Chapter 171- Burning Batle
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Zhan Yue Chapter 171- Burning Batle

 Next morning.

    I went to the electronics city early in the morning to buy a whole bunch of surveilance equipment. Before the sun got bright I rolled up my sleeves and got busy. I connected the wires and placed the cameras in fixed corners. The tools in my hands kept changing, from screwdriver to clamps.

    Backyard, above the cucumber rack.

    I was sweating profusely as I secured the camera to one of the iron rods. Shuffling footsteps spread from behind me and I noticed that it was Shen Mingxuan in T-shit and hotpants. She held a cup of hot coffee and she tilted her head to look at me, "Lu Li, you even know how to do this?"

    "Eh ah..."

    I replied, "When I joined the company I did many of such things, things like cameras are... too simple."

    "Oh, after fixing them, do you know how to monitor them?"


    I laughed, "I can even write the program."


    She opened her mouth slightly, "It seems like I really can't look down on you anymore. Are you tired? Do you need me to help you get a cup of coffee?"

    "No need, thank you!"

    I twisted the screw while saying, "Shen Mingxuan are there computers in the studio that are not used? A laptop is fine too. I have bought the gpu and after I equip it, we can monitor the studio 24/7."

    "Yes, I will go get it for you."


    Not long later, everything was settled.

    On the second floor of the studio, a laptop was placed on the table in front of Lin Xi. In it were dozens of realtime images which showed everything around the studio. Lin Xi was shocked as she smiled towards me, "I thought you were exaggerating, I didn't expect you to be so amazing..."

    I smiled awkwardly, "It isn't much, this was just coincidentally what I am good at. Right, do you want sensors around the walls,

once a lifeforce gets close it would give out an alarm. Then no one will dare climb over our wall."

    "Is it expensive?"

    "A better one will cost 20-30 thousand?"

    "Let's wait!"



    I returned to my room and after a cold

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