Chapter 171- Burning Batle
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Zhan Yue Chapter 171- Burning Batle

 Next morning.

    I went to the electronics city early in the morning to buy a whole bunch of surveilance equipment. Before the sun got bright I rolled up my sleeves and got busy. I connected the wires and placed the cameras in fixed corners. The tools in my hands kept changing, from screwdriver to clamps.

    Backyard, above the cucumber rack.

    I was sweating profusely as I secured the camera to one of the iron rods. Shuffling footsteps spread from behind me and I noticed that it was Shen Mingxuan in T-shit and hotpants. She held a cup of hot coffee and she tilted her head to look at me, "Lu Li, you even know how to do this?"

    "Eh ah..."

    I replied, "When I joined the company I did many of such things, things like cameras are... too simple."

    "Oh, after fixing them, do you know how to monitor them?"


    I laughed, "I can even write the program."


    She opened her mouth slightly, "It seems like I really can't look down on you anymore. Are you tired? Do you need me to help you get a cup of coffee?"

    "No need, thank you!"

    I twisted the screw while saying, "Shen Mingxuan are there computers in the studio that are not used? A laptop is fine too. I have bought the gpu and after I equip it, we can monitor the studio 24/7."

    "Yes, I will go get it for you."


    Not long later, everything was settled.

    On the second floor of the studio, a laptop was placed on the table in front of Lin Xi. In it were dozens of realtime images which showed everything around the studio. Lin Xi was shocked as she smiled towards me, "I thought you were exaggerating, I didn't expect you to be so amazing..."

    I smiled awkwardly, "It isn't much, this was just coincidentally what I am good at. Right, do you want sensors around the walls,

once a lifeforce gets close it would give out an alarm. Then no one will dare climb over our wall."

    "Is it expensive?"

    "A better one will cost 20-30 thousand?"

    "Let's wait!"



    I returned to my room and after a cold bath, I carried my helmet to the guard post. Today I will continue my journey in game.

    But before that, I activated my phone program and wore my headphones. I rested lazily on the chair and said, "Stareye, activate distant program!"

    A few seconds later, Stareye's system voice spread into my ears, "Pathfinder welcome back!"

    "Connect to the monitoring equipment that I just set up."

    "Connection success!"

    "Very good."

    I clapped and smiled, "Maintain risk analysis and report to me. Apart from that, use the bee shaped unmaned zones of Destiny Corporation to monitor the area around her. Also do a safety analysis. Upload all the data here to my personal database."

    "Permission granted, monitoring will begin!"


    I nodded my head, "Continue to enter sleep state."

    "Till next time Pathfinder!"


    This time I could really go online without any worries. Although Lin Xi, Shen Mingxuan and the others treated me as a security guard, but I had unknowingly raised their safety level to S Grade. I even used the drones. The next step would be to use satelites.

    Fortunately, although my father quarelled with me and froze my bank account, but my S Grade permission in Destiny Corporation was still there. He probably knew that as compared to money, I needed these resources more.

    I went online peacefully. Play and level!


    My Paladin account appeared in Linchen County, level 55, so I equipped Lance Deep Ocean Shield right away. A purple shield appeared in my hands and finally this account wasn't a little brother anymore but a super Paladin with a purple equipment. In Linchen County, I was probably top three. After all, I had the Shura account for level and With You for equipment, I couldn't be any bad.

    My plan today was still to raise the Shura account's strength!

    I walked to the entrance of Great Sage Hall and saw that Ah Fei was carving inscriptions. I sent him a message, "Ah Fei, I will switch to Shura account. Help me see if the human account friends list will have any changes."

    "En, okay."

    I stepped deep in Great Sage Hall and after confirming that there was no one around, I switched. I appeared in mid air and my body changed. My human skin was shed and what replaced it was the Shura image that was covered in red marks. A noble horn appeaed on my head and black energy wrapped around me. My daggers shone a cold light and I looked really handsome.

    "What about now?"

    I sent a voice message to Ah Fei, "Is there any difference with my human account?"


    He was shocked, "You are using your Shura account now?"


    "That is weird, your human account is still lit up, there is no difference with you being online normally."


    I was shocked too, "Why not you try to send me a message?"


