Chapter 178- Autumn Moon Cold River
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Zhan Yue Chapter 178- Autumn Moon Cold River

 I looked at the boots first. When I held it, I realised that there was an inscription light on it that flowed like that of a stream. Its stats appeared and I was shocked. It really was a good thing-

    Clear Stream Boots (Treasure Grade)

    Type: Leather Armor

    Defence: 325

    Agility: +135

    Stamina: +130

    Strength: +125

    Special Effect: Dodge +20

    Effect: Windwalking, movement speed +35%

    Effect: Toughness, raise user's health by 2500

    Effect: Current, after activation, raise user's movement speed for 80% lasting 12 seconds. Cooldown of 20 minutes

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 42%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 40%

    Required level: 60


    Treasure Grade boots, it was definitely one of the top equipments at the current stage! The double stat additions were over 40% and the three extra ones were decent too. Apart from that, it added 2500 Health. More importantly was the Current effect which gave me 80% movement speed. It was a chasing and escaping skill!

    "Pa ta!"

    I switched it for Boots of Windwalking and instantly my stats and combat strength increased. My legs felt warm and full of power.

    Nice, my current equipment were decent!

    Continue. The second equipment that Spirit of the Grey Wind dropped was a green shining necklace. It stats appeared and it was actually a strength necklace--

    Heaven Azure Necklace (Precious Grade)

    Strength: +115

    Agility: +90

    Stamina: +85

    Effect: Critical Strike +0.4%

    Effect: Lifesteal +2%

    Effect: Power,

close combat Attack +800, Attack speed reduced by 50%

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 30%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 29%

    Required level: 60


    A necklace with explosive stats. One of the effects raised Attack by 800 and that was a hugely exaggerated amount. But the 50% reduction meant that as an Assassin, I definitely couldn't use it. However, for Warriors who used skills like Heavy Strike, Flame Slash, Frost Slash etc whose damage were based on Attack, this necklace would add a huge amount. Even the 50% reduction wouldn't mean much.

    At the current stage, most players' basic Attack didn't exceed 2000. Even Lin Xi had 3000 so one could imagine how terrifying the 800 Attack was!

    Forget it, I tossed it into my bag. I shall head back to the city and sell it when I was in human form.

    Continue, Spirit of the Grey Wind's third equipment was a thick armor. When I saw the stats, my body shook. It was actually an Excellent Grade equipment, trash!

    I didn't bother and just tossed it into my bag. I picked the last one, a cold dagger that was slightly curved like the moon. It gave off killing intent and had ancient patterns on it like it was crafted and refined through an exquisite process. When I saw its stats, my mouth opened so wide that I couldn't close it-

    Autumn Moon Cold River (Treasure Grade)

    Attack: 300-395

    Agility: +145

    Strength: +130

    Stamina: +125

    Effect: Lifesteal +3%

    Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +45%

    Effect: Autumn Moon, when attacking, 10% chance of activating Autumn Moon, dealing 300% moonlight damage

    Effect: Cold River, when attacking has 20% chance to activate Cold River, causing 200% frost damage

    Effect: Armor penetration, ignore 15% of target's defence

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 48%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 45%

    Required level: 60


    Without a question, this dagger was definitely the strongest dagger in the server till date! Its Attack was close to 400. Apart from that, the other three stats were insane. Agility and Strength were both higher than normal. Furthermore, with Autumn Moon and Cold River two increase damage, its overall stats were much better than Frostfang!

    Not bad not bad, I could switch it for Lord Slayer!

    "Kacha", Lord Slayer appeared in my bag and Autumn Moon Cold River appeared in my hands. Its Attack was 220 higher than Frostfang and that gave it the rights to be my primary weapon.

