Chapter 174- Cangfeng's spirit
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Zhan Yue Chapter 174- Cangfeng's spirit

 With You Studio, 2nd floor.

    After we opened the rice boxes, I noticed that the dishes were actually quite exquisite. One could tell that it came from a large restaurant and even the packaging was in those kind of old-looking paper boxes. In comparison, the takeaways that Ah Fei and I bought each day seemed really rough and one look and one knew that it could be cooked by reused oil.

    "The food is not bad..."

    I split the rice while smiling, "This is much better than the takeaway that I have been eating previously."

    Shen Mingxuan smiled while passing Lin Xi the chopsticks, "Your life was definitely tough previously... Don't worry, you are now part of With You and those tough times won't return."

    I added, "Oh!"

    Lin Xi smiled, "Lu Li what have you been doing in the morning, you haven't made a sound."

    "I am training with a few friends." I said.

    "Oh how's your progress? Do you need me to carry you?"

    "No need no need, go solo, my progress isn't too slow." I was afraid that if I agreed, I couldn't help but transform and kill her.


    Shen Mingxuan looked at Lin Xi and said, "He is a Paladin and before this his level was about to catch up to mine. the people who are training with him definitely aren't weak so you don't have to worry. Moreover, why worry about him, why aren't you worried about me?"

    Lin Xi glanced at her, "He is new here, shouldn't it be normal for me to show concern about his levelling speed? As for you, you are an Archer, if your levelling progression is not fast enough, then you are the problem. Have you been spending too much time picking up guys?"

    Shen Mingxuan smiled, "Scoff, to be honest, none of those I trained with are interesting. I have been training hard. If you don't believe me then ask Ruyi."

    Ruyi picked up her rice and said, "That Elements Warrior seem to be chasing Mingxuan but Mingxuan didn't bother about him."


    Lin Xi's eyes were beautiful like water as she held up her bowl, "You do indeed need to spend more effort on leveling,

recently... Try not to date, don't delay training."

    "Right right." I ate while saying.

    Shen Mingxuan broke into a laugh and elbowed me, "Lu Li, you seem well behaved and you are quite handsome. Your level is high too, definitely many girls like you right?"

    "Is that so?"

    I stared, "Is there a girl that likes me? Why don't I know?"

    "Stop acting blur!"

    Shen Mingxuan opened her eyes wide, "Your level is so high and so is your equipment. I don't believe that no girls are hitting on you!"

    I took in a deep breath, "No. I swear on my character. Since I entered Illusionary Moon, no girl expressed anything to me.."

    That was the truth. I had been spending time in Black Castle so how could a person that didn't form a party have girls? Moreover, the place where I came into contact most with players are the Wind Cloud Platform Trial. At that time I was the Exiled One or the Lightning Rider Assassin or the Spirit World Patroller. I caused the girls to cry so why would they fall for me? Hahaha~~ This oath was something I was super confident in.

    Lin Xi smiled, "Okay okay, we believe you but definitely don't swear on your character. What if you get struck by lightning, you might hurt the innocent..."

    As she said that, she gave an innocent expression and acted cute.

    My head felt numb, "Lin Xi you don't believe me too..."

    "No no, I believe you!"

    She sat up straight and said, "I am the leader of With You, I believe each one of you!"

    "Look look, this is a great leader!" I said towards Shen Mingxuan.

    She said softly, "Disgusting..."


    After the meal, Shen Mingxuan and Gu Ruyi cleaned up the mess while I carried the empty boxes out of the door to toss it into the bin outside. (Suzhou hadn't started to split rubbish into types)

    I returned to the guard post and went online to train.


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    My Shura Assassin form appeared in Burning Forest and the moment I went online, I used White Cloak and entered forced stealth, dodging all damage in 2 seconds. Such reactions had became an instinct. So even if someone sneak attacked my coordinates, I wouldn't be killed. After all, I offended too many people so I just had to play safe!


