Chapter 192- Item for item
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Zhan Yue Chapter 192- Item for item

Demon Vine Helmet, Level 62 Treasure Grade Leather Helmet. Its Defence, Agility and Stamina were all quite high and just these alone made it a quality equipment. Moreover, it added damage reduction, accuracy and toughness. These three placed it in a level of its own. That wasn't it.

The true importance was the damage increase from Backstab and Godslaying Blade. The 50% increase was insane.One had to know that Backstab and Godslaying Blade's CDs were really short and were the main skills of Assassins. One could say that to decide whether or not an Assassin was good enough depended on how many Backstabs he could use. The more he could, the damage numbers would be much higher.

Originally, Backstab's highest damage was 250% but after having this equipment, it was 375%. Godslaying Blade's full damage was 300% and after having Demon Vine Helmet, it was a terrifying 450%. The damage of the two skills had increased to a whole new level. This benefits of this equipment couldn't be compared to the value of the equipment itself.

So I had to get Demon Vine Helmet. With him, my Shura account's damage would raise to a whole new level!

Shen Mingxuan looked at the helmet and smiled, "Although this is suitable for me, but... Lin Xi the bonus stats are too good and it is a waste on me, why not... We sell it. There are so many Assassin players and people will definitely be willing to pay a high price."


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Lin Xi smiled, "Elements's Yun Jian, Breaking Dawn's Breaking Dawn Destruction and the Assassins of the few top guilds would be interested. Why not we put it on auction? Once we sell it then let's split it."

"En en!"

Right at that moment, a bell rang and gave us additional rewards--


System notification: Congratulations, your party has completed the clean up. Withered Wood God Hall has regained its lifeforce, you have obtained rewards: Experience +4000W, Reputation +3000, Charm +2, Gold +4000!

"Wow... 4000 gold!"

Lin Xi's eyes were filled with greed, "This quest was a huge win!"


I walked forwards with my sword and sliced off the roots of the Demon Darkness Vine. It turned into a quest item the size of a ginseng. I passed it to Lin Xi, "Once we take it to the Linchen County City Lord we should get another wave of rewards!"

"En en!"

Lin Xi nodded her head and smiled, "Okay then let's go back and get the reward from the City Lord."


Everyone took out their City Return Scrolls and crushed it.In the next moment they turned into light which appeared at the east square of Linchen County. Lin Xi smiled, "Give me half a minute, I will place the items on the auction house."


Everyone nodded their heads. I was thinking about how to get the Demon Vine Helmet. If others took it then that would be bad. I searched my bag and finally found a skill book that I had forgotten about--

Seven Star Shot (S Grade Skill): Launch consecutive shots towards a target, first hit 50%, then it will slowly increase in damage. The higher the skill level the stronger the hits. Required level: 50, required Job: Archer.


This was the god skill of an Archer, moreover it was a hidden type job skill and no Archer had used it as of yet. This Demon Vine Helmet should belong to Shen Mingxuan and she also needed this. If we used Seven Star Shot to exchange for Demon Vine Helmet, Shen Mingxuan would be tempted. Lin Xi and her were so close and if Shen Mingxuan wanted something, things would be much easier.

Thus, I made my mind up but I had to wait and let time pass. If not I might reveal myself.

    We left the square and headed towards the inner city.

    Not long later, we passed through the NPC guards and entered the center of the city. City Lord Manor which was the legendary Bahuang Marquis Manor, one of the 12 Marquis of Xuanyuan Empire. Lin Huang was one of the few Marquis holding troops and he had contributed a lot in battle. Although the manor didn't look luxurious but it was filled with killing aura. One could see well trained soldiers around and there were cavalry charging to and fro.


    Ahead of the manor, a bunch of NPCs pulled out their blades and scolded us.

    Lin Xi walked forwards and took out the Demon Darkness Vine's roots, "We killed a demon that Bahuang Marquis wanted, we are here to get the reward."


    A high grade NPC cavalry walked forwards and touched the roots. His expression changed and he said, "Such thick demonic energy... Did you... Really kill it?"

    "How can this be fake?" Lin Xi said.

    "Okay, please wait, I shall go inform him."


