Chapter 189- Life is tough
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Zhan Yue Chapter 189- Life is tough

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    After heading down, I waited for a while before Shen Mingxuan finally carried Lin Xi down. As for Gu Ruyi, she had already taken the wheelchair down. After placing Lin Xi on it, Shen Mingxuan tossed me a key, "The car is in the underground carpark so drive it out and wait for us at the door, don't park too far. It is too hot outside and I don't want to sweat so much."

    "I understand."

    I looked at the key which was of a Buick so I came to the carpark. It was a roughly 250 thousand car and honestly it did show that With You were not financially rich. However this didn't matter. My addition would definitely change all this, at least in the future they won't lack money anymore!

    After activating the car, I switched on the air condition and drove in front of the villa.

    "Lu Li, open the backseat." Shen Mingxuan said.


    I pulled the backdoor fully and watched as Shen Mingxuan carried Lin Xi up. Lin Xi's beautiful face was apologetic, "Mingxuan it has been tough on you~~"

    "Silly girl, why are you being so polite to me?"

    Shen Mingxuan closed the door and pressed her head closely onto Lin Xi's, "If you are grateful towards me then kiss me?"

    Lin Xi burst out laughing and really gave her a peck

    All of a sudden, I coughed and said, "Can we head out now?"

    "Head out your head, Ruyi isn't up yet..."

    "Oh oh..."

    I head down and helped Gu Ruyi place the wheelchair at the back before boarding. In the end, Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan sat at the back while Gu Ruyi sat by my side and smiled, "Lu Li thank you."

    "Isn't this what I should do?"

    I laughed, "Let's head out, I am so hungry!"

    "Head out!"

    We headed out and parked the car by the side of the road. After I locked the gate and everything I was already drenched.


    20 minutes later, XX Square, Haidilao.

    We came at a good time and in less than a few minutes, Shen Mingxuan's number was called. She hopped to the front and tapped the machine before receiving a WeChat. As for me, I pushed the wheelchair.

    I pushed and it moved!

    I let go and it moved too!

    Lin Xi facepalmed, "Idiot are you having fun?"

    I was apologetic, "Haha... I don't understand this so I am trying, if not if I spoil it I can't afford to pay you!"

    She burst out laughing, "I don't need you to pay, you just need to be careful."

    "En en."

    Just like that, I pushed Lin Xi into the shop. Shen Mingxuan waved, "Lu Li, here here, come over!"


    I pushed Lin Xi over and then Shen Mingxuan hugged her and placed her on the seat. The four of us were at one table, Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan sat together while Gu Ruyi and I sat next to each other. After ordering the stuff, Shen Mingxuan asked, "Lin Xi what would you like?"

    "Those sour and spicy ones." Lin Xi smiled.

    "En en, you wait, I will go mix it!"

    Gu Ruyi went too.

    As for me, I stayed and talked to Lin Xi. She held her phone while playing with her chopsticks. Her face was filled with happiness. At this moment she was like a normal girl but I couldn't help but feel heartpained. In truth, Lin Xi definitely felt bad too. Each trip out was so problematic, this was also the reason why she wasn't willing to head out for meals.

    I didn't talk about all that and just talked to her about the game, about level 60 skills.

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    In the distance, some customers looked over. Of course, most of them were looking at Lin Xi. For such a beautiful girl to appear here, of course she was the center of attraction. Not long later, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were back. I got up to make my sauce.

    Sour! Spicy!

    I made the same sauce as Lin Xi. Thai chillis! Coriander! Seaweed! Vinegar!

    When I was mixing the sauces, someone smacked me in the shoulder. I turned around and saw a familiar face, it was actually Ah Fei!


    I was shocked and lowered my head, "Why are you here?"

    "Damn! I wanted to ask that too!" He stared, "Why are you here!"

    "With You came out for a meal!"


    He opened his eyes, "Which table are you sitting at?"


    I stared, "Oi... Stop staring, it will make things tough on me, scram scram!"


    He laughed out loud, "I haven't introduced you. Come come come, let me introduce you to your sister in law."


