Chapter 193- Skyflame Ink
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Zhan Yue Chapter 193- Skyflame Ink

 Not long later, I opened my mouth once again, "Okay, ten thousand is fine."

    "En en."

    Lin Xi smiled, "Let's go to the square. I will toss my Demon Vine Helmet to you and you can bring it to trade. I want to go offline to rest."

    After saying that, she stretched lazily and crushed the City Return Scroll.

    I returned to the city directly and we met at the auction house.

    Lin Xi had already taken down the Demon Vine Helmet and she tossed it to me, "Pass the Seven Star Shot and gold to Shen Mingxuan, she is probably really anxious about it!"

    I laughed, "If I am right, she might head to the training ground to get Seven Star Shot to level 3-4."

    Lin Xi laughed, "En, that is her style, okay, I am going to go offline."



    There was nothing to trade. I just placed the Demon Vine Helmet into my bag and then took out Seven Star Shot and ten thousand gold. I faked walking around Great Sage Hall before heading out and I found Shen Mingxuan outside. I passed them to her. She was really excited and the skill book disappeared from her hands, "Lu Li help me to thank your friend's friend. I am going to level the skill. Supper has already been ordered and will arrive in 30 minutes, you can go get it later."

    "I know!"

    I couldn't wait anymore and stepped into Great Sage Hall. I used the Black Castle's City Return Scroll and returned to Black Castle. I switched forms and a golden energy current exploded in the sky. I descended as my Shura form and shocked the two undead cavalries beside me.

    "I was wondering who it was, so it was July Wildfire!"

    It was as if they were getting used to my two identities switching.

    I didn't say anything and just took out the Demon Vine Helmet. After switching it off, my stats increased by a large amount but this wasn't enough. After all, many pieces of equipment weren't carved. At that moment, there was a ring and Ah Fei's message came at the right time, "Brother, my inscription technique is level 5!"

    "Not bad, not bad.


    He laughed, "I just reached level 50 and got some level 5 ingredients. I can carve 5-8 of them, how many do you need?"

    "4." I didn't need to think.

    "Come, same old place!"


    The timing was perfect. The delivery was not here and with Ah Fei's current skills in inscription, the time would be enough for four. Thus I teleported to Linchen County again and came to Great Sage Hall's entrance. I passed the four Treasure Grade equipment to him. Autumn Moon Cold River, Demon Vine Helmet, Windchasing Cape, Clear Stream Boots. They were all top Treasure Grade equipment!

    Ah Fei rolled his eyes, "You really are sick..."

    I smiled awkwardly. Actually, I was just lucky if not I wouldn't be able to get so much high grade equipment in such a short time.

    In just 15 minutes, Ah Fei passed them all to me and said while being drenched in a cold sweat, "Damn, I nearly traded to the wrong person and gave them to him."

    "Damn, then you can forget about living!"


    I wore them one by one before looking at the stats. In the end, I was shocked. The four inscriptions were quite shameless--

    Inscription: Attack +300

    Inscription: Attack +300

    Inscription: Health +3000

    Inscription: Defence +3000


    This was the strength of a level 5 inscription technique!

    It added too many stats, this could totally change a player!

    Right when I fully equipped my Shura account, its stats had a huge upgrade--

    July Wildfire (Shadow of the Exiled)

    Level: 63

    Attack: 3120-3672 (+362%)

    Defence: 2512 (+351%)

    Health: 37310

    Critical Strike: 18.74%

    Lifesteal: 12.5%

    Comprehension: 97

    Charm: 44

    Soul Star: 20

    Contribution point: 1642005

    Combat strength: 8260


    One could say, this really was... A little sick! Especially health, this was the worst thing. A level 60+ Assassin had more health than a Warrior, moreover, that Warrior was Lin Xi! I even suspected that there were only a few Paladins with more health than me. My Paladin account only had a small bit higher health.

    Moreover, my Combat strength was through the roof, 2000 points higher than Feng Canghai who was top of Linchen County! This was mostly due to the level 5 inscription technique. Unfortunately, once the inscriptions were placed on, one couldn't remove them. If not if all 8 of mine had level 5 inscriptions, I would be something that even the heavens were jealous of, hahaha~~~

    "How is it, is it strong?" Ah Fei sent me news and smiled.


    "What about your paladin?"

    He smiled, "Your paladin should have purple equipment right? I can carve four more, should I help your Paladin account? Let's not, it is a waste of material."

    "No need."

    I shook my head, "Don't make the Paladin too strong, if not... Lin Xi would suspect me."

