Chapter 177- Meeting the king for the first time
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Zhan Yue Chapter 177- Meeting the king for the first time


    I shook Frostfang and used Gouge on Spirit of the Grey Wind's face. All of a sudden, his face twisted. His attack that was storing up was actually solved by such an unassuming technique.

    The moment he was stunned, I opened my fingers and used Dragon Will on his chest!

    "Wu wa~~~"

    No matter how strong he was he couldn't take so many hits. Moreover the curse was reducing his health too. After a cry, this strong Dimension Legion general fell to the ground and dropped a bunch of equipment and gold. I just reached out and collected all of them. As for the gold, I had no time to pick them up. If I did, I wouldn't be able to leave!

    Dark Shadow Jump!

    I locked onto the Wilderness Blood Cavalry at the most outer parts and instantly teleported out. I activated Quickness and ran!

    At the same time, a loud bell rang into my ears--


    System Notification: Congratulations player July Wildfire for killing Spirit of the Grey Wind- Hank (Treasure Grade Boss), obtained third kill of Treasure Grade Boss. As player has completed the kill alone, rewards are doubled, obtained rewards: Level +2, Charm +4, Contribution points +360000, Gold +12000!


    "Shua shua shua!"

    Three gold lights descended from above. Originally, the experience from killing the Boss could get me to level 58. Along with the 2 level rewards, I actually increased to the legendary level 60!

    Moreover, not only that, in the next second, another bell rang---


    System notification: Congratulations, your Ancient Bracelet (Precious Grade) has evolved to Ancient Bracelet (Treasure Grade)!

    Ancient Bracelet also upgraded!

    But I didn't have time to look at its stats at all. My heart felt cold like I had entered an ice cavern. The Spiritual Ruin in my body buzzed and I felt like I was locked onto by a strong aura.

Just when I turned around, I saw an eyecatching light shooting up from Twilight Fortress!

    "Who? !"

    In the air, a deafening voice could be heard, "Who killed our general Hank?"

    His general? !

    My heart shook. Spirit of the Grey Wind had such a high position in Twilight Army so whose position could be higher than him? Was it...

    All of a sudden, a bad feeling covered my body. Not good, it seemed like I was in big trouble this time!

    "Sha sha..."

    In the air, a grey shadow appeared. It was a guy in grey robe and he looked relatively handsome. he held a bright sword and he stared right at me, "You ant, you are the one that killed Hank right?"

    I turned around and glanced at him but I only saw his name and introduction--

    Blade of Twilight- Talon (Legendary Boss)

    Level: ???

    Attack: ???

    Defence: ???

    Health: ???

    Skill: ???

    Introduction: Blade of Twilight- Talon, 7th of the ten Dimension Legion Lords, the guy holding the power of twilight. Talon was once the king of a human race country but to get more power, he chose to cut off ties. He personally wiped out his own country, killing minions to craft a god weapon called Daybreak. Legend had it that once Daybreak is used, it can control the power of darkness and light. He obtained the recognition of heall and became one of the commanders of Dimension Legion. He became one of the biggest threats to humans, elves and dwarves.


    Personally wipe out his country?

    I was stunned, this person really was vicious, as expected from one of the ten Lords. Moreover, I didn't expect that I would meet such a top Boss so quickly. Although Talon was a Legendary Boss, his name was red. In other words, Treasure Grade Boss was purple, above it there was an Orange Boss and then Red. His grade far exceeded player's progression by too much!

    Facing such a top Boss, shouldn't he just hide in his nest and wait for players to find him when they were strong enough? Why did he run out!

    I wanted to cry but no tears came out. At that moment, the sky turned dark!


    Talon's voice spread out from above. When he waved his sword, that blade absorbed all light in the sky, causing me to run into darkness. It was as if the only thing with light was that sword. But in the next moment, the sword gave off an eye piercing light!

    It was coming!


    Above me, a sword light descended. All of a sudden, I had goosebumps. This sword could definitely insta kill me, how was it!?

    My finger shook and I activated the skill - Blood Barrier!


    A blood colored shield appeared around me and I was covered by that eye piercing light!


