Chapter 172- Sleeping evil spirit
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Zhan Yue Chapter 172- Sleeping evil spirit

 I went along the mountain path and walked down the mountain. At the end of it was a red teleportation formation which led towards Burning Forest. There were Black Castle experts heading in. There were also many undead cavalry, swordsmen holding swords and also mysterious experts in black robes.


    When I stepped in, I turned into specks of light and passed through space. In the next second, I reappeared in another world.

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    The area in front of me was all red. It was a forest covered in flames and the flames lit up the night sky like it was still the morning. Ahead of me, a warrior holding a broadsword raised his sword and pointed towards Burning Forest, "Charge, kill! The evil forces have descended. If we don't win this, Dimension Legion will swallow us up!"


    A bunch of skeleton soldiers charged towards the Flame Forest.

    I frowned and entered White Cloak state right away. I raised my daggers and followed them in. The moment I stepped into the forest, an old system voice spread into my ears--

    "Burning Forest, a dense forest cursed by flames. A few hundred years ago, this was a fertile land but the demonic energy beneath the ground spread out and caused a fire. This fire lasted for 500 years and didn't stop. At the same time, it turned Burning Forest into a barrier to the north of Black Castle."

    "Twilight Army has descended and this army is led by one of the ten lord's Blade of Twilight- Talon. They won all battles and once wiped out many human race countries in the north. They even won in many battles against Xuanyuan Empire. Now, they have raised their blades and enteed Burning Forest. Their motive is more and more obvious."


    "Blade of Twilight?"

    I walked deep into the forest while frowning. It seemed like this main quest was really amazing, would I get to meet the legendary ten lords? I hope I wouldn't, I didn't want to die!

    Right at that moment, I heard a furious roar. A monster appeared on the mountain. It was a fatty who held a bloodstained machete. His body looked really weird, he had the head of a human but his left arm was a wild beast's claw and right hand, chest and stomach were just pieces of rotten meat meshed together. As for its legs, there were four legs covered in spikes like that of a giant crab.

    Sewn Monster, Level 63, Quasi Treasure Grade Boss!

    It was even 6 levels higher than me, I couldn't even see its stats. But I was lucky to be able to meet a Quasi Treasure Grade Boss right after stepping into the forest.


    The Sewn Monster roared and sniffed. It turned around and hollered, "You coward, I have picked up your scent. Come out, as long as you are from Black Castle, I will smash you into a piece of rotten meat!"

    "You are the rotten meat!"

    I laughed out loud and raised my hand, summoning Orange Night. At the same time I charged from the wings. The moment Orange Night's spear hit his machete, I used White Cloak+ Annihilation under the effects of Soul Star Explosion. With a piercing sound, I took away close to 80 thousand of its health!

    My Attack stats increased so my damage numbers naturally increased too!


    Sewn Monster turned around and stared at me with one eye that looked like it was about to explode, "You despicable thief, I am going to twist off your head!"

    As he said that, he slashed down with his blade. He broke through the wind quickly and viciously!

    I smiled and while retreating, I used Dark Shadow Jump and instantly charged behind the Boss. I used Backstab+ Hunter's Edge+ Mist Slash. Right at that moment, I heard a voice from my bag, "Lu Li, I want... I want to fight..."

    It was White Bird!

    "No, the enemy is too strong, you will be killed!" I objected right away.

    I had to at least wait for normal monsters before releasing White Bird. Such a level 63 Quasi Treasure Grade Boss could insta kill White Bird as the gap was too huge!

    "No, I want to fight." Her voice had no emotions at all.

    I frowned and didn't care at all. White Bird had too many secrets that I couldn't understand. Since she insisted, she probably had her reasons. I raised my hand to release her. She just raised her broken sword and slashed down on the Sewn Monster's neck!


    That sword was too fierce! I was stunned. White Bird was just a Grade Three puppet, it actually did 15000 damage on a Treasure Grade Boss? She sliced off an entire piece of meat. What kind of a freak was she.

    "Kong! You are asking for death!"

