Chapter 186- Face gale
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Zhan Yue Chapter 186- Face gale

 "Fell the power of the elements- Black Lightning!"

    "Pu pu pu", three blood cultivators pretty much released black lightning at the same time. In the next moment, three unregulated streaks of lightning smashed onto my shield. The shield was made of steel and it conducted electricity. Electricity swept my body and I felt like my hair were about to stand on their ends. Along with the intense pain, my health started to drop--





    In an instance my health dropped below 50% and my face was about to turn green!

    "Such strong magic damage!"

    Shen Mingxuan used Stun Shot to hit the Blood Cultivator at the edge and said, "Lu Li be careful not to get insta killed, that would be embarrassing!"


    I activated Ash Fortress to increase my magic resistance. At the same time I used Saint Light Technique on my own body. Fortunately my purple shield added healing effects and now one Saint Light Technique can heal me for 4000+ health. The cooldown was just 3 seconds and my healthbar started to elongate. I could tank them completely.

    Lin Xi went all out, the moment she used Assault she followed it up with Double Hit+ Flying Flame Slash. Shortly after, she used Gale and pretty much insta killed a Blood Cultivator, showing off the explosiveness of a top Warrior. As for me, I healed while looking at her mechanics. She was really fluid and direct. As compared to the two other girls of the studio, Lin Xi's game talent was supernatural. Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi could be considered top players amongst girls but Lin Xi was much better than them. She was a unique presence among girls.

    I started to think, what if my Assassin account was the one facing the Blood Cultivators with 100 thousand health? If I excluded White Cloak+Annihilation, could I insta kill these cultivators? That would be tough. Even if I used Separated by water it would depend on luck and I would have to crit.


    In a blink of an eye, the five blood cultivators fell to the ground and turned into precious experience and gold. Lin Xi picked them up happily and then looked towards Shen Mingxuan, "Right, there is something weird."

    "What?" Lin Xi asked.

    "Have all of you noticed?"

    Shen Mingxuan crossed her arms.

Her 34C peaks looked really alluring and she smiled, "So many days have passed and the system Boss, that person with White Cloak, Apprehension, Annihilation, Hunter's Edge has not appeared. There are no signs of him in Linchen County and the other counties, what is going on?"

    "Are you talking about July Wildfire?"

    A weird look appeared in her eyes, "Actually I look forwards to him appearing. I want to know how strong he is."

    I frowned, "Lin Xi, you want to fight July Wildfire?"


    She said gently, "Till date I haven't truly won him. He is a shadow in my heart and if I can't defeat him, my skills would probably stay like this."

    "You are overestimating him?"

    I licked my lips, "I heard that he is just someone who obtained a hidden job and Boss buffs. Without the buff he isn't much."

    "Is that so? Don't underestimate him.."

    Lin Xi said, "I suffered from him many times and even guilds like Breaking Dawn and Elements weren't able to defeat him. The only time they killed him, they too suffered heavy losses."

    Gu Ruyi held her staff and looked at us, "I heard that July Wildfire is quite mysterious, many people want to investigate him but they couldn't."

    I smiled, "Nonsense, I encrypted the data so who can find anything?"

    Lin Xi smiled, "He isn't that mysterious. It is actually quite simple to find him, just find his contact."


    Shen Mingxuan was stunned, "Who?"

    "August End."

    Lin Xi's words caused my heart to sink. I taught about it. With Lin Xi's smartness she would definitely be able to link everything but now that she said it out herself, I felt a chill down my back. Lin Xi continued confidently, "August End is the only Inscriber to date and monopolised the whole industry. I have seen his skills and he is just a noob."

    I laughed to myself. If Ah Fei heard her evaluation of him, he would probably cry.

    Lin Xi continued, "August End is only so so and for him to complete the Inscriber job upgrades, he needs materials and resources. So there is definitely a strong organisation or person behind him and that can only be July Wildfire. A hidden job expert that can turn into a Boss to fight players. He should have huge resources that can support August End!"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Since that is the case then investigate August End and we will be able to find July Wildfire."

    Lin Xi frowned, "No... The game is the game, we must not link that to reality, at least With You will not do that."

    Shen Mingxuan nodded, "En, I think so too. What I meant by investigating him is that if we could, we should pull him into the studio and strengthen us. His addition would cause our strength to soar right?"


    Lin Xi smiled, "But I didn't think about that. He definitely hates me and won't join With You."

    I laughed bitterly, "You two sisters, you do know that I am standing in front of you but you hadn't recognised me!"

    Unfortunately I couldn't say it. What a bother!


    I continued to walk forwards and clear out the Blood Cultivators. My experience soared and we went from the outer area to the inner area. After we cleared the last batch, a giant blood colored formation descended from above! At the center was someone!


    Lin Xi held up her sharp sword and smiled, "He is definitely the Boss!"

    Right, it was an old man covered in red robe. He held a staff and his face was thin like skeleton. His eyes were sharp and red as he hollered towards us, "Adventurers is Withered Wood God Hall a place you can come just like htat? The ancient power is still here but it is just asleep. Your arrival will awaken the sleeping gods, prepare to die!"

    Lin Xi stood at the front and read the Boss's stats right away. She shared it to the group--

    Blood Lord (Treasure Grade Boss)

    Level: 64

    Magic Attack: 3700- 4450

    Defence: 1900

    Health: 1800000

    Skill: Black Lightning, Blood Meteor, Unlimited Lightning

    Introduction: Blood Lord, once a human race magician. After falling to darkness, he studied the magic of darkness and became a strong magic user. His soul has fallen and he started to hate humans. In the end he joined Dimension Legion to become one of the thieves in Withered Wood God Hall.


    He was here, a Treasure Grade Boss!

    Lin Xi looked towards us, "Friends, the true challenge is here. Old rules, I will tank, Lu Li is in charge of healing and control. The rest of you just damage. Just like that, the level 64 doesn't suppress us so it shouldn't be too hard."


    I nodded my head. Lin Xi was already level 62 so the level suppression wasn't too obvious. Moreover Shen Mingxuan, Gu Ruyi and I had levelled up so it wouldn't be as hard to kill this Boss as compared to the Ice Queen.


    Lin Xi charged to the front of Blood Lord and attacked, hitting him down onto the ground. Blood Lord was furious and raised his staff, "You brat, you are too arrogant! Taste my Black Lightning!"


    A lightning shot out from the blood mist above but Lin Xi didn't care at all. A golden energy current spread from her boots and she used her combo- Gale!

    "Death is like win, forever by one's side! Face Gale!"

    The instance she used it, she shouted a series of phrases that made my head hurt. At the current stage, any Boss who saw a Treasure Grade Boss would feel pressured. However, Lin Xi was really relaxed and a little playful.


    The storm from her combo swept forwards and actually scattered the Boss's skill. As expected, whether or not the combo would interrupt skills depended on the level. For example, Separated by water didn't break Spirit of the Grey Wind's skill because my level was too low.


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    "You have infuriated me!"

    Blood Lord hung in mid air and waved his staff. Blood energy surged all about, the sky was blood red and a meteor descended from above and smashed onto Lin Xi's head!


    Lin Xi was shocked and instantly used Dawn Protect. She shouted loudly, "Lu Li heal me in advance!"

    What that meant was to predict the time where she would be attacked. She was currently full health but she wouldn't be once the meteor landed. So I had to heal her right after the damage landed and then channel it once more. Thus, I would be able to use Saint Light Technique twice.

    Basically, this was how experts channeled their skills.

    It was obvious that Lin Xi had high hopes for me and felt like I knew that. Of course, I didn't disappoint her.



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