Chapter 175- Bold decision
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Zhan Yue Chapter 175- Bold decision

 "You are asking for death!"

    Spirit of the Grey Wind's face twisted. After taking Dragon Will, the armor on his body became tattered, especially his chestplate. It was as if the heat from the dragon energy had melted it. However, his healthbar was still really long. He charged into the sky with his spear and hollered, "Taste my Grey Dragon Tornado!"


    His spear summoned a storm which started rumbling and covering the land around. At the center was a chaotic eye which seemed really terrifying. In the eye of the tornado, a grey dragon's body could be seen. Its dragon roar shocked one's spirit. The pressure the move brought was too strong such that the few Black Castle undead cavalry fell off their horses and died. They spat of fresh blood and their eyes were filled with shock. His aura caused some peoples' body to explode.

    Grey Dragon Tornado, was that a skill? !

    Along with Spirit of the Grey Wind's spear, the storm was mixed into the spear shadow. It descended and looked like it could slash open the sky.

    All of a sudden, an undescribable sense of fear rose up in heart. If this spear landed, there was a high chance that I would be killed!

    Thus, I raised my right hand without even thinking. A beautiful scroll appeared in front of my chest and I activated the treasure-- Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map! Instantly, a scroll where mountains and waters intersected could be seen. It was as if those things existed and they wrapped my body within. The scroll shone and it looked really saintly!


    Grey Dragon Tornado's spear strike landed into Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map like a dirt cow into water. It just caused small ripples and when Spirit of the Grey Wind retracted his spear, the power on the tip was already totally swallowed by the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map.

    "What? !"

    Spirit of the Grey Wind was shocked. He looked at his spear and at the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map in my hands. His eyes lit up and he laughed, "This animal actually has such a treasure, that is great! This trip is so worth, give it to me!"

    The spear hacked down from above once more.

    I was afraid that Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map was stolen so I kept it into my treasure space. I then used Dark Shadow Jump to appear in front of him. Unexpectedly, I used Gouge and stunned him in the air!

    "That is great!"

    Behind me,

a Left Camp general shouted, "July Wildfire move aside!"

    I landed on the ground and the moment I turned around, the already injured general took a black bow and pulled it open. With a creaking sound,darkness energy formed into a black arrow which pierced Spirit of the Grey Wind's stomach!


    Blood splattered. This strike was too strong such that Spirit of the Grey Wind's body was forced back. A fist-sized hole appeared in his stomach and streaks of black energy wrapped around it which corroded his skin. His flesh looked like they were on fire and it was slowly spreading, turning it all to ash!


    Winds of Battle was shocked and looked at the bow in the general's hands. He shouted in rage, "You actually have a cursed bow? Jerk, do you think you can kill me like that?"

    That undead cavalry general gritted his teeth, "Brothers, the demon has been cursed. He will be in a state of weakness. Attack and slice him into pieces!"

    "Continue dreaming!"

    Winds of Battle laughed out loud and his spear turned into an afterimage!


    In the next second, that pitiful general's head was pierced through. He fell right down. Although his arrow had successfully hit, but the gap in strength was huge and he was still killed in one hit.


    Spirit of the Grey Wind retracted his spear and hollered, "Twilight Army, I order you to wipe out these Black Castle scum. Attack, before night we have to take down Burning Forest!"


    A bunch of Dimension Legion monsters used Assault. Spirit of the Grey Wind used the spear to support himself, his body turned into an afterimage and floated to the forest behind. He was retreating!


    I held my daggers, I was in a tough choice, should I chase? After all, hunting him down was my job's speciality. At this moment, Spirit of the Grey Wind was cursed and would be in a state of weakness. This was a great chance for me to kill him. If I missed this, I wouldn't have such a chance. If I found him next time, I would just be asking for death.

    But, even if I did that, I would still be taking a risk. After all, Spirit of the Grey Wind's one spear killed a left camp general. The difference in strength was huge and if I was not careful, I would be next.

    I hesitated for a few seconds before gritting my teeth, time to go all out!

    To take the safe route wasn't my style!


    In the next second, my white cloak flashed and I disappeared into the wind. I went forwards through the gaps in the Dimension Legion and headed to the battlefield behind them. I charged for five minutes and as expected, on a forest land was Spirit of the Grey Wind. He held his spear and around him were two Sewn Monsters and dozens of Blood Wolf Cavalry.


    A Blood Wolf Cavalry said respectfully, "Are you okay?"

    "What do you think?"

    Spirit of the Grey Wind held his spear and looked at the wound caused by the cursed arrow. The cursed flames continued to spread, "I was too careless, I didn't expect that general to have a cursed bow. I also didn't expect a disciple to have an artifact to counter Grey Dragon Tornado. Scoff, I need to get it back!

    "Sir, your injuries..." Blood Wolf Cavalry was worried.

    "Protect me!"

    His eyes turned cold, "The curse of the arrow can be solved with my strength."

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    Instantly, the monsters stood around and protected Spirit of the Grey Wind. He stood on the spot, red death energy surged around him and he tried to remove the curse.


    I frowned. In the five minutes, not only did his health not recover, it even dropped from 67% to 62%. This meant that the arrow not only prevented him from recovering, it also did some damage. This provided help towards me killing him.


    Under White Cloak state, I passed through the two Sewn Monsters. I sniffed a undescribable stench. Dimension Legion monsters really were so smelly!

    In the next moment, I was already on the left of Spirit of the Grey Wind. I lined up the two Sewn Monsters, eight Blood Wolf Cavalry and him before sucking in a deep breath. I activated Soul Star Explosion and used Dragon Will once more. This time it wasn't White Cloak +Annihilation but White Cloak+Dragon Will!


    The space around twisted and golden runes appeared around me. A dragon roared in the sky as I opened my fingers. The golden dragon energy shot forwards. White Cloak+ Dragon Will was just too terrifying. It swept past the entire monster crowd and shocking damage numbers rose into the sky!







    In the entire patch of damage numbers, only the damage towards the Boss didn't follow the usual system. White Cloak+Dragon Will should deal 600% true damage but that number definitely wasn't 6 times. Was Dragon Will really unrestricted when attacking high grade NPCs? That palm was too ferocious, just one palm alone took away a large part of Spirit of the Grey Wind's health.


    The bunch of Blood Wolf Cavalry turned around and their expressions changed, "You bastard, you dare to attack Sir Hank, you will die here today!"

    The bunch of them had low health now and they slashed towards me.

    But I couldn't bear to kill them just like that. After all, low health monsters were perfect targets for Dark Shadow Jump. They were much more useful alive.


    I sidestepped and appeared behind the Boss. I used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack+ Mist Slash+ Basic attack and all of a sudden, a lot of skills were used. I also triggered frost fang and azure wave. Instantly, his body shook and he winced.

    "You seek death!"

    He hollered and thrust his spear. Flames rose up and streaks of blistering heat gathered around his spear, "Take my Fire Dance!"

    Fire Dance?

    I was stunned and instinctively used my combo!

    Separated by water!

    A golden energy current spread out from under my legs. The golden energy clashed with Fire Dance but what was surprising was that the combo wasn't so invincible. It didn't interrupt his skill. In the next moment, Fire Dance's spear hit my shoulder.



    30 thousand damage? I was dazzled. Fortunately, with Soul Star Explosion, my health was over 100 thousand so I wasn't killed in one hit.

    Blood Drawing Blade open!

    It was time to take a gamble!

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