    "Suspect what?"

    "Suspect that I am the son of heaven to save With You."

    "Scram, so shameless, hahaha~~~"


    I was really happy talking to Ah Fei, our understanding was something that few brothers had. A minute later the delivery was here so I returned to Black Castle and went to grab the food.

    After supper.

    Lin Xi announced that we would train ourselves the next day as she had to do a solo quest. I could also focus on my Assassin. Like what Ah Fei said, the Assassin was my main focus and I couldn't give up on it. Moreover, I needed to collect level 5 inscription ingredients. That depended on me. As for Ah Fei, forget it, if he headed out he would be camped.


    The next day, I woke up in the morning.

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    The sun shone bright and it gave a hot burning feeling to my body. It was September but it was still so hot. I carried my porridge and walked around the studio courtyard.

    Gu Ruyi carried a cup of soya bean milk and wore a short skirt. Her legs were really eye catching and she just stood under the shade, "Lu Li what are you doing?"

    "Checking the safety."

    I checked the walls and said, "The weather is so hot, why not go in for the air con."


    She blinked, "Is the guard post... Too hot? I feel that the aircon there isn't cooling at all."

    "It is fine." I smiled, "It is quite cooling, don't need to worry that I will be too hot. Go in quick, aren't you heading to level with Shen Mingxuan?"

    "En, do you want to follow?" She invited.

    "No need."

    I shook my head, "I want to do a quest alone. I missed out on a few simple quests from before but they provide a lot of experience so I want to make up for them."

    "Okay, then I am going in?"

    "Go go."

    I looked as she walked up and smiled before returning to my sentry post.



    I appeared in Black Castle. The moment I went online, Ah Fei sent the ingredient list to me---

    Skyflame Ink (Lv-5): Skyflame Stone, Flame Spirit Sand, Essence Spirit Grass, Flame Rhino Tooth.

    The few materials looked quite amazing so I asked, "Ah Fei which can you buy in Linchen County?"

    "I saw the shop and Flame Spirit Sand can be bought. It isn't too expensive, 50 silver for one. But there are none of the other three so I have to depend on you."

    "Okay, don't worry, leave it to me."

    "En en."

    Right at that moment, Wind Cloud Platform's countdown appeared on the top right. It would begin in three hours. I frowned. Forget it, I had to collect materials so I wouldn't join in. Moreover I was top of Wind Cloud Platform so many times and even if I don't go I was still the strongest. I had nothing to prove.

    More importantly, there were many ways for me to earn contribution points. I didn't need to bully players. Moreover, I can't get their equipment so it was more fun to head out as July Wildfire!

    I went back to Precious Treasure Pavilion.

    After entering, I passed the recipe to the attendant and asked, "Skyflame Stone, Essence Spirit Grass, Flame Rhino Tooth do you have these?"

    "As for this..."

    She thought about it, "We have some Essence Spirit Grass but I have not heard of Skyflame Stone and Flame Rhino Tooth."


    I opened the sales interface and was shocked. One Essence Spirit Grass cost 10 thousand contribution points. I could only get 100 now! It seemed like this herb was rare! I exchanged for 164 at once and used all of my contribution points.

    Next would be to find the other two.

    I held my dagger and my body was wrapped in golden energy currents. I looked like a demon that descended from another world. My Shura form was really handsome and my broken horn was shining, growing at a really slow rate.


    "En, I am here."

    The clouds surged and formed in Ding Heng's celestial-like look. He brushed his beard, "Little fellow where have you been, you look really busy."


    I smiled, "I am training in another domain."

    "That's good, why are you here today?"

    I said directly, "Skyflame Stone does Master know this?"

    "Skyflame Stone?"

    He frowned, "That is a rare piece of material. I have only heard of it but I have never seen it. Maybe you should ask Lady Yun Yue."

    "Oh, thank you, Master!"


    I headed towards Blood Pond and when I arrived in the palace beside it, a bunch of undead cavalries stared at me, "What are you doing!?"

    "Here to find Lady Yun Yue."

    "Scoff, what identity do you have, how can you see Lady Yun Yue just because you want to?"


    Within the palace, Yun Yue's voice spread out, "He is my Junior Brother, let him in!"

    "Yes... Yes, Lady!" That undead cavalry's face turned green.

    I laughed and just walked in. This was where Yun Yue stayed and was one of the most powerful places in Black Castle. It was tightly guarded and only Yun Yue was within. She rested on her throne and drank wine while looking at me, "Speak, why are you here?"

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