Chapter 187- Paladin's pity
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Zhan Yue Chapter 187- Paladin's pity


    Before Saint Light Technique, a blood colored meteor descended from above and rolled past Lin Xi's body. It dealt 18000 damage right away and the Blood Lord raised his finger and a black lightning shot forth which hit her body, causing 14000 damage. All of a sudden, Lin Xi had low health!

    As expected, fortunately I double casted if not Lin Xi would be done!


    The second Saint Light Technique descended and it healed for 4208 again. I channelled the third one, "We have to interrupt the Boss's skills if not our healing can't keep up. After all a Paladin's healing can't compare to that of Priests!"


    Lin Xi drank a health potion while slicing the Boss. She also tried to stand in positions where the Boss couldn't see her. Apart from the three main skills of Blood Lord, his main attack was the Fireball Spell. Many fireballs flew towards Lin Xi but most of them were dodged by her.

    "Accept judgement from the heavens!"

    Once again, Blood Lord raised his staff and summoned Blood Meteor!


    The moment he raised his staff, Lin Xi held her blade too, Gale!

    "Peng peng--"

    Flying Flame Slash+ Blade of Dawn, large damage numbers popped up. At the same time, Lin Xi opened her left hand and grabbed her Heaven Sword Umbrella. She opened it and with a loud explosion, it blocked the Boss's Blood Meteor damage. At the next moment, she waved it and the bones of the umbrella flew out, turning into streaks of sword energy that smashed onto the body of the Boss. Just one instance and Lin Xi's damage was already top of the entire team!

    Such a Warrior was just terrifying. Her damage number was able to crush Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi and had reached an unimaginable level!


    Another Saint Light Technique descended. I focused on the battlefield and said, "Black Lightning is about to be casted, Shen Mingxuan prepare your Stun Shot!"


    Shen Mingxuan nodded her head without hesitation.

She pulled her bow and the bowstring buzzed. Right when Black Lightning started to be casted, Stun Shot shot through the air and smashed onto the Boss's chest. She followed it up with Shockwave Shot and interrupted the Boss's skill cast. Shen Mingxuan was already level 59 so Shockwave Shot's accuracy increased by a large amount.

    In just a minute, Boss's health dropped to 50%. With You's damage was too terrifying, especially Lin Xi. Within a minute, just her damage alone reached 400 thousand. Her damage per second was 7000, that was just terrifying!

    I continued to heal while holding onto my Assault skill.

    A few seconds later, as expected, the Blood Lord hollered. Blood energy soared around him and he raised his hands. Magical runes rose up and his eyes were filled with rage, "Ignorant humans, feel the real power. All of you will regret your ignorance- Unlimited Lightning!"

    It was here, his ultimate!

    Lin Xi's Gale was on cooldown so we could only rely on Shen Mingxuan and I!

    "Shen Mingxuan use Stun Shot!"

    I shouted while using Assault on Blood Lord!


    My body shot through the wind and while using Assault, streaks of blood lightning shot down. But in the next second, along with a loud hit, I smashed into the Boss and actually stunned him. Unlimited Lightning was actually interrupted!


    Shen Mingxuan's Stun Shot smashed the Boss's chest and also stunned him!


    Lin Xi was delighted, "Hit it, after this I shall buy chicken drumsticks for you two!"

    I laughed, dragging my sword and retreating. I maintained the 35 yard safety distance and focused on using Saint Light Technique on Lin Xi. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi went all out. Along with Lin Xi's sword and Heaven Sword Umbrella attacks, the Boss's health fell quickly.

    In the end, in just two minutes, the Blood Lord didn't even have a chance to use Unlimited Lightning again as he was killed!

    "Wu wa~~~"

    Under Lin Xi's Frost Slash, Blood Lord's last bit of health disappeared. it cried out and knelt onto the ground, pointing to the air and shouted, "Death is just a start. My will for power will never disappear, wait and see. All you shameless humans, we will meet again!"

    "Meet your head..."

    Lin Xi kicked him and instantly the Boss dropped a bunch of gold along with some equipment. All of a sudden, both Gu Ruyi and Shen Mingxuan rose to level 60 while I sneakily changed my level to 59. Anyways I was fighting with the two of them so no one noticed whether or not I had golden light landing on my head.


