Chapter 136- On the leaderboard
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Zhan Yue Chapter 136- On the leaderboard


His spear shot out a strong light which pierced through Blood Dynasty units in a line. Orange Night's attacks were too strong, far stronger than these level 50 Precious Grade monsters. I didn't even need to bother about him and he could just level up on his own. As for me, I held my dagger to charge about the crowd, using Dark Shadow Jump to kill those at low health and then letting the skill cooldown refresh. My experience bar soared and I was immersed in the joy of killing.

Over an hour later.


In the bushes in the distance, a giant person rose into the air. It was an undead giant holding a giant war hammer. Black Castle members finally charged out of that hole. Along with loud explosions, the hammer swept across the Blood Dynasty army. With a loud "Hong", a bunch of cavalry were crushed into meat paste. In the back, the undead cavalry general held a sword and shouted, "Charge, how can one small Jin Country army try to restrict our elites. Kill them!"

In the crowd, streaks of light flew as the disciples from the five outer locations used their skills. Instantly, the Blood Dynasty heavy armored troops couldn't block it anymore and were forced back. In a blink of an eye, the defence line started to break down.


In the chaotic army formation, the Blood Dynasty general Jin Heng held his blade and looked forwards with a sharp gaze. He shouted, "If not for that kid messing up our backlines we wouldn't be losing. retreat, retreat to the plains. Archers get ready. I don't believe that Black Castle would dare to fight us on the plains!"

"Yes sir!"

Blood Dynasty's troops started to retreat and in a blink of an eye they got out of the forest.

"Continue to attack!"

The cavalry's gaze was cold, "Do they think they can just attack our camp? Not so simple, Black Castle isn't a force they can just offend like that!"


The 20 thousand elites from the five outer locations started to move.

I was in the forest and didn't show myself. This area was too open and I was a killer hidden in the darkness, not a horseman that roamed the battlefield. I was not good at fighting head on and didn't have any defensive skills. Once I clashed against the shield soldiers, I would be left with nothing and fired down.



My body passed through a part of the forest and the area in front of me opened up. Under the night sky, torches lit up the area. On the plains was a huge ocean of Blood Dynasty troops. Large batches of them were heading towards Luoyan Mountain in the south. As for Luoyan Mountain, it was a human fortress.

The map showed that the fortress was called Luoyan Fortress and it was Linchen County's only castle in the Luoyan Mountain Range.

At this moment, Luoyan Fortress was being pelted by large pieces of stone. On the walls were lines of human soldiers and bunch of players who were clashing with Blood Dynasty's close combat soldiers. This was the main battlefield of the event. As for me, I was just at the outskirts.


I sucked in a deep breath and squinted my eyes. Through the darkness, I saw an Archer formation 200 meters ahead of me. They were the elites of Blood Dynasty, all of them held a strong bow and their bodies were covered in blood energy. Their eyes were field with deceit and killing intent.

There were at least 10 thousand of them, forming dozens of Archer formations to ambush there!

"Darkness Iron Cavalry!"

The cavalry pointed his sword forwards and shouted, "Prepare to charge! Crush their wing. Each Blood Dynasty dog you kill, you will be rewarded!"

"Yes sir!"

The five thousand outer mountain cavalry that we brought pulled out their blades and charged.


I headed forwards and said towards the general, "We can't charge!"


July Wildfire?"

He lowered his head and said, "So it is Wind Cloud Platform's first seat. Speak, why can't we?"

I pointed forwards, "Large amounts of Blood Dynasty Archers are ambushing there. They are far more than our cavalry. If we charge, we will suffer heavy losses."

"That might not be the case?"

He smiled, his eyes were filled with pride, "Take a look. Our Darkness Iron Cavalry are all wearing heavy armor. These are Armor of Darkness refined by Heaven and Earth Pavilion. Even heavy bows can't pierce through them. We are sitting on elite undead bone horses which are all top grade horses. Just these Archers, what skills do they have to stop us? On the contrary, we can catch them off guard. Once we crush their Archer formation, our infantry would be able to stab right in!"

I rolled my eyes, "Are you insisting on charging?"


He waved his sharp blade, "I am the commander of this battle. No matter the outcome, I will take responsibility!"


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I nodded, "Then go ahead, I won't bother!"

