Chapter 180- Are you serious
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Zhan Yue Chapter 180- Are you serious

  "Oh is that so?"

    I frowned, "Show me the video."


    In the next moment, the external scenes that I linked in had appeared in front of my eyes. They were videos of the gate and a guy that was well dressed was holding some flowers. He paced up and down. Beside him was a white BMW which looked like it was a seven series one.

    All of a sudden, I knew what was going on so I called Lin Xi.

    "En, what is up?" She smiled and asked.

    I said seriously, "Lin Xi there is a guy outside holding flowers and walking back and forth, is it... One of you three's suitors? I don't know him."

    "Oh, he is not here for me."

    She said, "Let me ask the two of them."


    A few seconds later, Lin Xi sent me a message, "Lu Li I have understood the situation. It is a small party leader in Elements and we worked together several times and he wants to chase Ruyi, but... Ruyi doesn't like her. You knows her character, she is a little soft so she didn't reject him. As such, this person is still disturbing her."

    "Why should I do?"

    "What should you do... He sent Ruyi a message to say that he is outside to give her flowers. If she went out and left after taking the flowers, what do you think happens?"

    "This would depend on Ruyi."

    I smiled, "If she wants to give him a chance then accept it, if not then don't. If she wants the best of both, accept the flowers, thank him for his goodwill and then tell him they are impossible."


    She smiled, "I didn't expect you to be so good at this!"

    I was speechless, "Then what now?"

    "I don't know, how about you talk to Ruyi? Let the two of you deal with it, I am training now!"




    After ending my call of Lin Xi, I sent a message to Ruyi and it connected a few seconds later. Her voice spread into my ears, "Lu Li you have seen that person right? Sorry for causing problems for you."

    "It is nothing."

    I smiled, "Ruyi, I am With You's protector, this is my job. So what do you think, do you like him? If you don't then you can reject him, if you do... Then accept the flowers and slowly develop."

    "I don't."

    Her attitude was firm, "But he is too strong willed on this and didn't even tell me anything. Moreover he said that if I didn't head out, he would just wait there."


    I wanted to laugh.

    Gu Ruyi said, "Lu Li what do you think I should do?"

    "Let him wait, once the mosquitoes bite him then he will scram." I smiled.

    She burst out laughing, "But... Isn't that not good, after all... He is someone that likes me, what do you think?"

    "It is different."

    I shook my head, "People who truly like you won't force you like that, moreover they won't say things like if you don't come I won't leave. Not only does this show that he is immature, it shows how not confident and rash he is. If you are together with hm in the future, once you have conflicts, he would do such extreme actions. The best relationship is to wait, wait for you to like me and wait for you to appear in front of me. A relationship should be when both sides are happy and not something that is so rushed."

    I laughed out loud, "Of course this is just my own understanding, actually you don't have to care about what I said. After all I have never had a girlfriend."

    Gu Ruyi laughed, "Okay but I think your words make sense, why not... Lu Li accompany me, I am a little afraid, so why not you follow me to see him too?"


    I nodded my head, "This is one of my roles in With You."

    She smiled, "En, then I shall come offline. Come out and pick me."


    I went offline right away and adjusted my shirt before walking out. Footsteps spread from the hall and not long later, Gu Ruyi walked out in a nice skirt. Her legs were long and thin and she saw me through the glass. She smiled and walked out quickly.

    "Let's go?"


    I accompanied her to the gate and then opened the door to the courtyard. The guy outside was stunned. He walked forwards but when he saw me, it was obvious that he was startled.

    "Follow Heart, you are finally out."

    His eyes were burning and he looked from her chest to hips which was quite annoying.

    "En, you didn't need to come."

    Gu Ruyi frowned, "I told you that I don't want a boyfriend and I am also not interested in you."

    Sadness appeared in his eyes, "That is fine as long as I like you, this flower... Keep it, keep it and I will go back."

    "No need."

    Gu Ruyi smiled, "I don't want to disappoint you."


    He frowned and then glanced at me, "Friend, you are?"


    I smiled and reached out my hand, "I am With You's rookie, my name is Lu Li and my game ID is A Little Brother, level 56 Paladin, you are? !"

    His expression was quite unnatural, "I am Elements's fifth squad leader called Zheng Yun, my ID is Yun Jian, level 59 Assassin."


    I relaxed, "I think I have seen you before."


    He nodded and then looked at me and then Gu Ruyi, "Follow Heart and you..."

    "Don't misunderstand."

    I crossed my arms and smiled, "We are not together. Of course as the only guy in With You, I have the duty to protect her. So since she told you she is not interested then stop disturbing her."

    "Disturbing? !"

    Rage appeared on his face, "What do you mean, you think I am disturbing her?"

    "Is that not the case?"

    I looked at the BMW, "Late night and you bought flowers and drove a BMW and came down here without telling anyone. I think that is quite scummy. Anyone who is normal and is respectfully to a relationship won't do such a thing."

    "What do you mean?"

    Yun Jian was furious, "Who are you, what rights do you have to say that I am a scum?"


    Gu Ruyi pulled my wrist, "Lu Li don't fight with him, let's go back.."


    I pressed her hands and tapped my earphones, saying towards Star Eye, "Check his infomation."

    Star Eye was a super computer and in the next second, various hotel records were read out to me. I laughed out loud, "August 26, day before Illusionary Moon started, Calbin Hotel, August 29, New Cairo Hotel with another girl, September 11 witha third girl, oh~~ there is one more, September 17th, this afternoon, you opened a room with another girl right?"


    His pupils constricted and it was obvious that he didn't expect me to know all that.

    I frowned, "You went to open a room this afternoon and at night you are trying to flirt with my With You girl. I can't let this slip, can you leave some dignity to yourself and scram!"

    "Very good!"

    Yun Jian looked at Gu Ruyi and said, "Follow Heart, he is slandering me. You must belive me, I am not such a person. With him by your side you need to rub your eyes, you need to be wary of such a person! Let's have things end like this today, I won't give up one you. Scoff, Lu Li you wait and see, I will teach you a lesson sooner or later!"

    My lips curled, "Scram! Stop disturbing people from With You you scum!"


    An engine roared and he fled. The flowers were placed on the dustbin on the side.



    Gu Ruyi was lost, "I am sorry Lu Li."

    "Why did you apologise?"

    I turned around and looked at her, "Ruyi, what do you think now? Do you belive me or him?"

    "I believe you."

    Her eyes flushed red, "But... But I didn't expect how people can be like that, why... If I really had feelings for him, then I..."

    I smiled, "So you need to rub your eyes and don't get cheated so easily."

    She gritted her teeth, "En, I know, let's go back now!"


    After saying that, I picked up the flowers. There were dozens of them of different varieties so he definitely spent a large amount.

    "You... What are you doing!?"

    Gu Ruyi looked at me in shock.

    "Let's not waste it~~"

    I smiled, "Didn't I see that Lin Xi had a flower vase on the sofa where Lin Xi goes online? Those flowers have already dried up. Let's place these there, Lin Xi would feel better."

    "En en!"

    She finally smiled sweetly, "Give it to me. You should go back online, I really troubled you today."

    "You didn't."

    I said seriously, "I rather you trouble me then see you can cheated."

    She looked at me, "Don't say that, I might... Fall in love with you..."

    I crossed my arms and tilted my head, "Are you serious?"

    "No, Hahaha~~"


    Since she was joking it meant that she was feeling much better. As for me, I was a little helpless. I was the one who came to take revenge on With You so why was I... Doing things for their good, that was not good. I was becoming someone like Ah Fei, a damn scum!

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