Chapter 176- Hellfire Minions
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Zhan Yue Chapter 176- Hellfire Minions


    Hunter's Edge!



    After a series of moves used, a large amount of my health was recovered. After all, my stats now were relatively terrifying. Spirit of the Grey Wind hollered in rage and lightning circled on the spear, descending from above once more. It was really quick and there was no way to dodge at all!

    At this point, those low health Blood Wolf Cavalry came into play!

    Right when Spirit of the Grey Wind used that spear that he thought would mean a definite kill, I locked onto a low health cavalry. With a "peng", Dark Shadow Jump successfully killed it. I turned around and attacked Spirit of the Grey Wind. When he used his spear on me once more, I jumped to another Blood Wolf Cavalry. Just like that, I danced around him and dealt bits and pieces of damage. The only things I didn't touch were those two Sewn Monsters. I avoided them and didn't waste attacks on their bodies.


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    After close to a minute of attacks, the Boss's health dropped from 55% to 37%. One had to say that his health bar was quite long and it was close to 1.5 million. Right when his health dropped, he hollered, turning into an afterimage and flying further away.

    It escaped again!?

    I frowned. Soul Star Explosion was left with less than 1 minute! Thus, I summoned Orange Night and White Bird, "Follow me, wipe out those two Sewn Monsters!"

    "Yes Master!"

    Orange Night was exceptionally strong, using Firm as Rock and Giant Dragon Storm right away. He instantly attracted the attention of two Sewn Monsters while White Bird and I focused our attacks. Before my Soul Star Explosion disappeared we killed one. Then we focused and killed the other.

    Thus, on this small battlefield, all the Dimension Legion monsters were cleared out by me alone.

    I raised my hand and kept both Orange Night and White Bird. Then, I entered White Cloak state and searched for Spirit of the Grey Wind. He was hit by the arrow and wouldn't be able to recover in a short time. This was a great chance and I had to kill him. If not, such a Boss would be a huge problem for Black Castle.


I also wanted to kill a Treasure Grade Boss to raise my equipment and combat strength. My equipment had remained at this level for a long time.


    Four minutes later.

    In some bushes of Flaming Forest, Spirit of the Grey Wind appeared once more. This time he was standing in the center of a bunch of red colored monsters. They were bent over and their bodies were dim like they were burnt by flames previously. Moreover there were many of them, at least 200 of them. When I got close, their stats appeared--

    Hellfire Minions (Treasure Grade Monsters)

    Level: 62

    Attack: 1800-2650

    Defence: 900

    Health: 100000

    Skill: Bloodthirst, Hellfire Power, Consume

    Introduction: Hellfire Minions. Dimension Legion set up many bases in the north and raised a bunch of minions. Moreover the minions often live underground and have been burnt by hellfire, forming a huge army of Hellfire Minions. They are the most common soldier type in Dimension Legion but are often very annoying to kill.


    Annoying, the numbers alone were indeed really shocking!

    I frowned. In terms of stats, Hellfire Minions couldn't compare to other Treasure Grade monsters like the Ice Giant. I even suspecting whether or not one Ice Giant could fight two Hellfire Minions. After all, Hellfire Minions's defence and attack were far lower but their skills might be different. One Bloodthirst could increase their attack speed and Hellfire Power probably added attack. Along with consume which was a recovery skill, their attacks would be quite problematic.


    The bunch of Hellfire Minions surrounded him. Spirit of the Grey Wind held his spear and stood in the bushes. Once again he used death energy to remove the curse in his body. At the same time he said seriously, "You bugs, open your eyes and defend me. That Black Castle kid is a problem. If his sneak attack succeeds, all of you will be buried along with me!"

    The bunch of Hellfire Minions shook their head and started to shout at Spirit of the Grey Wind but I couldn't understand what they were saying.

    All of this had nothing to do with me, I was just a heartless killer!

    Under White Cloak state, I judged the distance at which the minions could spot me. The distance probably wouldn't be too large so I just had to be 1-2 seconds away. Fortunately they weren't really close to one another so I started to hop and skip around. Not long later, I was within 5 yards of Spirit of the Grey Wind. This time I had to be even more careful because the moment I attacked, these Hellfire Minions would surround me. However, it wouldn't be too hard to deal with them!


