Chapter 173- White Bird's growth
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Zhan Yue Chapter 173- White Bird's growth

"Continue to fight!

    I raised my daggers and got close, "Orange Night, defend first. White Bird try to attack and protect yourself okay?"

    "Yes Master!" Orange Night said solemnly.

    White Bird held her broken blade and just stood there without saying a word.



    Blood Wolf Cavalry were here!

    The instance when the Blood Wolf Cavalry pounced over, I raised my hand and the Shura power in my body surged. A dark gold storm started to ravage the area and Apprehension dealt huge damage to the Blood Wolf Cavalry in front. Unfortunately Soul Star Explosion's CD was not over and the damage was still too low to use it with Dark Shadow Jump.

    Let me waste some more time!

    Blood Drawing Blade!

    My daggers were covered in a layer of blood and I pushed up to the front. I used Hunter's Edge+ Gouge+ Mist Slash to force three Blood Wolf Cavalry back. Under my normal state, I couldn't handle Bosses but what about normal monsters? My purple equipment wasn't for nothing!

    On the side, Orange Night hollered in rage and charged into the crowd. A golden light shot out from his spear as he used Giant Dragon Storm. He was like a puppet that obtained Dragon Descending 18 Palms and slashed around the group of monsters. As for White Bird, she kept silent and only when a Blood Wolf Cavalry opened his mouth to bite me did she attack.


    She was really quick and her blade turned into a cold light. She slashed the wolf's mouth and then hacked down from the other side. One could see the white bones and it was just too cruel to look. The cavalryman fell to the ground along with the wolf and was easily killed by the skeleton soldiers around.

    That strike seemed normal but it was a one shot!

    As expected, my judgement was correct. If Orange Night was a general then White Bird was a fighting genius. Her talent in fighting was probably something that Orange Night couldn't catch up in a few lifetimes. Without a doubt, I had really picked up a treasure. I didn't need to doubt White Bird's strength. A Grade Three puppet could hunt down level 63 monsters, once she was Grade Five, I felt like she could kill Level 63 Treasure Grade Bosses with me easily.

    However, right at that moment,

20 meters away from us, a bunch of Blood Wolf Cavalry had charged to the highland. Their blades slashed and skeleton heads flew into the sky. The defence line was broken!

    "Bunch of trash!"

    The undead cavalry hollered and guided his horse over. He waved his sword and killed three Blood Wolf Cavalry. But in the next second, a bloody machete flew through the air and slashed onto his head, slicing his head apart and killing him!

    We were done, how did the commander die just like that?

    I was stunned. Fortunately Soul Star Explosion cooldown was over. I opened my palm and used Apprehension on the dense group of monsters. I followed it up with Dark Shadow Jump and started killing the group of monsters. My experience started to jump while Orange Night and White Bird backed me up.

    "No need to be afraid!"

    A Black Castle mage raised his staff and summoned a meteor to smash down into the crowd. He said solemnly, "Although the sir died valiatly, but Wind Cloud Platform's July Wildfire is still here. Under his leadership we will definitely be able to defend this territory. Attack with me, go all out against them!"

    Instantly, the skeletons from Black Castle cried out like they were on drugs.

    This was the feeling of blood boiling as I cried out too. After killing a bunch of them, I charged towards a Sewn Monster. I used White Cloak+ Annihilation as a meeting gift and then used Backstab, Gouge etc. I raised my bloodstained dagger and said, "Orange Night and White Cloak, deal with this one first!"

    Instantly, the two puppets pulled out and focused fire along with me.


    White Bird jumped and her body turned into a white light. Her blade slashed across the Sewn Monster's throat and caused large amounts of damage. Her attacks were always so sharp!


    The Sewn Monster shouted in rage and hacked down with his machete. As for White Bird, she easily dodged it, spinning around and hacking down on the Sewn Monster's shoulder. Moreover she followed it up with a few more swords to slice flesh and blood into the air.

