Chapter 184- Ancient Wood Hall
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Zhan Yue Chapter 184- Ancient Wood Hall

 Linchen County East Border.

    As I walked on, the sky started to rain down slivers of snow. The forest in front of me was totally covered and the ground rustled as my foot sank in. Originally, Linchen County was the north of Donghang Province and is one of the coldest placest in Xuanyuan Empire. However, this forest was even colder.


    There was suddenly a sound from above.

    I raised my head warily and dashed forwards to open my palms. I pushed Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi and the three of us accelerated forwards. A giant broken branch fell onto where we were and caused snow to fling up into the air.

    "Ah? !"

    Shen Mingxuan was stunned, "So scary..."

    Gu Ruyi nodded, "There is so much snow here. Thanks to Ah Li if not we would have been destroyed by the branches..."

    Shen Mingxuan giggled, "That is fine, we won't be able to die, it would just be a little painful."

    I looked forwards and asked, "Lin Xi are you okay? Can you find the location? We have already walked for close to an hour."


    Lin Xi was holding a sheepskin scroll and looked at both sides of it. Her eyes were filled with confusion, "Logically speaking the entrance should be here but why can't we see it?"

    "Do we need something to trigger it?" I asked.


    She took out a purple flask, "Instantiation Potion, that NPC said that we have to use this to find the entrance, but... The map didn't react. We probably haven't found the location."

    "Okay, let's just take out time."


    Just like us, the group of us walked in the endless land of snow.

    "So cold..."

    Gu Ruyi tightened her sleeves and wore her cape. Even her face started to turn red from the cold.

Snow gathered on her hair and her breathing even released some mist. As for Shen Mingxuan, she was in a leather armor, her shoulders and stomach were all revealed on the outside. She shivered as she said, "Lin Xi if we continue to search for it, Ruyi and I are about to freeze in this land."

    "Do you think I am not cold?"

    Lin Xi rolled her eyes and touched her shoulders, "I am wearing heavy armor, ice cold steel. Why not you try to rest on steel, I feel like i am about to turn to ice already."

    My shield and sword fought with one another and clanged loudly.

    "Lu Li stop making so much noise."

    Shen Mingxuan stared at me.

    "Do you think I want that?" I stared.

    Gu Ruyi burst into a laugh, "Lu Li is about to turn into ice~~"

    Lin Xi laughed, "Calm down, we are nearly there. I can sense that the map is nearby."


    At this point we were already at the edge of the ice forest. This should be the furthest map to the border of Linchen County and it was really desolate. There were only mountains and snowland with little to no monsters at all. No one expected that this place would have a rich map.

    But at that moment, there was buzzing and Lin Xi's map started to shine gold. She opened her eyes, "Found it!"


    Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi smiled.

    Lin Xi opened the cap of the purple bottle and streaks of purple smoke flew out. She opened her mouth slightly and blew it. Instantly, the smoke flew forwards. All of a sudden, an ancient wooden gate appeared on the land. It looked like it hadn't be cleaned in a long time. There were green plants all around it and were filled with life.

    That map was behind this!


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "This huge land and what we got was a wooden gate. However, we can't see the world behind it, this must be a barrier right?"

    "En." Lin Xi smiled, "It should be."

    Gu Ruyi blinked her beautiful eyes, "Lin Xi how did you get this map? I remember that Linchen County's store didn't have such maps!"

    "Of course it didn't come from Linchen County."

    Lin Xi smiled, "This is from the NPC is Dawn Valley, normal players can't buy it at all."


    I was stunned, "So this was from Dawn Faction?"


    All of a sudden, my mind was filled with thoughts. Dawn Valley represented justice and light while Black Castle was the opposite of that. But at this point I was actually opening up a map for them, I truly was a traitor!


    "Time to go, prepare to hunt."

    Lin Xi turned around, stepping into the wooden gate just like that. A blue ripple spread out and her body disappeared into the door. One couldn't see anything behind the door but Lin Xi's voice spread out from within, "Come in, the entrance is only open for ten minutes. Any later and we won't be able to come in."

    "Coming coming!"

    Shen Mingxuan held her bow and held Gu Ruyi's hand in.

    I followed and held my shield and sword. All of a sudden, my body started to ripple and it felt like each cell was being reconstructed. My eyes lit up and I had entered another world. In front of me was a forest filled with life. Totems representing some sort of faith charged into the air and on them were algae and marks of wind damage. It had probably been a long time since someone was here.


    System notification: Please note, you are entering dangerous map- Withered Wood God Hall!

    Withered Wood God Hall? !

    I frowned. Shortly after, a system voice spread into my ears, "Withered Wood God Hall represented the power of defeat and weakness, it was one of the shrines for cultivation. But along with the god's power reducing, Withered Wood God Hall fell. The remaining experts sealed the hall and let it exist in one corner of the continent. After millions of years, a few exiled ones have occupied this place and waited for hundreds of years in the hall, waiting for new people to step foot. Clear away the evil and violence, clear out the evil beings in the Withered Wood God Hall and you will obtain great rewards!"


    Lin Xi led the way with her sword and smiled sweetly, "The quest in this map should be the place that I want to find! Let's work hard today and try to all get to level 60, then our With You's overall strength can reach a new level!"


    I nodded my head, "Good luck today, I will work hard to heal so be careful not to get insta killed. If we die we most probably can't enter again."

    "En, right."

    Lin Xi smiled and nodded, "Lu Li you are in charge of protecting them, I will open up the way."



    We followed an old stone path that was covered in fallen leaves. Withered Wood God Hall only had this path and it connected to an old hall that was covered in blood mist. It seemed like that place hadn't been occupied in a long time, llike a gem waiting for a new owner.

    "Kong kong~~~"

    Lin Xi hadn't walked far and a blood stained feral dog appeared ahead. It bared its fangs and hollered towards me. Lin Xi shared its stats to the group channel right away--

    Blood Feral Dog (Treasure Grade Monster)

    Level: 62

    Attack: 1850- 2750

    Defence: 1500

    Health: 120000

    Skill: Bloodthirst, Bite, Chomp

    Introduction: Blood Feral Dog, a very fierce being that lived on the south plains. However,after the Dimension Legion summoned them, they were demonised and turned into their puppets. Many of them snuck into the Withered Wood God Hall and became the lords here.


    "Feral Dogs..."

    I frowned and walked to Lin Xi's side, "I like to see animal documentaries and one of them talks about these dogs. They move in packs and like to hunt. They even dare to challenge large monsters like zebras and lions. They are good at sneak attacks, especially towards big monsters, they really are monsters..."


    Lin Xi frowned and stared at me, "Damn, why are you reminding me about that for? Forget it, let's change the rules. When facing Blood Feral Dog, you draw the monsters and we will damage."

    My mind buzzed. I was planning on provoking Lin Xi but she actually coutnered me right away!

    Shen Mingxuan held her bow and smiled, "Lu Li be careful. If you die we will all feel much pain..."


    I stared, "You seem to be looking forwards to that, don't you think you are too fake?"


    On the side, Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li, activate Ash Fortress. I believe that they can't kill you so quickly. Just heal yourself, Mingxuan, Ruyi and I will focus fire and kill them one by one."

    I nodded and looked at them, "27 of them, to be honest... It is quite difficult, I am afraid that I might get killed. Be quicker, I might not last for so long."

    "En, don't worry!"



    Assault was used and I struck onto the body of the feral dog at the front. My level was high enough and the moment Assault succeeded, I used Saint Storm on the rest!


    A god-like sword energy swept the dirty grassland beasts and those feral dogs started to growl and jump.

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