Chapter 191- Top helmet
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Zhan Yue Chapter 191- Top helmet


    Suddenly, the furious roar from the Demon Darkness Vine shocked the entire hall. The vine started to tremble and many thorns shot up from beneath our feet. It was its Thorn Ground technique. As for the Demon Darkness Vine, streaks of demonic energy rose up around it.

    Beneath me, it felt as if I was stepping on blades and the stabbing pain was really intense. My health started to drop and I lost 1000+ Health each second. Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan suffered even more health!

    "Stun Shot on the Boss!"

    I shouted. After all I lacked close combat stun skills so I could only call for help.


    Before I even finished, Shen Mingxuan's Stun Shot shot through the air. As expected from With You's Archer. She was really strong and the Stun Shot exploded on the Boss's chest, stunning it and interrupting the skill!

    "Very good!"

    I retreated while using Saint Light Technique on myself. At the same time I ensured that my health potions were maintained. Lin Xi used Heaven Sword Umbrella and three Black Fighters fell to her sword light. The three of them were working hard and in a short ten seconds they cleared four of them. Next was the Mage on the left.

    At this point, my Ash Fortress effect had disappeared and I was fighting the Boss with my body.


    Demon Darkness Vine hollered. It was like an ancient lord, raising its arms and using two Vine Sword Attack. My movement speed and mechanics which were at its top could only dodge one of them. I sidestepped and held my shield in front of me, turtling up to block.



    With a giant explosion, the Vine Sword Attack pierced through the shield and headed towards my heart causing a terrifying damage number. Without Ash Fortress, I was in a dangerous situation!

    Saint Light!

    I continued to heal myself while dodging left and right. In a blink of an eye I was in front of the Boss and used Basic Attack+ Judgement+ Basic attack before retreating.

But I was still unable to dodge those dense tentacle attacks and in a blink of an eye my health dropped to 30%!

    "Lin Xi speed up!"

    I shouted hurriedly, "I can't hold on anymore!"


    Lin Xi waved her sword on the mage's body while also using the Heaven Sword Umbrella to block. During this entire process she wasn't healed at all and relied on her own recovery. Her health was already at 40% and she didn't seem much better than me

    Fortunately, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi dealt high damage and that mage was cleared out and killed by Lin Xi.


    She passed by me, "Focus on tanking the Boss, hand the Quasi Boss to me!'


    I raised my hand to use Saint Light Technique on myself while also pulling the distance between the Boss and I. Instantly, we were five yards away and right when the Demon Darkness Vine used Vine Wrap, I used Assault to dodge it and also stun. I stood in front of the Boss and used Saint Light Technique on myself.

    Didn't he hate light, then I shall let him feel it!

    Unfortunately, Saint Light Technique couldn't be used to attack, if not this would deal a double blow on darkness type monsters. That would feel really good.


    In a moment, when Lin Xi dealt with the next mage, my Ash Fortress was off cooldown.

    "Lu Li retreat, let me hit!"

    She walked forwards with her sword.


    I said seriously, "My Ash Fortress is up, let me tank one more wave before retreating. You heal up first."


    A weird look flashed in her eyes, it was obvious she didn't expect me to suggest that but that did make sense. Without me tanking, she wouldn't have time to recover and it would be really easy for her to get insta killed.

    Thus, I activated Ash Fortress and blocked the Boss's hits while using two Saint Light Techniques on Lin Xi. Just like that, when I retreated, Lin Xi's health was at 80%. She stepped forwards and used Double Hit+ Blade of Dawn and Flying Flame Slash on the boss. The top Warrior's damage really wasn't a joke.

    "Sha sha..."

    I retreated till I was 35 yards away. The moment I turned around, I started to do what I was used to, raising my hands to heal Lin Xi time after time. I also drank health potions while healing her. I relied on the health potions as that was the most reasonable healing method.

    Just like that, after a series of hits, the Boss's health started to drop.

    Lin Xi's control of the Boss was relatively strong. Although she was a Warrior, her Defence and Health couldn't be compared to me. But in terms of movement and blocking, her 30k health was similar to my 40k. Along with my Saint Light Technique, that made things simpler.

