side. I raged, "Pay attention, we are going to fall!"

    "Why are you panicking?"

    He looked at me in disdain and licked the wheel to the other side but the boat continued to creak. With a "peng", another piece of wood broke down and smashed onto the mast which smashed it into two. The piece that broke flew into the wind and disappeared.


    I grabbed something that I could and panicked, "What flew?"


    He gulped and smiled, "As long as the two of us don't fly and it's fine!"

    My body danced in the wind, "Damn, I am about to fly up! !"

    "Young man, there is no point in panicking so easily, how will you become successful in life?"


    The wind was too strong and I was tossed out. With a loud "peng", I smashed onto the broken mast, "It hurts..."

    He finally stood up and looked at the storm solemnly. After a short moment, he said.

    "The wind is quite big."

    I, "*$&Q*#$(Q&... I f8***! ! ! ! !"


    Not long later, this shaky boat charged out of the storm and the area ahead was shining bright. I laid on the deck and was about to spit out white foam.


    Suddenly, there was an intense shaking on my right as the boat slowed down.

    "What is happening?"

    I was shocked and turned around.

    The old man gulped his wine while shaking the flash, "No more wine."

    "How does that concern me!" I shouted out loud.

    "Oh I said wrongly, there are no more spirit stones." He looked at me, "The boat runs on that and once it finishes then it would be unable to fly."

    As he said that, the boat tilted to the right!


    I hugged the broken mast and said, "Then what?"

    "Do you have gold?"


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    I took out a handful, "What do you want gold for, can you burn gold for the boat to move?"

    "Too little." He said.

    "Too little?"

    I grabbed another, this time there was around a thousand and the money bag was quite heavy.

    "Now it is enough."

    He grabbed it and took out two pieces of spirit stone and tossed it into the furnace.


    I was stunned, "You had spirit stone so why didn't you say anything!?"

    "You didn't ask so obviously I wouldn't say anything."

    "Then why did you take my gold for!?"

    "For wine."

    He sat on the ground and picked up his empty wine flash and poured towards his mouth.

    I was going mad. This Hot Sand Desert journey wasn't too good!


    Fortunately, half an hour later, we arrived at the location.

    An extremely hot desert appeared below and the heat caused the light to change. The temperature on the ground was at least 70 degrees and it would nearly barbecue a person whole.

    "Here we are, get down."

    The old man looked down and said, "We are here young man."

    "Then you go down then!" I said.

    "We can't land."

    He shook his head and pointed at the naked mast, "It broke so how can we land? !"


    I was about to rage, "Then what?"

    "Then jump then, it is only 200 meters."

    "I won't!"

    "Then I shall send you down."

    He raised his hand and tossed me down from my legs. The wind whistled in my ears and I had gone berserk, "Damn you... Damn you Lin Fengnian too! ! ! !"


    No, I would definitely die if I fell like this. It didn't matter how long my health bar was!

    The height got lower and lower and in a blink of an eyes, only 50 was left

    "Orange Night!"

    I took out Orange Night and tossed him down. Instantly, Orange Night charged towards the land while I used the rebound force to reduce the speed. At the same time I activated my skill- Blood Barrier!


    There was a loud explosion and I smashed into the sand. Orange Night grabbed my legs and pulled me out, tossing me towards the side.

    "Orange Night..."

    I rubbed my shoulders and said, "You are too rough!"


    Orange Night wasn't too smart and just stood on the spot, "Sorry... Sorry Master."


    I stood up and looked at my health. I was only left with 20%. Fortunately I had activated Blood Barrier if not I would have died. I looked up and that boat hobbled away.

    You Lin Fengnian, sent a drunk driver for me, are you trying to take revenge! That guy was just too petty!


    But fortunately, I had finally arrived here!

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