Chapter 137- Me, July Wildfire
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Zhan Yue Chapter 137- Me, July Wildfire


But since I was on the board then so be it. My ID actually had a dark red emblem behind it which said "Darkness Faction". Lin Xi who was first also had the silver "Dawn Faction". The faction was just so eye catching. Probably the entire Linchen County knew who created the legendary Separated by water!

Forget it, continue to fight!

Since I was able to appear on the rankings, this meant that the system recognised me as a player, just that my faction and job was a little different. Since that was the case then I would definitely get rewards. This was a great thing. On one side, I could gain the resources of Black Castle, on the other, I would also gain even rewards. This was a huge win!


A few minutes later.

"Ah Li, you appeared on the board?" Ah Fei asked.


I nodded my head, "Why, are you also at Luoyan Fortress?"

"En, I came to gain some experience." He said, "Ah Li, this should be the first time you are appearing as July Wildfire right? Be careful, many people know about the source of our ID, maybe Wine and Poems can guess that July Wildfire is you!"

"It doesn't matter."

I said calmly, "Anyways I would have to fight them sooner or later. I can't live as a Boss for the rest of my life and not appear in front of the people."

"Right, anyways be careful. You are in an opposing camp so don't come into contact with Linchen County players."

"Don't worry, even if I come into contact with them they can't do anything to me."

"En, okay. Then work hard, try to get first and take Lin Xi down!"

"Ok, I will try my best, haha~~"


"Blood Dynasty Spearman, prepare to attack!"

In the distance, Blood Dynasty generals shouted once more. In the next moment, numerous spearman cavalry in blood red armor appeared in my field of sight. They rode muscular war horses and held three meter long spears. They hollered and blood energy surged around their spear, forming a blood colored whirlpool!


The spears crashed onto the Black Castle Shield formation and gave rise to loud hitting sounds. The destructive powers of the blood spiral on their spears was really strong, shattering shield after shield. All of a sudden, Black Castle's defence line was about to be lost!


The undead cavalry gritted his teeth, "Is this the spearman cavalry that made our left camp lose out? All heavy shield soldiers retreat! Archers aim those spearman cavalry and shoot them to death!"

"Yes sir!"

On one side, the shield soldiers were being murdered and at least half of them were dead. On the other side, the undead archers appeared behind the crowd, blood colored death energy wrapped around them as they shot out sharp arrows. Instantly many of the spearman cavalry were injured and their attacks were weakened.


Many of the spearman broke through and looked at us viciously, "All you ants have already died so you should just rest in the dirt. You actually come back to the land of the living, you are just asking for death!"

"Shua shua shua~~~"

Spears pierced through the bodies of the undead and in a blink of an eye, many soldiers were killed.

"Blood Dynasty is just too arrogant!"

A body dashed across. It was an elder from the War Hall. He hollered and pushed his palm forwards, forming a wave formed from death laws, "All of you scram!"

"Hong hong hong~~~"

Under the death law attacks, hundreds of Blood Dynasty spearman cavalry were forced back. Those that were too far in front were all insta killed.

"Elder let's kill them!"

The undead cavalry held his bloodstaind sword.

"No, retreat!"

The elder said calmly, "I can sense,

that Blood Dynasty's army has an elder level expert that is stronger than me. All of you retreat to the right camp. We need to repair the World Ender formation. Only the outer mountain troops are here this time, we are far weaker than Blood Dynasty and can only defend."


"Listen to my orders!"

"Yes elder!"

The cavalry waved his sword, "Brothers, return to camp and wait for orders!"


Everyone retreated.

As for me, I went into stealth and continued in the wind. I didn't return as I still wanted to gain points. Anyways I was a player so there was no need to follow Black Castle around.

Thus, I returned to the battlefield and went to their backline. From afar, their camp was tens of miles long. As expected from an army, this camp was much bigger than ours. Moreover, they still had many troops that were split up within.

