Chapter 188- Three carries of With You
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Zhan Yue Chapter 188- Three carries of With You


    Along with Lin Xi's barbaric kick, the entire iron gate crashed down and behind it were a bunch of spear, halberd and sword wielding black armored warriors. There were hundreds of them and they looked really scary. Lin Xi was stunned and then turned to me, pushing me forwards, "He kicked it..."


    I wanted to cry but no tears came out.

    At that moment, a black armored warrior walked forwards slowly and pulled out his red sword. He gave a vicious smile, "It doesn't matter who kicked it, anyways you infiltrated our Black Fighter's territory and all of you have to die!"

    Behind him, dozens of them followed and they looked quite terrifying.

    At that moment, Lin Xi shared their stats into the party channel. They were really strong, no wonder they were so arrogant---

    Black Fighter (Treasure Grade Monster)

    Level: 65

    Attack: 2250- 2950

    Defence: 1800

    Health: 150000

    Skill: Darkness Slash, Hell Shield, War Stampede

    Introduction: Black Fighter, they were mercenaries but to gain power, they joined the evil magic region and became one of them. After cultivating darkness techniques, they became stronger. A branch of them came to Withered Wood God Hall and occupied this place.


    "Such strong defence!"

    I frowned, "Their health is 150 thousand and their Attack aren't low. War Stampede should be an AOE attack so we need to be careful!"

    Lin Xi stood side by side with me and said, "Same rules, you head forwards and the rest of us shall focus fire. Kill them one by one. The key is you, if you can tank them then we would be able to finish them!"


    I held my sword and shield and charged forwards just like that.

I used Saint Storm onto the 15 Black Fighters and instantly a storm swept the crowd. All of them charged at me with fierce looks on their faces while they shouted, "Attack attack attack, slice that noob Paladin into pieces. Just one look and I know he is trash!"

    "Damn, these monsters are so impolite!"

    I was speechless while Lin Xi was laughing behind me.


    The Black Fighter at the front raised his halberd and slashed down. This was his Darkness Slash skill which hit my shield and dealt 3000+ damage. But the windup for that skill was quite long and took more than one minute so there was indeed some room to dodge.


    Another Black Fighter got close and used Darkness Slash!

    I sidestepped and with a loud explosion, the spot which I was on had a black sword energy slicing onto it. Right at that moment, another one came from the right. I retreated and dodged it once more. At the same time, I didn't forget to attack. With my sword I sliced onto the three fighters to increase their hatred level on me.

    "Not bad..."

    Shen Mingxuan raised her bow while placing her hand on her waist like she was watching a show, "Lu Li's movement is slowly like a first rate expert."

    Lin Xi nodded, "En he is indeed not bad."

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "I always felt that Lu Li is strong, why do the two of you think that he is weak?"

    "Ruyi is the intelligent one!"

    I dodged Darkness Slash attacks while smiling.

    "You better take care of yourself."

    Lin Xi burst into a laugh, "Lu Li has drawn the monsters in so let's begin. I will mark them and the two of you draw them over and I will intercept them. Use one set of skills to kill one."


    In the next moment, Shen Mingxuan's arrows and Gu Ruyi's spells hit the crowd and pulled away one Black Fighter after another. I used Ash Fortress while using Saint Light Technique to heal myself. I pulled them along the pond in the center and instantly the scenes were quite interesting. The Black Fighters shouted right after me while three beauties shot them down. This was a typical weak winning strong battle strategy.

    After all, Black Fighters had strong stats and if we fought them head on, Lin Xi and I would die within a minute. After which Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi wouldn't be able to escape.


    Just like that, we levelled while training my Paladin mechanics. I slowly got the hang of it and my awkwardness disappeared. To me, Paladin was just an Assassin that knew how to heal so I should just use it like that.

    After killing a bunch, I continued to draw monsters. Second batch, continue!


    Right when we were killing, I received a voice chat invitation from Ah Fei. I accepted, "En, what is up?"

