Chapter 190- Darkness Demon Vine
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Zhan Yue Chapter 190- Darkness Demon Vine


    I went online and I still appeared in Withered Wood God Hall. Beside me, Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi appeared one by one. Ahead of us were still a huge bunch of Black Fighters. As this was a closed map so it was like a dungeon so before we all left, no new monsters would spawn if not it would be too heartless.


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    Lin Xi pulled out her sword and walked towards the Black Fighters in front, "Same old rules, Lu Li you draw the monsters in."


    Thus, we started our massacre in Withered Wood God Hall.


    Three hours later, 10pm.

    The number of Black Fighters got fewer and fewer and in the end only 20% was left and we could probably finish all of them within an hour. Gu Ruyi suddenly said with a weak voice, "Lin Xi I have a bad news."


    Lin Xi held her sword and turned around, "What happened Ruyi?"

    "I have not enough mana potions."

    Gu Ruyi frowned, "I filled up before coming but I used too much. For an entire day I have been using spells so I am left with only one slot. Probably in ten minutes I would run out."

    "Me too."

    Shen Mingxuan held her bow and her face was filled with helplessness, "I am left with 2 slots but to maintain the damage, it is not enough. Especially since there would be a Boss. If that is the case then I don't have mana for it."

    "I didn't expect this..."

    Lin Xi gritted her teeth, "I miscalculated, I should have saved up 30% space to buy mana potions and not carry solely red potions, haiz..."

    Shen Mingxuan looked at me, "What about you Lu Li? How much mana potions do you have left? You have been using Saint Light Technique the whole day so logically speaking you should spend around the same as us."


    I looked at my bag,

on rough count I said, "I have 220 sets."


    Lin Xi's eyes opened wide, "How... How do you have so much?"

    I waved, "When I was doing a quest with friends the system rewarded me with a bag which increased storage space. I filled it up and helped all of you bring large amounts of mana potions."


    Shen Mingxuan charged up and slapped my shoulder, "This fellow has a great future! Not bad not bad~~"

    I rubbed my shoulder and kept silent, "The two of you trade with me, 80 each. I consume lesser so I should have enough."

    "En en!"

    Lin Xi nodded and her eyes were filled with joy, "Lu Li you are our savior today, at the end of the month I will give you a bonus!"

    "Boss is smart!" I laughed.

    Not long later, the trade was complete and we continued to fight!


    An hour later, the final batch of fighters died to our firepower. Further ahead was the hall. Lin Xi walked forwards and her cape fluttered behind her, revealing her white legs and thin waist. When she stepped into the hall, she was wary right away. Her sword slashed in front of her and she said, "Be careful!"

    We stepped in one by one but only saw that the hall was pitch black. The instance that we entered, light shot up from the stone pillars. This was a spirit lamb triggered by spirit stone and they were really bright, lighting up the entire hall right away.

    To our sides were four Black Fighters holding blades and looked at each other in rage. At the end of the hall was a golden throne and on it sat a dark looking body. Beside him were two staff yielding old man that made our hearts accelerate!

    Lin Xi frowned. "Not good!"

    I nodded, "Four Black Fighters, two mages are Quasi Boss and the one in the middle is the Boss. Anything we trigger will cause all of them to attack together. It really isn't good."

    Shen Mingxuan's bow shone bright and she looked tempted to try, "We need to clear the fighters out and then the Quasi Boss if not we would be swarmed and things would be much harder."

    Lin Xi nodded, "Mingxuan is right, that is the only way."

    As she said that, Lin Xi shared the stats of the Boss sitting on the throne. It was actually a plant type Super Boss that shocked us--

    Demon Darkness Vine (Treasure Grade Boss)

    Level: 65

    Attack: 4000-4750

    Defence: 1800

    Health: 2200000

    Skill: Vine Attack, Thorn Ground, Wrap, Darkness Whirlpool

    Introduction: Demon Darkness Vine was a vine from ancient times and after absorbing the essence of heaven and earth for a long time it gave birth to its own intelligence, turning into a vine demon. After a long time of cultivation, it became more and more powerful, turning into a Demon Darkness Vine. It pledged alleigance to Dimension Legion and occupied the entire Withered Wood God Hall, passing its power over to Dimension Legion. Young adventurers, once you kill it, send it to Linchen County's Lord Manor and you will be greatly rewarded.