Very good, since they were attacking the human race stronghold, then I shall attack their base!

"Sha sha~~~"

I stepped in. A bunch of archers were grouped together and defending the outer wall. I silently came behind them and used White Cloak+ Dragon Will!


A palm sweep insta killed 20+ level 55 Precious Grade monsters at once. Huge experience! At the same time, a bunch of sword weilding soldiers dashed over with rage written all their faces, "A small bug has came into our camp. Kill him, don't let him interfere with the commander!"

I raised my hand and summoned Orange Night. The moment he landed from the air, he swept with his spear and caused a circular storm which forced the monsters back. I used Hunter's Edge and supported Orange Night. At the same time, I slashed with my daggers and triggered Frostfang time after time. I also used Dark Shadow Jump to complete some easy kills.

Just like that, in ten minutes we cleared out some land in the enemy base.

We continued forwards!

Thankfully I had Orange Night, if not I wouldn't be able to tank so much firepower alone!


I kicked open the entrance of a tent and inside were many Blood Dynasty soldiers. Orange Night jumped in and started massacring them. Then we went to the next tent. Just like that we charged tent after tent and in an hour, my points brought me to second and forced Feng Canghai down to third.


Just at that moment, I heard loud sounds from outside. I turned around and walked out but noticed that there were large amounts of players. They were all from Elements. Beneath their feet were a bunch of Blood Dynasty corpses. At the front was Feng Canghai who was holding a purple sword!


Feng Canghai looked at me but it seemed like he couldn't see my ID. Like what Ah Fei said, normal players saw my name as ??? and not my ID. But Feng Canghai was smart and saw my movements and the corpses beneath my feet. He smiled, "Friend, you are July Wildfire?"

I frowned, "Yes."

"He is July Wildfire? !"

Lin Songyan was stunned, he held his shield and was wary. He smiled, "A player that is part of Darkness Faction, really interesting. Moreover your level is quite high!"

Feng Canghai smiled, "July Wildfire, you are alone... Are you doing a quest here?"


I shook my head, my hands held my daggers which were dripping blood, "I am just levelling up."

Beside Feng Canghai, Mars River who was keeping silent said, "July Wildfire since that is the case then why not join us. We got a mission which is to assassinate their commander. He is an Unique Grade Boss. If you join us, we will have a higher chance of completing it."

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"2nd Brother?"

Old Mountain broke into a laugh, "Why do you want to recruit all experts?"

Feng Canghai smiled, "Right, that would depend on July Wildfire."

It seemed like only Mars River wanted to pull me in. As for the rest, they all looked down on me, especially this person called Old Mountain. He even looked at me with disgust. Maybe the rewards for the mission were a lot and they didn't want to share it with others.

I shook my head and smiled, "There is no need. I am fro a different faction so I don't think we can party together."

"Oh, that is such a waste."

Feng Canghai waved and smiled, "Then we will get busy. Continue to train, we won't disturb you."



Logically speaking, Elements was a first rate guild and didn't need to bother about me. But Feng Canghai and Mars River were so polite mainly because I was famous and second in the rankings. Level 51, Darkness Faction Assassin, just that alone made them look at me differently.

Of course they were just being polite. They definitely wouldn't allow an outsider like me to join them, moreover I also didn't want to.

Continue, kill the Blood Dynasty people, level up!

Blood Dynasty and Black Castle were enemies and it was said that they had been fighting for hundreds of years. Moreover I was from Black Castle so naturally I couldn't share this world with Blood Dynasty. Moreover, each person I killed gave me large amounts of experience and contribution points, this was an opportunity that I couldn't miss!


The moment a spearman was killed, he dropped a few silver and also a dark blue dagger. I picked it up, level 52 Super Rare dagger. Its stats were quite decent. Although it couldn't compare to Lord Slayer and Frostfang but if I sold it, I couldget around 200 RMB

What a victory. I felt great. We had money for dinner today!

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