    The moment I entered White Cloak state, a furious roar spread out from the Burning Forest. A tiger appeared in the forest and on it was someone with a spear. His face looked really terrifying as he said, "You actually dare to be enemies with Twilight Army, you will regret your stupid decision! Attack, kill everyone from Black Castle!"

    He waved his spear and the huge group of Blood Wolf Cavalry behind him hollered. They surged forwards like a wave. As for me, I jumped up onto an ancient tree. I looked down from above. First was that guy riding the tiger, but I couldn't see his level and stats--

    Spirit of the Grey Wind- Hank (Treasure Grade Boss)

    Level: ???

    Attack: ???

    Defence: ???

    Health: ???

    Skill: ???

    Introduction: Hank, one of the commanders of Twilight Army, he was once a strong human race cavalry but to chase more power, he joined Dimension Legion and became a demon general. After obtaining the power of evil, he became stronger and stronger and slowly became one of the core units of Twilight Army.


    Treasure Grade Boss!

    I craved it! But its level was too high and I couldn't even see it. This meant that he was at least level 64. Moreover, he had so many minions around him and if I fought him head on, I would be in danger.

    Right at that moment, the Black Castle army appeared in the forest behind me. The cavalry formed a defence line. This undead cavalry were either Quasi Bosses or high level elite monsters. Their names all had the Left Camp emblem which showed where they came from.

    An undead cavarly holding a sword hollered, "Burning Forest has always belonged to Black Castle. Today we have to wipe out Twilight Army. Warriors of Black Castle, we are not willing to submit to evil. We have waited for too long, our endless lifespan has filled us with fear and terror. Today we will fight for our lost goals and will! We were humans, we were kind. Today, our bodies are breaking down. Today our souls are being corroded, but.. We won't submit, we will rather die than join evil!"

    His words actually made one's blood boil!

    Right, Black Castle was indeed different!

    "Since that was the case!"

    Spirit of the Grey Wind laughed coldly, "Let me help all of you pass on. Twilight Army's 32nd Unit, attack and kill them all!"

    Instantly, many Sewn Monsters appeared within Burning Forest and there were hundreds of them. They attacked Left Camp. Spirit of the Grey Wind hollered and he turned into an after image who slashed his spear towards the undead cavalry general!


    The spear and the sword smashed into one another and death energy surged behind the backs of both of them. It was obvious that Spirit of the Grey Wind was much stronger. He hollered to summon more strength from his body, "You are just Heaven Realm, how will you block my strength!"

    Instantly, the image behind his body started to swell and his spear directly pierced through!


    One strike and this Left Camp general's chest was pierced through. Fresh blood scattered and he fell backwards onto the grassland.


    The Black Castle cavalry were shocked and attacked the Spirit of the Grey Wind.

    "Hahaha, you all make yourselves sound strong but aren't you all trash? ! Black Castle, can't you send someone decent? !"

    Spirit of the Grey Wind smiled viciously and swept with his spear, causing blood colored waves to rise up in the crowd. At least a dozen undead cavalry were shredded. Spirit of the Grey Wind's spear continued to pierce through the sky and he pointed at the injured general, "You rather die than become Dimension Legion's dog? Today I will help you!"

    Right at that moment, I couldn't take it anymore. Although it was dangerous but I couldn't sit still and do nothing. I jumped from the tree and used Soul Star Explosion. I raised my dagger and used Annihilation on Spirit of the Grey Wind's back!



    Ten times true damage, it was just so effective!

    Under my strike, Spirit of the Grey Wind winced in pain. he turned and stared at me, "You ant... You actually dare to attack me? Die!"

    He pushed his spear forwards and a blood current surged forth like that of a poisonous snake.

    I didn't say a word, raising my right hand. Frostfang disappeared and what replaced it were five fingers wrapped in golden light. I pushed towards Spirit of the Grey Wind!

    Dragon Will!


    A dragon roared shook heaven and earth. With Soul Star Explosion, Dragon Will was just too strong. As Dragon Will roared, his spear attack scattered and the palm pierced through his body, causing 70 thousand damage too!

    This Dragon Will was a little too much!

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