    "Its stats are really sick, its skills too..." Shen Mingxuan frowned.

    Lin Xi smiled, "But look at that introduction. After killing it, if we take its roots we can exchange for rewards. Along with the original map rewards, this is a double reward. Maybe there would be large amounts of gold that we can sell!"

    "That makes sense..."

    Shen Mingxuan giggled, "Lin Xi you only want money!"

    "I am poor that's why..."

    Lin Xi smiled helplessly.

    I frowned, "Let's think about how to fight first. This Boss's firepower is too strong and I suspect that I might not be able to tank it."

    "You might not be able to, you have to learn Avoid."

    Lin Xi looked at me, "Lu Li, whether or not we can defeat Withered Wood God Hall depends on you. Once we begin, you have to hold onto the boss and one Mage. Leave the rest to us. you can't die before we kill those few monsters and a Quasi Boss. Can you do that?"


    I was speechless, "But you need to give me some control spells."

    "En? How?"

    I looked at Shen Mingxuan and pointed at her, "I need to use her Stun Shot. You can fight on your own but I will call for Stun Shot. Shen Mingxuan you have to use it right away if not I can't ensure that I will live."

    Shen Mingxuan gritted her teeth, "Okay, understood!"

    Lin Xi nodded, "Heal up and let's get ready. This battle will be intense, guys... Take care, haha~~"

    I looked at her. Under Lin Xi's beautiful exterior was a heart craving for challenge. No wonder she was the only one in With You that was a challenger to be the best. She was talented and her own personality did shape who she was.


    Calm down, prepare to target the Boss!

    I held up my sword and shield and walked forwards slowly. I didn't plan to use Assault as it was a control skill and I shouldn't waste it like that. When I was five yards from the boss, a roar caused the hall to tremble. The Boss on the throne stood up. It was a human shaped vine that was made up of tentacles and vines. He opened his eyes and shouted in rage, "Small human, you actually dare to invade my territory, you are asking for death!"

    Who cared!

    I stepped forwards, side stepping to a corner and used Saint Storm on the Demon Darkness Vine and the two Mages. Instantly the three of them targeted me. I didn't think and used- Ash Fortress~

    "Shua shua shua~~"

    Streaks of grey gold shields appeared around me and strengthened my defence and damage reduction. At that moment, Demon Darkness Vine shouted and stretched an arm, Vine Attack!

    The so called Vine Sword Attack was just a sword formed from a vine. It was a shot-type attack and was really quick!

    But I was mentally prepared. I sidestepped and the vine brushed past my face, not causing any damage. I avoided his attack but not those of the two mages, my body felt hot and I lost 5000+ Health.

    Saint Light Technique!

    I raised my sword and instantly a golden light shone on my body, recovering 4000+ Health.

    "Annoying light!'

    Demon Darkness Vine walked down from the throne and hollered. Its palm smashed onto the ground, "Fell the power of entanglement!"

    "Be careful!"

    I warned.

    I saw through it and didn't hesitate, using Assault onto the Boss. While smashing into the Boss, the area I was standing on was shattered by vines poking through the ground. They tried to wrap me but fortunately with Assault, if not I would have been tied up on the spot.

    "Go go go!"

    Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi had started to focus on the few Black Fighters.

    At this point, my seven second Ash Fortress seemed really important and I had to tank one set of their damage!

    "Pa pa pa~~"

    While walking, the Demon Darkness Vine's vines attacked me. These attacks couldn't be avoided and although they did only 200-400 damage but adding them together, it was 1000-1500 a second. Moreover, this was with Ash Fortress. When Ash Fortress disappeared, it would be even more terrifying!


    I looked at my disappearing health and used Saint Light Technique right away. I slid down to avoid another Vine Sword Attack at the same time. From all around, fireballs and vines hit me and it caused my head to feel a little numb.

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