    Right at that moment, he hugged a girl wearing a sailor dress beside him and smalled, "Little Qian look at my best brother! Come Ah Li, this is Little Qian, her ID is called Time Strand, a Priest. She is my girlfriend and your sister in law."

    She opened her eyes wide and I looked at her. Her brows were long and her looks were around an 8. She opened her eyes wide and there was shock in her eyes, "Ah Li? July.... July Wildfire!?"


    I placed my finger on my lips, "Softer, that is a secret! Hello sister, I have to go. Enjoy your meal!"

    "Aren't we eating together?"

    "Nope." Ah Fei helped me, "He is in a secret mission, let's eat on our own and not bother about him. Once he is free he would definitely come back and have hotpot with us."

    I rolled my eyes and dissed, "To be a lightbulb? Your head, I rather remain in With You!"

    Thus, I returned to table six and sat next to Gu Ruyi, "Why aren't the dishes here yet, they are so slow."

    "It is dinner time and business is good. It is understandable." Lin Xi smiled.

    "En en."

    Thus, we all took out our phones to play.


    A WeChat came from Ah Fei, "Damn... Lin Xi is so pretty! How is there such a beautiful girl in the world?"

    "Scram scram scram!"

    I removed the notification and replied, "Stop talking to me, I will get noticed. I am going on Weibo."

    "Okay okay okay, I won't disturb you. Right, is the girl beside Lin Xi the beauty Bright Moon?"

    "En, her name is Shen Mingxuan."

    "She is so beautiful too, around Lin Xi's standard! What about the one beside you, With You's Mage Follow Heart?"

    "En, Gu Ruyi."

    "Damn, she is pretty too... Are you touching her legs under the table?"

    "Scram! Am I you? !"

    I sent him a message, "Stop texting me, it is not safe. If you continue I will block you!'

    "Damn! Heartless!"


    Ah Fei finally stopped and I too heaved a sigh of relief. Not long later, our dishes all arrived and we started to eat. Shen Mingxuan placed pieces of luncheon meat and lamb to Lin Xi while Lin Xi smiled, "Damn, I can't move my legs but I can move my hands right!"

    "Oh... I nearly forgot..." Shen Mingxuan covered her mouth and laughed.

    I looked at the two of them and my soul nearly left my body. I passed a cooked beef to Gu Ruyi, "Ruyi eat more, you look thinner these two days."

    Instantly her face flushed red, "I... I am still okay..."

    She picked up a piece for me, "Lu Li do you like to eat this?"

    "Of course!"

    "I will help you cook a few more."

    All of a sudden, Lin Xi and Shen Mingxuan froze up. Lin Xi bit her teeth, "No, definitely not, you two are actually lovey dovey in front of us? After going back, we need to place a notif in the studio!"


    Shen Mingxuan was annoyed, "Ruyi and you were mine but now Ruyi is about to betray us!"

    "How am I doing that!"

    Gu Ruyi's face flushed red, "Didn't you say that we should help and love one another!"


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I am not worried about anything except you getting taken by this kid!"

    I was speechless and pushed lamb into the pot and then picked one for Lin Xi and then one for Shen Mingxuan, "As a member of With You, I love each one of you. Is that okay?"

    Lin Xi said softly, "Scum..."

    Shen Mingxuan laughed, "Right right, he is so shameless!"

    I laughed too, "Damn, it is so tough to be a person!"

    The three girls laughed too. All of a sudden, the small table was filled with joy. I glanced and saw Ah Fei stretching his neck and looking at each girl beside me. This fellow really didn't change. Even with Little Qian beside him, he didn't give up on looking at other pretty girls.


    An hour later, we were full.

    I opened the wheelchair and Lin Xi told Shen Mingxuan to step aside. She supported the wheelchair with one arm and smiled, "Ah... My strength seemed to have increased..."

    I was speechless.

    On the car, there was a "di" that came from Ah Fei, "Lin Xi's leg... Has a problem?"

    "En, an accident made her unable to walk herself."


    He didn't say anything else. I started the car and drove back to the studio. Our battle in Withered Wood God Hall hadn't ended yet and after finishing it then we could head to bed. Moreover it looked like I could definitely level. At that time I would adjust the Paladin level to 60 and become a proper 2nd job Paladin!

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