    The Sewn Monster hollered in rage and his body shone red. He slashed and with a loud "peng", he forced Orange Night back. After which, the machete turned into a blood light which headed towards White Bird's neck.

    White Bird stared at his movement with her beautiful eyes. The instance it was about to slice her neck, she sunk down and instantly, the machete sliced off a part of her hair. She slashed her blade towards the legs of the Sewn Monster and caused the meat and blood there to end up as a mess. He even found it hard to stand properly.

    One had to say that in terms of strength, Orange Night was much stronger but in terms of skill, White Bird was more flexible and could see through the weakness of the enemy.


    The Sewn Monster roared in pain and hacked down with the machete. White Bird stepped down and dodged to the right but when she was in mid air, the claw on the left hand of the Sewn Monster slapped down onto her!


    A loud explosion as White Bird flew backwards from that claw!

    "White Bird!"

    I hugged her up from the bushes and noticed that a clear claw wound appeared on her chest. She coughed and looked at me with her beautiful eyes, "I am okay."

    Her voice was mechanical and empty, like she wasn't consoling me but telling me a truth that she was fine.

    No matter what, she was a battle puppet!

    The moment I placed her dow, White Bird charged forwards once more. This time I stopped watching and just used Dark Shadow Jump to appear in front of the Sewn Monster. I used Gouge to interrupt his skill and used Separated by water. Along with Orange Night and White Bird, the Sewn Monster couldn't take it and fell to the ground!


    He dropped dozens of gold and apart from that, there were two more useless Rare Grade equipment.

    Three streaks of experience flew towards us. I got the most, Orange Night second and White Bird the least. But to her current Grade it was quite a high amount!

    At that moment, without any time to rest, hurried footsteps broke the silence of the forest. Shortly after, a giant being appeared on the hill. It was an undead cavalry riding a blood wolf. His face was only left with bones and his eyes shone a dark light like he had came from hell.

    "Black Castle? You deserve to die!"

    I charged over with my blade while spending time to check their stats.

    Blood Wolf Cavalry, level 63 Treasure Grade monsters. This time they won't bosses but not only him. On the other side there were many other cavalry. In a blink of an eye there were over ten of them. Their strength was quite shocking but I had no choice. I charged with my daggers, "Orange Night, White Bird, fight them!"

    "Yes Master!"

    While I tangled with four of them, Orange Night used Giant Dragon Storm and Firm as Rock to fight against five Blood Wolf Cavalry. White Bird used her broken blade to slash before retreating, using that strategy against three Blood Wolf Cavalry. All of a sudden, we were in danger!


    Hunter's Edge!

    Light shone and I killed them quickly. As compared to the two puppets, I dealt the most damage. In a blink of an eye, I used Apprehension+ Dark Shadow Jump to kill four Blood Wolf Cavary. After which, I charged towards the few attacking White Bird and dealt with them. Before finally helping Orange Night with his five.

    After the battle, the ground was covered in silver and the white experience light flew around. This leveling speed was too good. It was at least twice the speed as compared to when I was with Lin Xi. En, not bad not bad!

    "Charge, consolidate the defensive line!"

    Behind me, a Black Castle cavalry held his blade and galloped forwards. Behind him were a bunch of undead swordsmen who formed a defensive line. At the back were some mages and archers. Ahead of us were loud wolf howls and when I looked down the mountain, my heart felt a chill.

    Right ahead of us were groups of Blood Wolf Cavalry, at least a few hundred of them. What was worse was that there were three Sewn Monsters mixed between. We all knew how strong Sewn Monsters were, Orange Night, White Bird and I found it hard even when we fought him one against three. For there to be three at once, that would be a problem!



    Among them, one Sewn Monster roared, "Let the Black Castle scum know the consequence for rejecting Dimension Legion. Since they are not willing to be a part of us, then they are our enemy. Attack Twilight Army, we are the killers of the north. We are the evil spirits that were in slumber deep in the land, let the world feel our terror!"

    It was coming!

    Large batches of Blood Wolf Cavalry used Assault. Apart from that, the Sewn Monsters also slashed with their machetes!

    There was no point in saying much more, they were just experience and gold!

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