Chapter 179- Cloud Piercing Arrow
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Zhan Yue Chapter 179- Cloud Piercing Arrow

"Lin Xi are you not level 60 yet?" I asked.

    "I am still a little away."

    She bit her red lips and said, "Moreover, I heard that Dawn has been level 59 for more than 4 hours so he should be leveling now. Apart from that, Winds of Battle's leader has also reached level 59 in the afternoon. The competition is really intense, who knows who will get second."

    "Then let's eat quickly and finish it fast." Shen Mingxuan said.

    Lin Xi nodded, "En, I think so too!"

    I scooped soup for her while saying, "Anyways you have to eat food as your body is the most important thing."

    In truth, I was laughing to myself too, "Wishful thinking. None of you can think about the second advancement reward, it was mine!"


    Just like that, the four of us hurried to finish dinner and after which I went downstairs to return to my den. After putting on the helmet, I appeared in the Burning Forest. The event was still proceeding and it seemed like the outcome wouldn't be decided in a short time. Since that was the case, I shall return and complete the quest first!

    City Return Scroll, crushed it!


    I left Burning Forest and appeared wthin Heaven and Earth Pavilion. This time I had experience and instead of finding my Master, I went to a familiar elder, "I want to advance."


    He was holding a scroll and looked at me. Data flowed in his eyes and smiled, "July Wildfire, you do have the rights to advance. Since that is the case, as long as you complete the test, I will allow you to advance!"


    I nodded. In the next moment, a bell rang in my ears--


    System notification: You have obtained second advancement quest Life and Death Trial (Grade S)

    Quest contents: The Dimension Legion is getting closer and closer and they want to swallow the entire Undying Mountain and they want to destroy Black Castle. It is time to protect our homeland, head outside Black Castle and find a strong Sewn Monster.

Kill him and bring his head back to the quest distributer.


    "Sewn Monster?"

    I wanted to cry. You should have said it long ago. I just returned from the battlefield with a Sewn Monster and now I had to go back? Burning Forest was not far but it wasn't near either. I had to rush!

    Along the way, I sped up and charged into the formation. With a "shua", I was teleported to the south of Burning Forest. I activated Quickness but I was still too slow so I used the special skill Current from Clear Stream Boots. Instantly, my movement speed increased by 80%, it truly felt like I was stepping on stars.


    I charged into Burning Forest and headed deep in. Most of the troops were cleared out by the main Black Castle troops and the place where they were clashing now was the middle. When I was there, I saw a bunch of skeleton soldiers who were fighting with Dimension Legion's Wilderness Blood Cavalry and they were being sliced up!

    On the left was a giant body slashing his machete at the crowd. It was a Sewn Monster with 75% health. A bunch of outer five location disciples were fighting it. Dong Yuanbai was one who jumped and slapped onto the body of the Quasi Boss. Unfortunately, its damage wasn't enough and instead, he was being attacked and was in a dangerous situation.

    "Little Scum!"

    I flew forwards and used Dark Shadow Jump to receive the enemy, "Back down, leave this to me!"


    Dong Yuanbai held his sword and left with the bunch of Wind Cloud Platform disciples, "Senior July be careful, this Sewn Monster is a combination of the body parts of various beasts. That machete... Is also really dangerous!"

    "Don't worry!"

    I activated Separated by water and forced the Sewn Monster back. At the same time, I spread my arms and summoned Orange Night and White Bird. With three against one, we killed it at the fastest speed. Orange Night was as ferocious as usual and White Bird jumped up, appearing above Sewn Monster and slashing down!


    The moment the sword light descended, it turned into a streak of light, Meteor Sword!


    The damage numbers were so huge that I was stunned. One Meteor Sword was the same as Soul Star Explosion with White Cloak+ Annihilation. White Bird was just a Grade Four puppet, what kind of monster was she!

    But on one side, I was delighted. No matter what White Bird was mine. The stronger she was meant the stronger I was!

    All of a sudden, that Sewn Monster had no way to fight back and in less than half a minute it was killed. It cried and its body broke apart. I found its head from a bunch of broken body parts and retracted Orange Night and White Bird. I held it in my hands and crushed a City Return Scroll!


    I teleported to the square and ran!

    I activated Quickness once more and dashed to the main hall. I was rushing against time because if I was late for a single second, the second place reward wouldn't belong to me!

    On the mountain path, all that was left of me was an afterimage.