    "Inscription Technique is about to reach level 5!"

    He said seriously, "But I need to be level 50 to use it so I have contacted Little Black to bring me to level. When I get there I will help you carve the level 5 inscriptions on your purple equipment?"

    "En, sure!"

    "How are you now?" He asked.

    "Quite good, I am using the Paladin account to level with the beauties of With You~~" I laughed.


    He was speechless, "You are living the good life now, what is going on? You were there to take revenge so you better not forget your purpose. Your main role is Assassin so don't forget about that."


    I shook my head, "My Paladin definitely can't exceed that guy, Assassin is more suitable for me."

    "That's right."

    He laughed, "Right, how are the three beauties in real life? When will you take a video for me?"

    "No, that is too perverted..."

    I was speechless, "Why did you think I will help you do such a shameless thing?"

    "Damn, who do you think I am?"

    He stared and asked in a perverted manner, "So how do they look?"

    "They are all quite pretty." I said without much effort.

    "Quite pretty?"

    He asked, "As compared to those little girls at Destiny Corporation's year end party?"

    "Much prettier than them."


    Ah Fei was about to drool, "Their bodies?"

    "All quite good, perfect, I can describe them in one sentence...."


    "All 3C."

    "3... 3C?"

    All of a sudden, Ah Fei was furious, "Damn you are so perverted, as expected from my brother Li, amazing! Right you should introduce them to me and bring me there. Just say that I am your brother and let me witness how the legendary With You beauties are like!"

    "Continue dreaming."

    I rolled my eyes, "Think about it, you are the only Inscriber in the server. In Linchen County, your reputation is only lower than Feng Canghai and Lin Xi. If I bring you over they will definitely see through you and then when they ask me about it, they would know that you are July Wildfire!"

    "Damn! That does make sense."

    He grumbled, "Then we have to wait. Right, when are you coming back to eat with me and also to see your sister in law?"

    "A few months, winter?"


    Ah Fei was stunned for a few seconds before he gave out an antagonist-like laugh, "Damn you Lu Li, you are learning bad now. Damn, you have actually became such a person!"

    "Hahaha, I shall stop talking to you, I need to continue levelling. While speaking I have made a few errors and even Lin Xi is scolding me."

    "I understand."

    He looked really envious, "Damn, I wish that Lin Xi could comment on me. Even if she shout my name, I would die happily..."

    "Have some shame!"


    Continue to level.

    Withered Wood God Hall, ahead of us was a square with many Black Fighters. Once we finished them off we would be able to arrive in the real hall. The hall was in truth really small and was less than 100 square meters. However there were too many fighters outside and they seemed endless. Fortunately, they gave enough experience points. Leveling here was quite efficient and I guessed that not long later I would be able to adjust myself to level 60 and return with Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi to get the second advancement!

    "Cough cough..."

    Shen Mingxuan looked at the time and said, "It is already six, shouldn't we... Eat dinner first? It seems like we still need 2-3 hours to reach the hall, let's eat first?"


    Lin Xi smiled, "I am quite hungry too. Ruyi, Lu Li what about you too?"

    Gu Ruyi and I nodded, "Eat!"

    "But I have not ordered delivery."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "But I got a table at Haidilao nearby..."

    "Ah, girl, you really are cunning..."

    Lin Xi was silent and smiled, "If you wanted Haidilao you should have just said it, why did you have to go behind our back.."

    Shen Mingxuan laughed at hugged Lin Xi's shoulder, "Okay la, let's just prepare to go out. Our number is half an hour away and once we drive there we would be right on time. Right Lu Li, do you know how to drive?"

    I nodded, "Naturally."


    Lin Xi smiled, "Then let's head out and have a meal before returning to fight. Let's wipe out those idiots in Withered Wood God Hall!"

    The two girls cheered.

    I raised my sword and shouted too, "Ohye..."


    The three of them looked at me like they were looking at an idiot.

    I touched my nose, "Damn..."

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