Chapter 181- Windchasing Cape
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Zhan Yue Chapter 181- Windchasing Cape


    I went online once more and rushed towards Burning Forest Battlefield.

    "Pi pi pa pa~~"

    The forest was burning and all sorts of plants started to crackle under the head. At this point, Black Castle had sent reinforcements. Large amount of left camp and right camp troops galloped into the forest. Moreover, many shadows flew past above. They were all elder level experts. I even saw Yun Yue. Maybe King of Darkness himself came too.

    "Charge, break through their defence line!"

    A giant black shadow flew across. It was the Left General Lin Mu. He rode a giant bone dragon and his sword light flashed. A close to 100 meter long sword energy smashed onto the ground and sliced those Blood Wolf Cavalry and Sewn Monsters, causing 100 thousands to millions of damage. They were all pretty much insta killed!

    Dragonriders! Moreover, it was a Dark Dragonrider!

    In Destiny, Dragon Riders were supreme beings. The strongest player in Destiny, Li Xiao Yao was a Dragon Rider but I didn't expect that the first Dragon Rider I would see in Illusionary Moon would actually be a Dark Dragon Rider. Moreover it was Black Castle's Left General Lin Mu, this was so surprising.

    "Kong kong kong~~"

    Iron hooves shook the ground and numerous undead cavalry charged into the Dimension Legion formation, clashing with the Sewn Monsters and Wilderness Blood Cavalry. I held my daggers and brought Orange Night and White Bird to move along the sides. When two half health Sewn Monsters broke away from the defence line, we pounced forwards to kill them!


    A bright light shone out from White Bird's hand and directly hacked onto the head of a Sewn Monster. Meteor Sword did 80 thousand damage. Along with my White Cloak+Annihilation and Orange Night's Giant Dragon Storm, a Sewn Monster was struck down. It cried out in pain before turning into three streaks of experience points which flew towards the three of us.

    "En, not bad, kid you learn fast!"

    In the crowd, an old undead cavalry looked towards my direction and praised.

    "Learn your mother..."

    I was silent. An NPC whose level wasn't even higher than mine was trying to act cool?


    Just like that,

Black Castle's main troops focused on the main battlefield while I was over at the sides. I caught those lone Dimension Legion troops and gained large amounts of experience points and contribution points. However, most of the equipment I got were green and blue. There were only a few Super Rare ones but all those couldn't be sold for much. However, they should be more than enough to exchange for 3-5 days of living expenses.

    That lasted until 12am.

    In the distance, the sky turned dim. Shortly after, an energy wave swept the entire Burning Forest. A dragon form energy current appeared in the sky which caused my Spiritual Ruin to buzz. I could sense that two experts were having an intense battle in the distance.

    But this battle lasted less than 2 minutes before ending.

    "It seems like it is over!"

    Someone stood in the wind. I looked closely and it was a necromancer holding a staff. It was Heaven and Earth Pavilion's Lin Fengnian, my Senior Uncle Lin!

    "Senior Uncle!"

    I raised my bloodstained dagger and asked, "The outcome is already out?"


    He nodded, "King of Darkness himself attacked, probably Talon didn't gain any benefits from this?"

    His gaze landed on White Bird and his pupils constricted, "What... She actually... She actually awakened? Give it to me!"

    After saying that, he was like a terrifying boss which descended from above. He spread his palm and moved his sleeves towards White Bird!


    I retreated and opened my hands to keep White Bird into my bag right away. She turned into a cute puppet. This wasn't it, I also kept Orange Night in case Lin Fengnian tried anything funny.

    "You brat!"

    He missed and landed from the trees. He held his staff up once more and coughed, "Speak, how did this puppet awaken?"

    I knew that I couldn't hide it from him so I said, "A week after Heaven and Earth Pavilion sent her to me, I noticed that her energy core didn't spoil and after that she woke up."


    Lin Fengnian frowned, "I didn't expect her core to be there. I clearly remember that when I brought her back to Heaven and Earth Pavilion 80 years ago her core had shattered. Did... Her core actually have recovery abilities?"

    "80 years ago!?"

    I looked at White Bird and said, "Senior Uncle Lin, you are telling me... That she has lived for 80 years?"

    "Is that weird?"

    Lin Fengnian looked at me like I was making a fuss, "In truth, she probably lived for more than that, maybe a thousand or even ten thousand."

    I was stunned. I looked at White Bird and thought about her looks. I was shocked, she was a ten thousand year old, old woman? Why did I think she looked pretty...


