Chapter 183- Courage
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Zhan Yue Chapter 183- Courage

I turned around!

    I raised Lance Deep Ocean Shield up and activated Ash Fortress. Instantly a golden shield appeared around me. The moment it was completed, a bright sword light smashed onto the shield!


    In that instance, the huge momentum nearly made me let go of the shield. I raised my head and saw that the person who attacked was Feng Canghai, one of the top players in the server.

    At this point, Feng Canghai was furious. His body was wrapped in red nad he had activated Berserk. "Do you think you can beat up people from Elements as and when you like?"

    "Keng keng~~"

    Another two sword strike that caused my body to lose balance and even my shield was shook aside. Feng Canghai was far more powerful than I was and all his equipment were pretty much purple. As for me, only my shield was purple. Feng Canghai got close, his sword shone from the Double Hit skill and it landed onto my blade which I used to block.

    "I will return the favor!"

    He jumped up and kicked my chest plate.


    Too strong. I was flung backwards and smashed onto the city wall. Feng Canghai turned into a streak of light which charged towards me. He placed his sword onto my chin and said coldly, "Now do you think you can bully people from Elements?"

    I laughed coldly, retracting my shield and grabbing his hand holding the sword. I raised my knee and smashed his stomach. The moment he retreated, I spunned around, using the sword handle to smash onto his face. However, his Strength value was too high and he only stumbled slightly. He hollered, "You dare to fight back? !"


    A sword landed from above that shone a cold light, this was his proud skill- Ice Breaker Slash!

    At this point, I had no energy left. A Paladin definitely couldn't compare to a Warrior. Moreover the difference in level and equipment were huge. I frowned and waited for the pain from the sword.



    In the end,

a gold star shone in front of me and another sword appeared. At the same time a beautiful body held a sword and clashed with Feng Canghai's blade. It actually forced Feng Canghai three steps back.

    A cold wind blew and Lin Xi faced me with her back. She pointed her purple blade at Feng Canghai, "If you want to fight then fight me, don't touch my guy!"

    "Lin Xi, you..."

    Feng Canghai frowned, "For such a kid you actually dare to hit me!?"

    Lin Xi looked at me and then at Feng Canghai, "He is not a kid, he is a With You member, so he is mine."


    Feng Canghai retracted his sword, "How will I attack you.. Maybe this is a misunderstanding, let's not continue."


    Lin Xi returned to Shen Mingxuan and my side, "Your man attacked Shen Mingxuan and Lu Li, how is that a misunderstanding? Yun Jian what do you think?"

    In the corner, Yun Jian held his daggers and frowned, "Boss, this thing.. I might have been rash, I..."


    Feng Canghai frowned and said, "It seems like we were at fault. Lin Xi, I apologise on behalf of Yun Jian. I was also too rash. You know that I definitely can't allow Elements members to be attacked in front of me, that... Your name is Lu Li right? I am sorry."

    He nodded towards me.

    I smiled, after fighting he wants to end it just like that? Feng Canghai was indeed a really smart person, not only did he protect Elements's dignity, he also didn't offend With You. But Elements was in the wrong and to a certain extent they did seem condescending. As expected from the future top guild in the server!


    Lin Xi returned her sword to her sheath, "From today onwards, our With You and Elements won't clash with one another. Feng Canghai take care of your man."

    "I know."

    Feng Canghai nodded.

    "Let's go and level."

    Lin Xi walked at the front and I walked at the back. Right when I passed Yun Jian, I heard him say, "Wait and see, sooner or later I will teach you a lesson."

    I also turne and looked at him. I smiled, "As for who teaches who a lesson, that might not be certain! Feng Canghai, Lin Xi is right, look after your own man!"


    Feng Canghai was silent, he probably didn't expect me to say that.


    Right after we left, the east square was filled with people. Many people rushed over after hearing the news, after all With You and Elements were clashing. Lin Xi and Feng Canghai, two of those who were in the running to be strongest in the server, this was the most interesting thing in Linchen County. Unfortunately, things happened too quickly. Lin Xi and Feng Canghai's battle ended instantly but after we left, the conversations continued--

    "Did you see that? I heard that Lin Xi and Feng Canghai fought?"

    "I saw, their attacks were really decisive and strong. As expected from them!"

    "Aren't With You and Elements allies? Why did they fight one another?"

    "Right, didn't people say that Lin Xi and Feng Canghai were lovers? Why did they fight?"

    "Who knows, anyways those are rumors. Now it seems like Lin Xi have decided to step aside from Elements."

    "haiz, although Lin Xi is strong but she is alone and With You only has four people. How can they fought Elements who have tens of thousands? Once they head out of the city, Elements can probably wipe them out in minutes."



    Outside of the city, the scent of flowers flowered into my nose.

    Shen Mingxuan was very happy, she held her bow and smiled sheepishly.

    "Silly girl what are you happy about?" Lin Xi turned around and smiled at her.

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "I feel really happy today, really really happy."


    Lin Xi and Gu Ruyi asked.

    Shen Mingxuan turned around and pointed at me, "Because of this fellow!"


    I pointed at my own nose, "What did I do?"

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    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Originally I thought that Lu Li was just a lucky Paladin and he came here because he wanted peace, or... That he wants our looks or something. But I didn't expect him to be so bold. I didn't even say anything and he attacked, he even attacked Feng Canghai!"

    She pursed her red lips and said, "In the entire Linchen County, how many people dared to fight with Feng Canghai? Moreover although this fellow's stats are weaks but his mechanics are decent. He was actually able to fight back. That sword handle strike nearly stunned Feng Canghai, so, I am really happy today. With You is finally a whole and Lu Li isn't weak at all. His appearance is enough for us to climb to the peak!"

    My face flushed red and I didn't say a word.

    Lin Xi looked towards me and smiled, "Actually, I didn't expect Lu Li to dare to fight against Feng Canghai. When I appeared and saw him attacking him, I couldn't believe that he was our Paladin."

    "Thank you boss..."

    I nodded my head, deep down I was laughing, "Actually you don't know that not only does With You have a Paladin, we have a super Assassin too. If this Assassin appeared, Feng Canghai would be even worse off today!"

    But, how could I say such a thing. After all, I was just a spy that had an unspeakable goal!

    Lin Xi smiled, "Why are you being so polite, actually I am quite happy. Only now do I believe that With You will have a bright future. Top Warrior, top Archer, Top Mage and also a top Paladin, who says four people can't make miracles?"

    "We have to!"

    I cupped my fists, "Once we do and the studio earns money, can we eat something other than porridge for supper?"

    Instantly the three girls laughed.

    Lin Xi smiled, "Why, do you think it is tough now?"

    "No, I think that I am still growing, I want to eat meat..."


    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Actually we can. Lu LI do you know how much that axe sold for?"

    "How much?" I was shocked. After all that axe was indeed strong and was invincible at the current stage.

    Shen Mingxuan raised one finger.

    "10 thousand?"


    She shook her head, "100 thousand!"


    I was stunned, "Are Treasure Grade weapons so expensive?"

    "Right, especially the axe, its stats were too strong." Lin Xi said, "At the current stage, that weapon can raise the output of the whole team and is really important."

    "So that is the case..."

    I nodded my head, "Who bought it? Someone from Linchen County? Was it Elements's Lin Songyan?"

    "No, someone from another county."

    "Oh oh~~"

    I looked at the map, "Lin Xi where are we going today?"

    "A hidden map."

    She turned around and gave me a mysterious smile, "I spent 500G to buy coordinates from an NPC. Anyways let's fight well and wait for good food!"


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