After saying that, I said towards the disciples, "All Wind Cloud Platform remain here, you are not to follow."

"Yes Senior Brother July!"


In the next moment, one could hear the sound of rumbling horse hooves. The five thousand elite cavalry started to charge, their horse hooves shaking heaven and earn. It was as if each step was stepping on one's soul, it was so real and intense. It was as if there really was a cavalry army charging in front of you!


In the distance, the Blood Dynasty Archer Formation general pointed his sword formations, "It is time to show your loyalty, Blood Dynasty Archer Formation, prepare to fire! Aim, fire!"

"Peng peng peng--"

Arrows shot through the air. In the distance, they fired not only arrows but also ones wrapped in blood energy waves. In a blink of an eye, the arrows formed an arrow veil which landed amongst the Darkness Iron Cavalry. "Pu pu pu" as blood splattered. The troops at the front started to collapse, both men and horse fell to the ground. Those at the back were stumbled and they ended up in a mess.


The general's face turned green, "How did this happen... Their Archer Formation shouldn't be so strong, how did this happen?"

I was speechless, "Since they dared to receive our charge with archers, they were definitely prepared. As for you, you just charged without thinking, aren't you asking for death?"

"Now what, July Wildfire? !" He turned around and asked.

"Tell them to retreat!"

I frowned, "Let's save all that we can. Shield soldiers move forwards to cover their retreat. If their Archers push forwards, we shall use our shield soldiers to get close and slice them."


The cavalry cupped his fists, "Order the cavalry squad to retreat!"

"Yes sir!"

A deceomposing undead monsters nodded and then carried a two meter long horn. "Wu wu wu". As he used too much strength, his intestines started to fire outwards and in a blink of an eye he died.

I was stunned, "Each time they blow the horn, one of them die? Damn..."

"Heavy Shield Soldiers, push forwards!"

The cavalry continued to command.

I stretched and entered White Cloak state, following the rows of shield soldiers forwards. I saw their bodies shaking as their arrows landed on the shields. Splattering sounds continued and some sharp arrows actually pierced the shields. The arrowheads also pierced their palms. Luckily they were made of bones and decomposing flesh so it didn't matter.

"Those damn bugs! Our archers can't pierce through their shields!"

In the distance, the Blood Dynasty soldiers shouted.

"Blood Dynasty armored soldiers, strike!"

In the next moment, their Archer formation changed and many shield holding soldiers appeared. They smashed right into our Heavy Sheild Soldiers.

Finally, the close combat troops clashed!


I charged from the gaps between the sheilds and used White Cloak+ Dragon Will. Golden light wrapped around me as the space around was twisted. Just one palm and instantly the Blood Dynasty Heavy Armored troops were low health. I used Dark Shadow Jump to jump around and insta kill a bunch of them!

I summoned Orange Night to assist me!


Orange Night appeared in the crowd in an orange storma nd his spear swept a bunch. He coulnd't be stopped and together we stunned the bunch of Black Castle NPCs.

"July Wildfire you are so strong! As expected from Sir Ding Heng's disciple..."

"Wind Cloud Platform first seat, he really is strong!"

"Too strong, is that a high grade Battle Puppet? I heard that one of them is really expensive. Moreover, Heaven and Earth Pavilion's Master Lin Fengnian is so stingy. Unless one is really important, he wouldn't sell it. I didn't expect July Wildfire to get such an amazing one!"


I didn't say anything, just charging about the frontlines. Dark Shadow Jump, Annihilation, Hunter's Edge, Separated by water, Dark Shadow Jump etc. With my partners protecting me, I could deal as much damage as I wanted. This felt so good!

Just like that, after killing for a period of time, I opened the rankings at the top right. I noticed that I was on the board--

1. Lin Xi Level 53 Warrior (Dawn Camp)

2. Feng Canghai Level 52 Warrior

3. July Wildfire Level 51 Assassin (Darkness Camp)

4. Old Mountain Level 51 Archer

5. Mars River Level 51 Mage

6. Bright Moon Level 50 Archer

7. Breaking Dawn Ash Level 50 Warrior

8. Follow Heart Level 50 Mage

9. Breaking Dawn Destruction Level 50 Assassin

10. Wine and Poems Level 49 Warrior


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