    Lin Fengnian smiled, "Don't think that she is a treasure, everything is unknown. Even I don't know her real identity, I only know that she is quite special, you... Take care of yourself!"


    I nodded, "Thank you Senior Uncle Lin for reminding me."

    "Or you should just pass her to me, maybe you can avoid a calamity."

    "No chance!"

    "Haha~~ Hahahahah~"

    He laughed ot resolve the awkward situation.

    Right at that moment, a giant person appeared in the sky. It was Lin Mu who rode the Darkness Bone Dragon, "King of Darkness orders all Black Castle troops to retreat to the south of Burning Forest to build defences. Stop fighting! Officially stop fighting!"

    "Stop fighting!"

    I looked up into the sky.

    Lin Fengnian frowned, "Scoff, this is only temporary, Dimension Legion has never stopped thinking about swallowing us up. Burning Forest is destined to still be in chaos."

    I nodded, "I agree."

    Right at that moment, a bell rang in the sky, my quest was done--


    System notification: Congratulations for completing main quest, Burning Quarrel (SS Grade), as you stood out in the battle and got first in points, you have obtained rewards: Experience points +40 million, Charm +3, Contribution points +500 thousand, Gold +3000. You have also obtained extra rewards Windchasing Cape (Treasure Grade)!


    Treasure Grade Cape? !

    I was stunned and totally delighted. This main quest was really generous!

    I opened my bag and as expected, at one corner was a silver cape laying there. I picked it up in my hands and felt a warmth flowing into my body. Its stats appeared and it truly didn't disappoint--

    Windchasing Cape (Treasure Grade)

    Defence: 345

    Strength: +135

    Agility: +125

    Stamina: +100

    Effect: Reduce damage +5%

    Effect: Windchasing, movement speed +50%

    Effect: Blessing, when suffering from magic damage, 15% chance for it to miss

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 4000 points

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 45%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 44%

    Required level: 60


    Good stuff! It actually had 15% chance to Miss. Along with the 50% movement speed addition, this was a supreme cape to chase and escape. Moreover, there was damage reduction and toughness. This cape was really unexpected!

    "Pa ta!"

    I wore it and changed it for the level 30 cape. Finally, a top cape had dropped. I instantly felt like I had a total upgrade and the increase was huge. I went from a second generation equipment to a fifth generation one.

    I looked at my stats and it was more terrifying. My health had reached 31 thousand and was close to Lin Xi's. Think about it, a full Agility Assassin was close to a top Warrior. How good did my equipment have to be? Probably my equipment were 20% better than hers if not this wasn't possible.


    Right at that moment, I received a message from Shen Mingxuan, "Hi, Lu Li, the delivery is outside. Have you finished training, its time to come offline and rest."

    "En, I will come offline soon."


    Thus, I shattered a City Return Scroll and got back to Black Castle before going offline. I carried the helmet and food back to the villa before going upstairs.

    Second floor, the three girls were all offline and all of them looked tired. They stretched. Moreover, all their bodies were so good and looked really alluring.

    Look at the supper. Porridge for everyone along with a few salted vegetables. It was really light probably because they were afraid of going fight.

    "Lu Li."

    Lin Xi sat opposite me and after drinking a few mouths she smiled, "You really offended Yun Jian today. are you not afraid? He is Elements's top Assassin. Allow me to be direct, even if you are one of the top few Paladins, but when facing a top Assassin like him, you don't have much chance of winning."

    "Do you think he dares to sneak attack me?" I frowned.

    "Of course." Lin Xi smiled.

    "Then I shall follow behind you and he won't dare."

    Instantly she burst out laughing, "Where did your confidence to bicker with him go too, why are you so weak now?"

    I laughed out loud, "Right, how were your gains today?"

    "Not bad."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "We were just leveling and getting equipment. What about you?"

    "I did a quest, it was not bad."

    I nodded.


    Lin Xi said, "Lu Li, level your Paladin account quickly, try to get to level 60. Then you can learn Riding and get mounts."

    "Lin Xi you are already level 60, do you have a mount?" I asked.


    She shook her head and was helpless, "Illusionary Moon states that all mounts are rare and tough to meet one. Even if we see one there would be a chance to fail to tame it. I met a white horse but failed to tame it today."

    She pursed her lips, "Anyways, our main goal tomorrow is to level. Place aside our personal stuff tomorrow and let's try to level together."


    Everyone nodded.

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