    At that moment, I looked at my stats once more and I was truly overpowered---

    July Wildfire (Blade of Chaos)

    Level: 60

    Attack: 2392- 2920 (+280%)

    Defence: 1643 (+270%)

    Health: 25910

    Critical Strike: 16.94%

    Lifesteal: 12.5%

    Comprehension: 97

    Charm: 33

    Soul Star: 20

    Contribution point: 1242005

    Combat strength: 6249


    Along with me having three Treasure Grade equipment, my basic Attack was close to 3000. At this moment, my actual Attack should be around 9089-11096 and my actual Defence should be 6079. If such stats were placed on the forums I would definitely be cursed at. In terms of single person strength, even people like Feng Canghai couldn't compete with me. Moreover, Assassins had armor penetration so in terms of damage, Feng Canghai definitely wasn't my match.

    Moreover, my 6200+ Combat strength was enough to insta kill everything!

    Feels good, this time really felt good.


    I sucked in a deep breath and deep down I was really proud but I had to warn myself to calm down. I summoned Orange Night and White Bird and brought them into the forest to hunt those Blood Wolf Cavalry and Sewn Monsters!

    At the same time, I opened my friend list and found Ah Fei, "How long to level 5?"

    "With the skill necklace, very quick, roughly three days!"

    "Okay, I have two level 60 Treasure Grade equipment that needs your level 5 inscription."


    He was stunned, "Is it the items dropped by the Treasure Grade Boss?"


    "You know about it? The players on Linchen County square are cursing saying that current players can't solo a Treasure Grade Boss. They even swore to report you. I think this is a problem, you need to be careful."

    "En, actually it wasn't a solo kill. The Boss was cursed if not I wouldn't have a chance at all."

    "Those people won't care about your explanation, they just want you to become as noob as them."


    I felt a little bitter, "Okay, just train your inscription technique. I will go level. If they want to report me then there is nothing I can do either."



    I continued in Burning Forest. Many Sewn Monsters and Blood Wolf Cavalry were killed. Especially those Sewn Monsters who provided large amounts of experience and contribution points. Each one of them caused White Bird's experience bar to shine. As for Orange Night, the experience was just so-so but it was a large amount to White Bird.

    Just like that, we killed until 5pm. With a "pu", when I waved my dagger, an Autumn Moon light flew out and pierced the body of the Sewn Monster, dealing 300% moonlight damage. Right while the Sewn Monster cried and fell down, three streaks of experience light flew towards us.


    A streak of golden light descended from above and covered White Bird's body. She was about to advance!


    Under the injection of gold light, White Bird raised her chest and relaxed her arms. She frowned slightly and showed that she was in pain. The broken part on her chest recovered and at her left hand, a blue light shone and one could see blue metal spreading out. Her arm was actually being reformed!

    It continued to spread to her elbow before the light disappeared. White Bird stood quietly there but her aura was much stronger than before!


    System notification: Congratulations, your White Bird has upgraded to Grade Four, her power has broken through, Attack +100%, Defence +100%, Health +120%, recovery +240%, she has comprehended the passive skill Meteor Sword!


    She upgraded once more and became stronger!

    I was filled with delight and opened White Bird's stats. I looked at the new skill and realised that it was still a passive--

    Meteor Sword: When using basic attacks, 20% chance to trigger a Meteor Sword, strength increased by 500%



    Didn't this mean that her attacks might cause 5 times damage? White Bird's strength was that she attacked one's weakness to deal the most damage. Along with this Meteor Sword, she looked like a silent killer. Her style was similar to mine and I loved it!

    I turned around and looked at her. I smiled, "White Bird you didn't disappoint me."

    She looked at me restlessly, "I want... I want to fight..."

    "Let's rest for a while."

    I smiled, "It was indeed time to rest."

    As I said that, I kept both Orange Night and her. Right at that moment, that was a beep that came from Shen Mingxuan, "Lu Li, the food is here. Take it and let's eat together."

    "Coming coming!"

    I looked at my level and I was already level 60. It was time to head back to Black Castle for the second job advancement. However, I needed to eat. Moreover I wanted to be more low profile. If I went on the system notification, I would probably receive more complains.

    Forget it, eat first.

    I went offline and walked out from the post. As expected, the delivery guy placed the food down. I picked them up and went upstairs.

    When I went up, Lin Xi sucked in a deep breath and looked at us, "Ten seconds later, Feng Canghai did his second job advancement and became the first to job change."

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