Chapter 185- Blood cultivator
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Zhan Yue Chapter 185- Blood cultivator

"Kong kong kong~~"

    A bunch of Blood Feral Dogs charged over and in less than three seconds surrounded me. They were indeed really quick. Their bodies were covered in red as they activated their Bloodthirst Skill. The few in front used their claws to attack their shield. At that moment, I used Ash Fortress right away. I had to be alive!


    Lin Xi charged in and locked onto the three feral dogs. She swept her sword forwards and used Double Hit+ Flame Slash. As for Shen Mingxuan, she used Combo Shot and Storm. With a "pa pa pa", I took down the health of three feral dogs. One had to say that, the three of their equipments were so strong and were far above normal people. Even if they were compared to people from Elements, they would be one of the top teams. The rate at which they killed monsters was extremely fast.

    "Kong kong--"

    A bunch of feral dogs appeared behind me!

    "Lu Li be careful!"

    Lin Xi waved his sword and smiled, "Don't let them wrap around you, it is really dangerous!"

    My face was dead as ash. I turned around and waved my sword on the bunch of them. I also tried to turn around to avoid them hitting my back. Although it wouldn't hurt much with Ash Fortress but it still felt bad.

    "Lu Li~~~"

    Shen Mingxuan shot while teasing, "I saw some videos about feral dogs aiming lone tigers and to avoid being hit, the tigers will just sit on the ground to fight, why not you do that too. Then you won't have your organs ripped out. Don't worry, we won't laugh at you!"

    I used Saint Light Technique to heal myself while I looked at her in rage, "Your mom, you are now laughing at me!"


    Shen Mingxuan laughed out loud and Gu Ruyi covered her mouth and laughed. Lin Xi changed her killing moves and even used her combo, "Okay, stop laughing at Lu Li. As With You's only guy, he has contributed to the studio, at least... Don't laugh so much, hahaha~~"

    I wanted to cry but no tears came out, what were these people even! When I came to With You two days ago, it seemed so quiet and demure. Were they just faking it? ! They were showing their true nature so quickly!



My equipment were good enough and after being beaten up, I used Saint Light Technique to maintain my health. Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi were all really quick and in less than 2 minutes, the bunch of feral dogs all fell to the ground. The ground was covered in shining gold, each one of them dropped one gold on average!

    "Not bad not bad!"

    Lin Xi picked them up and apart from that there were also a few blue equipment. She recalled something and looked towards me, "Lu Li how much did you spend on repairs?"

    "Not much."

    "How much exactly?"



    She smiled and tossed me 35 gold, "Our With You has rules, heavy armored repairs are paid by the studio and not you."


    I played around with the money bag in my hands and smiled, "Our studio is so nice..."

    "There are even better things~"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "The studio will keep a portion as funds and most of the money will be split to all members. So if With You has money, each of us will too. Work hard!"


    As we walked forwards, more vicious-looking Blood Feral Dogs appeared. Lin Xi raised her hands helplessly, "Lu Li they are yours, you go first!"


    After collecting 35G, I was pumped up and charged forwards to clash with those Blood Feral Dogs. Lin Xi and the others joined in and the entire studio's became really coordinated.


    Just like that, we cleared out the feral dogs batch after batch. When we were 1500 meters away from the hall, the path became really tough. Every ten meters we would bump into a group. Although they provided large amounts of experience but it was really tough and worrisome. I felt a cold breeze on my butt like I was going to be attacked at any moment.

    This continued to 12pm and finally we had cleared out all the Blood Feral Dogs. We were right in front of the Withered Wood God Hall and ahead of us were old stone steps. On it were fallen leaves and dirt and apart from that was a dusty gate. One could see many red dots inside, it was obvious that there were monsters there.

    "Let's take a break."

    Lin Xi stood at the door and said, "Let's not enter, the delivery is coming too so let's have our meal before continuing."


    When I went offline, a blue uniformed handsome guy stopped at the gate and said, "Can I ask, did Bright Little Cutie order delivery?"

    "Bright Little Cutie?"