    A loud explosion and the ground caved five meters deep. This sword flung me aside and caused me to spit out blood. I rolled on the ground. Not only was Blood Barrier broken, I also lost a large part of my health--


    That was just too terrifying? !

    Without Blood Barrier, this sword would definitely deal above 200 thousand damage. Was he still a human?

    The Ten Lords probably won't, they were so strong that they could be compared to gods!

    "Are you still not dead?"

    In the air, Talon laughed out loud. Sword light slashed across, "You little thing, let me see where you can flee to!"

    After he said that, the sky darkened once more!


    The entire world was totally dark, only Daybreak's sword light was shining!

    It was here once more!

    I dashed forwards while turning my head and watching as Daybreak descended from above. I reached out and summoned Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map!


    The scroll spread out and it was shockingly beautiful. Instantly that god sword's strike sunk into the scroll. At the same time, along with a dragon roar, a storm flew out from the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map and smashed towards the Lord. At the center was a grey dragon that roared and gave off a threatening aura.


    Talon hollered in rage, "How is that possible... It is actually Hank's move-- Grey Dragon Tornado? !"


    He hollered, waving his sword and slashing down. The sword light instantly split the Grey Dragon Tornado into two. These skills could only obstruct him and it didn't seem possible to deal much damage to him.

    During that precious time, I locked onto a Hellfire Minion in the forest in front and used Dark Shadow Jump. At the same time I raised my hands to use White Cloak to enter forced Stealth state. After which I activated Quickness and fled with all my might. At this time I hated the fact that I was only born with two legs, I needed to be much quicker!


    "You little thing!"

    Talon's furious roar spread from the sky once more. He raised Daybreak with a furious gaze in his eyes. Maybe because I was too far and even with his grade he wasn't able to see me. Thus he slashed towards the forest and turn large patches of Burning Forest into dust.

    Just like that, I ran for close to ten minutes. After I charged into a bunch of Black Castle cavalry, I was finally safe. Then, I walked out from White Cloak state and panted. I was covered in the joy of escaping from death, "I am not dead... Hahaha, I am not dead..."

    The bunch of undead cavalry looked at me and didn't know what happened. Only a white robed elder said seriously, "July Wildfire what did you face there?"

    "I was chased down by Talon."

    "What? !"

    He panicked, "Was it Blade of Twilight Talon? The demon with Daybreak?"


    "Not good!"

    He said seriously, "I didn't expect him to actually come to the battelfield. I have to inform his highness, if not our frontline soldiers would all get wiped out!"

    "I think so too, go elder!"


    He looked at me with approval and said, "July Wildfire well done, as expected from Wind Cloud Platform Ding Heng's disciple!"

    I was delighted.

    Not only did I complete the third Treasure Grade Boss kill, it was also a solo kill. After reaching level 60, the Ancient Bracelet advanced too, it was a huge win.

    En, time to look at the stats after the evolution. I reached out and the stats appeared in the air, leaving me in shock--

    Ancient Bracelet (Treasure Grade)

    Defence: 375

    Agility: +142

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    Strength: +135

    Stamina: +130

    Effect: Precision, accuracy +25%

    Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +35%

    Effect: Toughness, Raise user's health by 4000

    Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 45%

    Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 44%

    Property: Can evolve

    Property: No level restriction

    Effect: Provide 800 slots of storage space

    Special effect: Has recognised its master


    It was an all round increase in stats especially in Defence and Health. The increase was huge. Apart from that, there was a quickness effect which added 35% Attack Speed. Assassins badly needed it as more than half the time we relied on basic attacks and critical strikes.

    Next was the important part. Time to look at what the Treasure Grade Boss of Dimension Legion gave me! I opened my bag and Spirit of the Grey Wind dropped a total of four. A pair of dark purple boots and without an exceptin it was definitely Treasure Grade. There was a green necklace that gave off a powerful light so it shouldn't be too bad. Apart from that there was an armor with thick energy flowing around it and lastly, a curved dagger that shone a cold light!

    Tsk tsk, at least one was Treasure Grade!

    I had high hopes on that dagger, maybe it would be my future weapon!

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