    I charged right in and tossed the smelly head towards the elder, "Elder I have completed it!"


    He looked at me and smiled, "July Wildfire, as expected from the pride of the five outer locations and Ding Heng's disciple. Looking out at the five outer locations, only you can easily kill a Sewn Monster out of the new generation, since that is the case... Come, this is the glory that belongs to you!"


    System notification: Congratulations for completing your second job change, successfully becoming the legendary Palace Assassin and you have obtained the title of Shadow of the Exiled. As you are the second to complete your job advancement, you have obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +4, Contribution pointw +800000, Gold +6000, you have also obtained extra rewards: Hidden Weapon Technique!


    System Report: Congratulations player July Wildfire for completing the second job advancement, as he is the second person, he has obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +4, Contribution points +800000, Gold +6000, you has also obtained extra rewards: Hidden Weapon Technique!


    It was here, the heartless system notification!

    I took in a deep breath. I didn't care about whether it was low profile or not, the most important thing was what the system reward was!

    I opened my bag and a gold skill book laid quietly in the newest column of my bag. I took a look and was instantly stunned--

    Hidden Weapon Technique (SS Grade Technique): After learning, can use all hidden weapons, restricted job: Assassin.

    Can use all hidden weapons!?

    My heart sunk down. Truly, in the equipment interface, there were empty squares that were used to store hidden weapons. It sounded quite cunning but since I was here then I should just learn it. This should be a passive skill and shouldn't be too strong but it was better than nothing.

    I raised my hand and Hidden Weapon Technique appeared in my skill list. It was dim and it was obviously a passive skill.

    But it was a hidden weapon, till date no such equipment had been dropped.

    Since that was the case, then I shall head to Precious Treasure Pavilion to take a look!


    Precious Treasure Pavilion, people came to and fro. Although Black Castle was clashing with Twilight Army in Burning Forest, but only the elites of the five outer locations went over. Most of them were the same as usual. Within Precious Treasure Pavilion, many different sorts of people came in and out. They either chose equipments, materials, some were silent while some talked really loudly.

    I walked in front of the NPC and talked. I chose the hidden weapon column and wasn't disappointed at all. With a "shua", many items appeared in front of my eyes--

    Seven Star Dart (Legendary Grade): Dart type hidden weapon, damage 300%, required contribution points 5 million

    Willow Leaf Flying Knife (Excellent Grade): Dart type hidden weapon, damage 20%, contribution points required 2000

    Cloud Piercing Arrow (Treasure Grade Grade): Sleeve type hidden weapon, damage 200%, contribution points required 2 million

    Meteor Hammer (Legendary Grade): Slam type hidden weapon, damage 500%, required contribution points 100 million



    I frowned, it was so expensive. The cheap ones were cheap but the expensive ones were so expensive. On close look, the damage should be referring to how much damage it could cause. It was obvious that Legendary Realm was the strongest as of now. As for Willow Leaf Flying Knife, it dealt 20% damage. It was better not to even use it, a total waste of time.

    As for what I could buy now, there was only the Cloud Piercing Arrow!

    I looked at my contribution points, there was just over 2 million!

    It seemed like I couldn't keep these. Without thinking, I just exchanged for it. In the next moment, there was a plop and a purple wrapped arrow appeared in my bag. After taking it out, it appeared in the equipment column. There was a crack and this arrow appeared outside of the wrist of my armor, its stats also appeared--

    Cloud Piercing Arrow (Treasure Grade Hidden Weapon): Single target damage 200%, attack range of 40 yards, attack speed is once a second, refresh rate of one every two seconds, a total of six arrows, can dip in poison.


    They were relatively detailed. Such a thing could be used when I had some distance to the enemy and to make up for the lack of damage due to distance. That was not bad, for example when Orange Night went to fight, I would hide behind and release hidden weapons. 200% damage per second was quite decent.

    I was delighted. I looked at my hidden weapon, it was great. One Cloud Piercing Arrow was going to win me everything!

    Everything was done so I returned to Burning Forest to complete the main quest. It seemed like I was the only player in Burning Forest and other players couldn't join it due to their faction.


    Burning Forest, training continued as usual.

    Not long later, the system notified me that Lin Xi was the third to go through her second advancement! A few minutes later, Dawn did too. The competition in the server was just so intense.

    Around 9pm,

    after a beep, a system voice I implanted in the game system rang out which came from Star Eye, "Pathfinder, the safety system has noticed a guy pacing outside the target door!"

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