    It was obvious that the level 65 Treasure Grade Boss couldn't suppress Lin Xi who had the heal!


    In just five minutes, after Shen Mingxuan used two Stun Shots to interrupt the Boss's skill, the Demon Darkness Vine reached the end of its life.

    "Wu oh..."

    It cried out and fell to Lin Xi's sword but it didn't trigger the system notification. It was as if only the top three first kills of Treasure Grade Bosses gave rewards. Maybe for higher grade boss, they would give out more rewards. Anyways, players just hoped to be rewarded for more.


    I leveled. My Shura account was at level 63 so I pushed my Paladin account to level 60. Finally I could equip Paladin's Pity!

    "Pa ta!"

    I wore it and then healed the half health Lin Xi!




    She squinted her eyes and looked comfortble, "This heal... Not bad, Lu Li is more like a top milk cavalry now!"

    I grinned and was speechless deep down. Actually I wasn't a healer but a heartless killer!

    "I am level 61!"

    Gu Ruyi said.

    "Me too!" Shen Mingxuan grinned.

    I laughed, "Lin Xi look at the equipment and then let's rest early. we are quite tired today, this leveling was tiring."


    Lin Xi nodded, "Leveling is like that, we needed to draw monsters and also split them up etc so obviously it was tired. Then I shall touch the equipment?"

    "Touch it!"

    She walked forwards and collected the equipment. Instantly many pieces of equipment appeared. There was an exquisite armor, light purple boots, an axe and also a leather helmet. First, Lin Xi picked up the armor. She was so delighted that she couldn't close her mouth--

    Starlight Armor (Treasure Grade)

    Type: Armor

    Defence: 500

    Strength: +142

    Stamina: +135

    Agility: +110

    Effect: Reduce damage +5%

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 4500

    Effect: Starlight, 10% amage reduction of all Magic Attacks

    Effect: Starlight Shield, after use, teammates Defence within 40 yards increased by 80% lasting for 12 seconds, cooldown of 120 minutes.

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 52%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 51%

    Required level: 62


    "Super Purple Armor!"

    Shen Mingxuan was surprised, "Congratulations Lin Xi, you can switch it off for another armor piece!"


    Lin Xi couldn't close her mouth, "Its stats are so strong, there is also a group defence skill!"

    She licked her lips and looked at me, "Lu Li your level is not enough, can you... Let this armor to me? I am suitable for it..."


    I nodded, "You dealt more than 40% damage so of course it is yours!"

    She laughed, "But you healed 100% of the healing!"

    "It is okay, anyways my level is low. In the future you can think more about me, moreover I need tanky equipment with healing effects so this armor is not suitable."

    "Okay, thank you~~"

    She laughed and then wore the Starlight Armor. Instantly the equipment modified itself and the armor wrapped around her perfect body. When one looked, one felt like they were going to have a nosebleed. Lin Xi looked at the next one, a purple boots. A level 62 Precious Grade one and its stats were decent so she gave it to Gu Ruyi.

    next, the third one was a flaming war axe.

    Its stats appeared and it was Super Rare. She tossed it into her back and disappointment appeared on her face, "No, Withered Wood God Hall only dropped such things?"

    She picked up the last piece which was a leather helmet wrapped in light. Stats appeared in front of us and the few of them were stunned. As for me, I swallowed my saliva--

    Demon Vine Helmet (Treasure Grade)

    Type: Leather Armor

    Defence: 385

    Agility: +145

    Stamina: +140

    Strength: +105

    Effect: Reduce damage +5%

    Effect: Precision, accuracy +25%

    Effect: Toughness, Raise user's health by 3000

    Effect: Damage increase, raise user's Backstab, Godslaying Blade effect damage by 50%

    Effect: Revive, regenerate 0.5% of user's health each second.

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 51%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 50%

    Required level: 62


    This equipment,a god level equipment!

    All of a sudden I drooled, but... How should I get it? !

    "Mingxuan do you want this?"

    Lin Xi raised her hand and said something that made me sad.

    Don't, this would be a waste on Shen Mingxuan, my July Wildfire wanted it! ! !

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