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I should go back to Linchen County for my second job advancement, maybe I will be the first second job Archer in Linchen County!"

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    "Impossible, Old Mountain is much faster than you." One sentence from me broke her dream, "Be real and give up on your dreams. Old Mountain is still stronger than you."

    She said unhappily, "Damn, even if Old Mountain is a little stronger than me, that Lin Songyan is much stronger than you!"


    I walked towards Lin Xi lazily, "That might not be true."

    In truth, if my equipment were the same as Lin Songyan, I had confidence to clash with him. And if I was using my Shura identity, maybe three Lin Songyan wouldn't be my match!

    Lin Xi smiled, "Okay, the two of you should stop fighting. I am about to grab the equipment."

    "En, let's begin."

    She walked forwards and laid out all the equipment. There were only three this time, a pair of bracers, an exquisite cape and also a shining necklace. Lin Xi picked the leather bracers first and its stats appeared. Instantly everyone was disappointed as this was a level 60 Super Rare Mage equipment.

    "Ruyi, your bracers are purple right?" Lin Xi asked.


    Gu Ruyi nodded, "Much stronger than this."


    Lin Xi tossed it right into her back and picked up the cape. Instantly her eyes lit up, "This is amazing~~"

    Under its purple light, the cape's stats were there for all to see--

    Blood Cape (Precious Grade)

    Defence: 265

    Agility: +115

    Strength: +105

    Stamina: +100

    Effect: Damage reduction +4%

    Effect: Windwalking, movement speed +30%

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's Health by 2000

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 32%

    Bonus: Raise user's defence by 30%

    Required level: 60


    "Not bad, a cape that adds movement speed."

    Lin Xi smiled, "It adds Strength and Agility. I have a better one so I won't want it. Lu Li, both Shen Mingxuan and you can use it, why not... You two roll?"

    "No need."

    I shook my head, "I don't lack the Agility and survivability. Give it to Shen Mingxuan, she is so weak and can die from one sword. Let her be tankier."

    Shen Mingxuan was furious, "Damn, why do I want to beat you up when you are giving in to me?"

    "It means you don't know what's good for you..."

    Shen Mingxuan walked forwards and kept it, "Lin Xi you must allow me to beat this fellow up. He is asking for it!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "No, With You doesn't allow internal fights."

    Gu Ruyi burst out laughing, "Okay then, Lin Xi look at the third one?"


    Lin Xi picked the third equipment up, it was that translucent necklace. Its stats floated up and the three of them opened their mouths in shock--

    Paladin's Pity (Treasure Grade)

    Agility: +135

    Stamina: +100

    Effect: Critical Strike +1%

    Effect: Lifesteal +4%

    Effect: Healing effects +40%

    Effect: Pity, raise user's healing effect by 1000

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 52%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 50%

    Required level: 60



    I swallowed my saliva, "It is actually a Paladin's necklace?"


    Lin Xi held it and looked dazzled by it, "Its stats are invincible and are really good... If you wear it, your Saint Light Technique can reach 6000 points."


    I calculated, "Roughly 6200."

    "That's great."

    She passed it to me and smiled, "Get to level 60 and then I can bring you everywhere to live a good life~~"

    I was stunned, "Treasure Grade... You are giving it to me?"

    "Of course, you need it!"

    She looked at me and smiled gently, "You... Did you really think we treat you as a security guard? Dumb, you are a member of With You. You are the same as all of us, if you need it then its naturally yours!"

    I was touched and kept it, "En, I will go all out in the future and I won't disappoint all of you!"

    Lin Xi smiled and then looked at the gold on the ground, "Unfortunately the Boss didn't drop a Guild Creation Token if not we could great our guild sooner."


    Shen Mingxuan nodded, "Now is a golden period, if we miss this chance, the stronger solo players will join other guilds and it would be tough for us to get players. People would definitely say that our members have character issues in the future."

    "That is okay, the next Boss should be Treasure Grade, this map is not over." I said.

    "En. Let's continue!"

    Lin Xi turned around and smiled, "Let's hope the next Boss will drop it!"

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