    A few seconds later, with a "di", Ah Fei sent me a message, "Idiot!"

    I was annoyed and at the same time I noticed that I could actually reply too. Moreover I replied as the human account. I was delighted and replied, "Okay, continue to be busy you idiot!"


    I took out the City Return Scroll and crushed it. Instantly my body turned into a current which surged into the sky and when I opened my eyes once more, I was in the teleportation formation at Heaven and Earth Pavilion.


    The timing was around there, my Orange Night should be fixed!

    Thus, I stepped into Heaven and Earth Pavilion and went into Lin Fengnian's hall. I nodded my head and smiled, "Senior Uncle Lin is Orange Night fixed?"


    He stared at me and said, "Take it!"

    With a "Shua", an orange light shone. In the next moment, a perfectly fine Orange Night appeared in front of me. He was still grade five nad looked really calm while holding his spear.

    "Orange Night."


    "How do you feel?"

    "I have came back from the dead, thank you Master!"

    "That's great!"

    I kept Orange Night into my bag right away and cupped my fists towards Lin Fengnian, "Thank you Senior Uncle, Senior Uncle really solved my problem."

    Lin Fengnian glanced at me, "Although the puppet is strong but you can't overuse it. You need to cherish him and use him properly!"

    "Yes Senior Uncle."

    "Right, that broken arm Grade One puppet, can you..."

    "My cave is on fire, I need to go back, goodbye Senior Uncle!"

    After saying that, I dashed out of Heaven and Earth Pavilion.

    "You brat, you wait!"

    Lin Fengnian's furious and helpless voice spread out from behind me.


    After so long, I finally returned to the outer five locations and everything felt so close and warm. I returned back to my cave and saw that White Bird was back to full health. Her beautiful face was still ice cold and she stood tall like that of a spear. Her eyes were still lost and empty like before.

    "White Bird?"

    I walked forwards and smiled, "I am back."

    "Lu Li."

    Her voice was really calm, "Bring me... Bring me to fight."


    I frowned, "You still want to fight?"



    I nodded my head, anyways I was going out so I raised my hands and kept White Bird into my bag. Orange Night had revived so I would use two puppets in battle. Although puppets used a lot of experience but it brought me many benefits. With two of them, my own strength would undeniably increase.

    Head out, the same old place, Lightning Forest!

    After heading out of Wind Cloud Platform, I walked on the mountain path. Suddenly a really strong aura descended from above. When I raised my head I was so frightened that I nearly knelt down onto the ground. I saw a giant bone dragon flying above whose wings were hundreds of meters long. On the back was a general holding a sword. It was the Left Camp Commander Lin Mu!

    "July Wildfire!"

    Lin Mu rode a terrifying bone dragon and just hung in mid air. He looked at me and his voice spread into my ears, "You have been summoned!"


    "Sir Lin Mu, summoned for what?"

    He said solemnly, "Head to Burning Forest Battlefield, a branch of Dimension Legion has launched an attack and that battlefield needs your strength!"

    "Burning Forest?"

    I was stunned and instantly the map shone. When I opened it I saw that north of Undying Mountain was a red colored map that had spawned. It was called Burning Forest. In the next moment, a bell rang--


    System notification: Will you accept main quest Burning Battle?

    Did I even need to say anything? Of course accept!

    After confirming, a bell rang once more!


    System notification: Congratulations for accepting main quest Burning Quarrel (SS Grade)!

    Quest details: Head towards Burning Forest and join the battle against Dimension Legion. Kill single targets and saving our units will gain points. The higher the points the higher the reward. Good luck!



    I was delighted. I didn't expect Lin Mu would give me an SS Grade quest, that was fantastic!

    At the same time, a person flashed across my head. It was a human with red wings. On close look, it was the half dragon Long Yilan. Who knew when but he seemed to have evolved. Wings had appeared on his back and many scales appeared on his body. His aura was much stronger than before!


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    Long Yilan lowered his head and looked at me, "July Wildfire are you heading to Burning Forest to get humiliated? This time the top person in the battle would belong to me!"

    My mouth twitched, "Okay it belongs to you, no one will compete with you!"

    He flapped his wings and flew over really quickly.

    It seemed like this quest wasn't only to me, I probably wouldn't be so lonely in this battle.

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