    My head felt numb. Shen Mingxuan was really a jerk, I laughed, "En, right, you can just hand it to me."

    "Okay, please take these."

    He passed them too me while looking at me like I was a pervert. I even felt like beating him up for how much he was staring. I closed the gate and returned to the studio.


    On the second floor, after placing the food down, I was annoyed, "Shen Mingxuan, change your account name!"


    She laid beside me lazily and placed her white legs on the table, "Isn't Bright Little Cutie nice? Am I not a cutie?"

    "Cute--- Your--- Grandma---!"

    I was furious, "You take the food yourself next time!"

    Lin Xi understood and burst into a laugh, "I think that makes sense. Shen Mingxuan, we can't let Lu Li do everything. He is a top rate Paladin that we have hired for high salary and he is not a guard. We seem like we have been treating him like one..."

    I touched my nose and said, "You know that..."

    Gu Ruyi blinked and said softly, "Why not, I take the delivery next time?"


    I looked at her snow white legs and said, "The sun is so bright, it won't be good if Ruyi gets tan from the sun, I shall take it..."

    "Oi oi!"

    Shen Mingxuan turned around and looked at me, "You fellow... Why do I think you treat Ruyi better than us? Are you doing it on purpose, are you thinking... About chasing Ruyi?"

    "Why would you think that?"

    I stared at her, "Stop talking nonsense!"

    "Cough cough, can I say something?"

    Lin Xi sat on the sofa lazily and hugged the pillow in her arms, "For the peace of With You and for our long term prospects, let's have a rule, no dating in the studio? Is that rule okay?"

    "That's fine, I agree!" Shen Mingxuan raised her hand.

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "I agree too."

    I took in a deep breath and my brows were locked.

    "Why, Lu Li do you not agree?" Lin Xi smiled.

    I was speechless, "Since the three of you agree then even if I want to date no one will date with me, so of course I agree..."


    The three girls laughed altogether.

    After finishing lunch quickly, the four of us sat together on the sofa for some drinks and for tv. In the end, what we saw on tv was a variety show.

    "Haiz, it is so boring.."

    Lin Xi hugged her pillow and looked totally disinterested. She looked at me and blinked, "Lu Li, you don't like variety shows too?"

    "En, when I was young I would read books after meals."

    "Ah? !"

    She opened her eyes wide, "How old are you old man?"

    I covered my face and laughed, "Can't you let me act cool?"


    Not long later, we all went online.



    Data read successfully and I appeared outside of the Withered Wood God Hall. What we did in the morning was just to clear the monsters on the outskirts of the Withered Wood God Hall. Now was the true task of conquering this hall.


    Lin Xi walked at the front and pushed this dusty wooden door open.


    It didn't open but it was pushed down and turned into dust. Right when it fell, we shocked all the monsters on the square. Many blood colored bodies were getting close!

    "Be careful!"

    Lin Xi pulled her sword out of her sheath and her face was filled with confidence. She led the way and was really wary. A few seconds later, many black robed bodies appeared. Even their faces were covered and they showed a pair of blood colored eyes. With a "shua", Lin Xi shared their infomation to the party channel--

    Blood Cultivator (Treasure Grade Monster)

    Level: 63

    Magic Attack: 1750-2550

    Defence: 1400

    Health: 100000

    Skill: Fireball Spell, Black Lightning, Awaken

    Introduction: Blood Cultivator, a bunch of cultivators that ended up in the wrong path. They chase the power of laws but in the end were enslaved by power, turning into one of the fangs of Dimension Legion. They occupied Withered Wood God Hall and trained, absorbing the remaining lifeforce of those within Withered Wood God Hall.


    "Magic-type monsters."

    I said seriously, "Be careful not to get insta killed, why not... I tank? I am tankier and my health bar is longer than yours."


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    Lin Xi nodded, "It is safer for you to draw the monsters but don't draw too many. The rest of us will end the battle quickly."


    I stepped forwards and five Blood Cultivators appeared in front of me. A blade shone cold and I used Judgement on the one closest to me. The other four shouted in rage and charged!

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