    At this moment, I was not surprised anymore but shocked. White Bird suffered from the Sewn Monster's attacks before and was nearly destroyed by one fist. But after a few minutes she was actually able to come up with a way to counter? What kind of comprehension was that? Was she growing through battle?

    Forget it, anyways she was mine!

    Thus, one person and two puppets dealt with a Quasi Treasure Grade Boss in two minutes, reducing the pressure on the Black Castle defence line. It caused the skeletons to look at me in awe and worship. That was indeed the truth, without me the defence line would have been crushed!

    Continue, leveling was the most important!

    During the gaps of Soul Star Explosion, I wasted time and let Orange Night attack while I used my control spells. Something that made me happy was that due to my words for White Bird to protect herself, she did exactly that. Each attack was safe and she didn't give them a chance to hit her. However, she dealt the most damage out of the three of us.

    Just like that, not long later we killed the other two Sewn Monsters. Since entering Burning Forest, we had already killed 4 Quasi Treasure Grade Boss. But apart from gold, experience and contribution points, there was no good equipment. Maybe it was like what they say, purple equipment were really rare and normal Precious Grade monsters drop rate was less than 1/1 million. Quasi Bosses were higher but it shouldn't be much higher.

    I killed many Precious Grade Monsters but they had never dropped anything. But I had to console myself and give myself some hope.

    Not long later, the monsters on the hill were cleared out and many Black Castle troops had moved over. I continued forwards. Their target was to defend while mine was to attack. I looked at the skeleton, "Brothers, I am going to hunt the stronger target, take care of yourselves!"

    Their faces were filled with reluctance, "July Wildfire you are our pride, please fight. Don't forget our will, protect the last bit of kindness in our hearts."


    I couldn't handle the dumb conversation. Along with Orange Night and White Bird I disappeared into the night sky and proceeded forwards.

    Burning Forest, many two meter deep moats covered the land. Some had lava spitting out. Flames from the heart of the earth were already surging up. These were the flames that caused the forest to be burning for five hundred years. But thinking about it, it could only burn in the game. If this was real life, the trees wouldn't even be able to grow and it was impossible for it to last for 500 years.

    Not long later, we heard the sound of arrows being shot.

    "Peng peng!"


    Orange Night's arm was hit by two arrows and White Bird's agility was much higher, blocking one of them.

    "En? !"

    I pounced forwards and noticed that dozens of archers were behind the bushes. They were all high level archers!

    Twilight Hunter, level 63 Treasure Grade Monster, Archer type. All of them were undead with covered faces, some were guys and some were girls. They looked like archers who had climbed out from their graves. 20 yards away from me, at least ten of them launched attacks. They only saw Orange Night and White Cloak but not me who was in White Cloak state.


    I was the first to attack. I used Apprehension on the Twilight Hunters but my Attack wasn't enough so I hollered, "Orange Night use Giant Dragon Storm!"


    Orange Night's body was covered in a golden light as he waved his spear at the monsters. Their healthbar started to reduce and entered my killing range. I activated Dark Shadow Jump!

    "Peng peng peng!"

    Sparks flew and each Dark Shadow Jump meant that one Twilight Hunter died. These were level 63 Treasure Grade Monsters and I was killing them like one chopped vegetables. My experience bar shone and along with Orange Night and White Bird's attacks, we killed these 20+ in a blink of an eye.

    I looked at my experience bar and I was level 57 48%. I felt like I could reach level 59 today. Maybe with the main quest rewards, I might be able to reach level 60!


    Just like that, I spent time in Burning Forest until 12pm.


    A message came from Shen Mingxuan, "Little brother, we ordered delivery and it is at the door. Do you want to take it over and eat? It is about time."


    I was speechless, now Shen Mingxuan was so arrogant to call me little brother?

    I kept White Bird and Orange Night and went offline.

    I walked out of the guard post and as expected, beneath the iron gate was a large bag of dishes. It seemed quite heavy when I carried it. On close look, there were a few dishes along with four boxes of rice and also a Carp Tofu Soup. The food standards here were similar to that of when I was with Ah Fei, not bad.

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