    In just a minute, he returned, "Follow me, the Marquis has decided to see you."

    "Thank you."

    I smiled and so did Lin Xi. We walked side by side into the manor.


    Within the manor, soldiers stood all around. Each step we took were pretty much being monitored and the defence here was really strict. There were many messenger soldiers dashing in and out and it seemed like the Marquis Manor had a lot of war reports. No wonder, Linchen County was closest to the North and was the county that clashed with Dimension Legion and Blood Dynasty. It was covered in the flames of war so that was not surprising.

    I entered the hall.

    A bunch of warriors stood beside the sand board and behind it was a red armored general standing there. A bunch of words appeared above his head "Bahuang Marquis Lin Huang", he was the guy whose name shook the entire Xuanyuan Empire. He looked like he was around 35 and his handsome face had a bit of killing aura to it. The aura he gave off was really strong and it even caused the Shura Spiritual Ruin in my other identity to tremble.

    "You were the ones who killed the Demon Darkness Vine?"

    Lin Huang said, "Yes?"


    Lin Xi reached out and tossed the Demon Darkness Vine's roots on the sand board.

    Lin Huang took a look and said, "Demon Darkness Vine has cultivated for many years and it fought my army once. We lost over ten strong generals but who knew that it would finally die to an adventurer. You... Not bad, come. Since you killed it, I will fulfil my promise and give you honor and rewards!"


    System notification: Congratulations, you have completed Demon Darkness Vine quest, obtained rewards: Experience +4000W, Reputation +3000, Charm +2, Gold +4000!


    It actually gave the exact same rewards as Withered Wood God Hall did! Not bad not bad, this was also enough. After all 4 points of charm and 8000 gold was not low!

    I already had 44 Charm now and the higher one's charm, one would be more lucky. One would also come into contact with things that other players couldn't.


    Lin Xi clapped and smiled, "Today is a perfect day, let's go."


    The four of us returned to where we came from.

    The timing was right, begin!

    "Lin Xi!"

    I turned around, "I have a friend that said that he wants the Demon Vine Helmet, he saw that you were the ones who sold it so he asked me whether or not we could trade."


    Lin Xi smiled, "Although it is your friend... But, we need to see what he can take out. Or rather, how much gold does he want to spend?"

    "En, let me ask him~~"

    "En, tell him to speed up. Many people have messaged me, among them includes Elements's Yun Jian."


    Shen Mingxuan crossed her arms and said coldly, "He has the face to private message you? We fought previously already. He really is shameless."

    Lin Xi smiled helplessly and didn't say anything.

    A minute later, I said, "He wants to trade."


    Lin Xi smiled, "What item, he actually dares to say that he wants to trade for Demon Vine Helmet?'

    "A book, I got the screenshot, take a look."

    I raised my hand and shared Seven Star Shot to the With You party channel.


    The moment she looked at Seven Star Shot, Shen Mingxuan's body shook and she opened her mouth, "S.... S Grade Archer skill, it can shoot seven times?"

    Lin Xi was stunned, "This skill book... How did he get it?"

    "He said he got it from a Boss and didn't sell it. He saw the Demon Vine Helmet so he decided to trade for it."


    Lin Xi looked at Shen Mingxuan and smiled, "What do you think?"

    "We have to get it obviously!?"

    Shen Mingxuan pounced forwards and hugged Lin Xi's shoulder. She looked into her eyes, "Archer has only a few damage spells and as compared to Mages we are too weak. If I learn Seven Star Shot, think about it. When we fight Bosses and I shoot seven times, wouldn't that be perfect? !"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Okay, let's exchange for it, but... Truthfully, just one Seven Star Shot is not enough."

    She looked at me, "Lu Li tell your friend to add things, if not... The difference is still too huge."

    "En, I shall ask."

    I thought about it and a few seconds later, "He is willing to add five thousand."

    "Five thousand?"

    Lin Xi thought about it, "No, at least 10 thousand. If this Demon Vine Helmet was auctioned, it would at least earn 50 thousand or close to 100 thousand."

    Her words were definitely true. We were all experienced and we knew the importance of the damage increase. People lacked many things in game and the only thing we didn't lack was rich people.


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