    White Cloak+ Dragon Will!


    Once again, the golden dragon shaped palm swept through the monsters and pierced through the body of Spirit of the Grey Wind who was trying to tend to his injuries. A large patch of damage numbers rose up. Those Hellfire Minions that were hit were all wiped out. Spirit of the Grey Wind's body shook and he lost 200 thousand health. He hollered, "You are asking to die!"


    I raised my palm and with Soul Star Explosion, I activated Apprehension which covered half of the battlefield. Instantly, a bunch of Hellfire Minions were bathing in the storm. They cried out and their bodies were covered in a layer of thick red. They also expanded by around 20%. This was the effect of Bloodthirst which raised Attack Speed and also Attack.

    At the same time, the Hellfire Minions that were close to me started to attack. They slapped with their claws and each Hellfire Minions that hit me had a heartfire icon that appeared above their heads. Their Attack would increase by 10% and the second attack would increase their Attack by 20%. This skill became more and more painful!

    No wonder those Linchen County players warned others to stay away from Hellfire Minions. So this was the reason. Once one was surrounded by them, unless one was really tanky, if not one was definitely dead.

    The bunch of Hellfire Minions were killed by Apprehension and my experience started to jump. At the same time, a bunch of Hellfire Minions that were 50% and below stopped their attacks, laying down on their fellow soldiers' corpses and starting to rip their bodies apart. Their health were recovering at 1% per second.

    Consume, this ability was truly suitable for antagonists!

    "Kid, you are asking for death!"

    Spirit of the Grey Wind hollered and smashed his spear down. Without a doubt, if I got hit by two of these I was dead. I had to try my best to avoid it if I could!

    Dark Shadow Jump!


    Right when the spear was about to land on my head, Dark Shadow Jump locked onto a Hellfire Minion that was busy eating. While insta killing it, the cd resetted. I continued to attack Spirit of the Grey Wind. Right when he waved his spear at me, I used Dark Shadow Jump on another low health Hellfire Minion.

    After another minute of this, when Spirit of the Grey Wind's health was at 11%, he grabbed his spear and disappeared into the wind. At this point I was left with 28% health. I took three hits in a row and they were all really painful!

    I summoned Orange Night and White Cloak and dealt with those Hellfire Minions remaining. I also used Blood Drawing Blade to heal to full before keeping the battle puppets. Once again I entered White Cloak state to find traces of Spirit of the Grey Wind. After three rounds of high intensity battle, the next would decide whether or not I could kill it!


    Five minutes later.

    North of Burning Forest, one could see Dimension Legion troops all around. There was even a red fortress ahead and on it were Twilight Army's flag. Outside of it, many black armored Dimension Legion cavalry galloped out. They held swords, spears etc weapons and their red eyes under the helmets looked really frightening.

    When I got close, I actually couldn't see their stats.

    Wilderness Blood Cavalry, level 64 Treasure Grade Monsters. This was all that I could see.


    A defeated shadow gathered and formed on the burning land. It was Spirit of the Grey Wind. He held his spear and his health had dropped from 11% to 4% due to the curse.


    The Wilderness Blood Cavalry dashed forwards and one of them shouted, "Sir, why are you so badly injured?"

    "Stop the nonsense!'

    Spirit of the Grey Wind turned behind in fear, "A Black Castle killer is hunting me. All of you be wary and protect me. As long as I enter the stronghold I am safe!"

    "Yes sir!"

    All of a sudden, a hundred Wilderness Blood Cavalry spread out and surrounded Spirit of the Grey Wind in layers. I knew that my chance was about to disappear, this was my last moment!



    I held my dagger and broke through the wind. When I was near the Wilderness Blood Cavalry at the outer circle, I locked right onto Spirit of the Grey Wind and used Dark Shadow Jump!


    I pierced through the crowd and smashed into his back. I used Annihilation +Separated by water on Spirit of the Grey Wind's body. His body was like paper, stumbling under my hits. Those Wilderness Blood Cavalry around all raised their swords and their sword light swung down on me.

    I was going all out. I activated Blood Drawing Blade and relied on my 100 thousand health!

    "Jerk, you think you can succeed? !"

    Spirit of the Grey Wind hollered in rage and attacked. His spear buzzed and caused the space around to tremble. This attack couldn't be underestimated!

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