Chapter 182- Targeting
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Zhan Yue Chapter 182- Targeting

After dinner, everyone returned to their rooms to rest.

    I was the only one living downstairs and after it was quiet upstairs, I started to check the various switches. After ensuring everything was safe then I closed my door and returned to my room. Currently the studio was monitored by Star Eye for 24 hours and anything dangerous would be informed to me. So as for things that I needed to do, there really wasn't much.

    I returned to my room, bathed and then went onto my bed.

    Right when I was prepared to sleep, my phone rang. A phone coming from Xu Yao, the Illusionary Moon Customer Service Head..

    "Let me guess!"

    After picking up the phone, I smiled lazily, "Did I get complained again?"

    "Congratulations you are right."

    Xu Yao smiled, "Because of you, the few management staff of our departments had to have an overnight meeting to discuss your account."

    I frowned, "What did people complain about?"

    "That you are too strong." Xu Yao smiled, "Third Treasure Grade kill was actually a solo kill, that caused many people to be really unhappy. In a short few hours we received over 20 thousand complains and that exceeded the limit of our customer service. It was reported up and in the end we could only have a meeting to discuss solutions."

    I was helpless, "Did you watch the video of me killing the Boss?"

    "Yes there is."

    Xu Yao said, "Moreover, we watched it all the way."

    "Since you saw it then why are you caring about those complains. I didn't even cheat and I was able to kill Spirit of the Grey Wind because I utilised the Buff from the darkness arrow and also my own skills. How is it my problem that they are jealous?"

    "That is true."

    She smiled, "But the management and planning executives feel like your job affects game balance and agreed to weaken your account."


    I frowned, "How do you plan to do that?"

    "We won't weaken anything else,

just your PVE ability. In truth we are only weakening one ability which is your Shura Bloodline awakening ability- Soul Star Explosion."

    I sucked in a deep breath, "I knew it. So how are you weakening it?"

    "They feel that 500% is too much and is unbalanced so after discussions we have decided to correct it to 200%."


    I was speechless, "That is too much? I don't accept it!"

    "You have no choice!"

    Her voice turned a little gentler, "As compared to weakening it, many even suggested to remove it. Think about it, as compared to removing it, isn't this slightly better. After all you get to maintain 200% stats, that is better that nothing. Moreover, I didn't call you to ask for your opinion, I am just telling you what the decision is. At 3am, the data will correct itself."

    "So unreasonable!"

    "You were from Destiny Corporation too, you know our style."

    "I rather not know."

    I sighed, it seemed like it wouldn't be possible to solo Treasure Grade Bosses in the future. I said helplessly, "Xu Yao you should go sleep, I should too. Although I am unhappy but I admit that those people are complaining because they think that my job is too strong? Very good, I will prove it to them that even without Soul Star Explosion, I can still solo Bosses!"

    "Good luck~~"

    She giggled, "Your determination is back so quickly, as expected from the guy I like!"

    "When did you like me? Why didn't you say it, if you did..."

    She smiled and asked, 'So what if I did?"

    "If you did then I would have the chance to reject you."

    "Hahaha, shameless, fortunately I didn't say anything!"

    She smiled happily, "Okay, go to bed, I will also take off my makeup."

    "En, goodnight."



    Next morning.

    I woke up early in the morning. The working culture in With You was much better than in Legends of the Lake. Lin Xi forced us to go offline to rest. Ah Fei and I were different, after going offline we would head to little lobster and would end up sleeping at 3am. That was really unhealthy. However, Ah Fei should be living with his new girlfriend, he was probably really blessed? Thinking about it, I was actually envious of him. Damn!

    After breakfast, I went online.


    My character appeared outside Heaven and Earth Pavilion and I first took a look at my Soul Star Explosion. As expected, it was only 200% now. This meant that my PVE ability had greatly decreased. But since I had Orange Night and White Bird, en... I felt like I did have a chance to solo Treasure Grade Bosses. It depended on how I performed.

    I headed towards Treasure Grade to buy skill books and added my two level 60 skills!

    Godslaying Blade (A Grade): Consume 30 energy, ignore 30% defence, deal 225% damage. Cooldown of 25 seconds

    Demon Tribulation (A Grade): Consume 30 energy to deal 100% damage with a 45% chance to cause a state of confusion, lasting for 4 seconds.

    Two A Grade basic techniques but they were quite strong. Godslaying Blade was a high damage skill and ignored 30% defence. Along with my dagger's armor penetration effect, I nearly ignored 50% defence. Along with the 225% damage, this was a god skill to kill heavy armored players. Demon Tribulation was a chance to control the target, there was a 45% chance to cause confusion lasting for 4 seconds. Be it solo battles or Boss battles, this skill was relatively amazing!

    "Shua shua" After two streaks of light, these two skills appeared in my skill column. Perfect, time to head to Linchen County now!

    I used White Cloak to sneak to the gate and switched my account to turn into the human race Paladin. At the same time, I looked at my level. Each time I l levelled up I would adjust it so now that my Shura account was leve 62, the Paladin was level 58. No matter what I couldn't exceed Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi as they were jobs that trained really quickly and they had Lin Xi carrying them.

    Level 58 was not high and low, the perfect level.


    A message was sent from Shen Mingxuan. Although the captain was Lin Xi but in truth, Shen Mingxuan was always the one planning and organising things. She was the one taking care of Lin Xi's lodging and food. Shen Mingxuan... Although she looked playful and threatening but she was really caring and thoughtful.

    "Lu Li, repair your equipment and bring all your potions and gather at the east entrance."

    "I understand."

    I went across the square, heading right to the potion stop to buy large amounts of red potions. I then looked at my bag and only half was used. I gained a lot of gold recently so I bought 400 mid tier mana potions before spending 35G to repair my equipment. The repair costs for heavy equipment were really expensive!

    After everything was prepared, I headed off!


    When I was at the entrance, I saw a familiar person. It was a high grade Assassin who looked quite handsome but not pleasing to the eye. He stood in front of Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi while smiling, who knew what he was saying.

    Yun Jian (Palace Assassin)

    Level: 60

    Guild: Elements

    Position: Squad Leader


    I walked forwards and finally heard his words. He looked at Gu Ruyi and his eyes stared at her face and collarbone, "Last night I grinded to 3am before finishing my second advancement. Follow Heart, I have learnt Godslaying Blade and Demon Tribulation and am levelling really quickly. Why not... I bring you to level tonight? Within half a day we can reach level 60."

    "No need."

    Gu Ruyi shook her head, "I shall level together with my friends from the studio."

    "Why are you rejecting me like this..."

    Yun Jian said "Why not we go watch a movie in the afternoon, I shall treat you to a movie as an apology for yesterday. How about that? You should give me a chance to apologise right~~"

    "Yun Jian!"

    Shen Mingxuan couldn't take it anymore, "Is there a point of this? I can help Ruyi say that she doesn't like you so stop disturbing her life okay? If you were not from Elements, With You wouldn't be so polite at all. Do you not know when to back off?"

    "I don't? !"

    Yun Jian raised his head and saw me. Venom appeared in his eyes, "Lu Li? !"


    I walked to Gu Ruyi's side, "Yes?"

    "Follow Heart don't be with such a person, come over to me."

    Yun Jian grabbed Gu Ruyi's arm.

    "What are you doing? !"

    Shen Mingxuan charged out and used Windwalker to smack his wrist.

    "Shen Mingxuan!"

    Yun Jian frowned and rubbed his wrist. He said coldly, "What does this got to do with you, stop being a busy body!"

    "So what if I want?"

    Shen Mingxuan stood in front of Gu Ruyi, "Whoever bullies Gu Ruyi will have to go through me."

    "You are asking for it!"

    Yun Jian headed forwards quickly and used his dagger to trap Shen Mingxuan's bow. He tugged and pulled Shen Mingxuan aside and then placed his left dagger on her neck, "Don't think that I don't dare to do anything because this is the safe zone."


    Suddenly, my purple shield smashed towards his side. Once he stumbled, I kicked his stomach and he fell to the ground.

    Although the city was a safe zone and players couldn't kill each other, but basic physics were still there. However, no matter how one fought, one just wouldn't lose health.


    When I kicked Yun Jian, a cold wind blew and someone was trying to attack me!

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