Chapter 135- Orange Night can be upgraded
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Zhan Yue Chapter 135- Orange Night can be upgraded


I activated Quickness and charged into the teleportation formation like the others. "Shua", my body was separated and sent into another land. It was pitch black, torches lit up the defensive line. I looked around at the simple camp. behind me were the thousands from the right camp. They were in dozens of tents. Bunch of torches, weak fences etc. Right ahead of me, many blood colored bodies appeared who were attacking the hundred strong defence line.

On the ground, corpses strewn all over. The corpses were covered in arrows and so was the land around. It was obvious that the enemy sent an arrow rain on this area. Most of the right camp troops here were dead and only 2-3 hundred remained. If we had came any later, this place would have been wiped out in less than 10 minutes.

"Shield Soldiers, head forwards!"

The undead cavalry general waved his sword and instantly a ten meter sword light swept forwards. He directly killed a bunch of Blood Dynasty soldiers. Raged filled his eyes, "You actually dare to attack our camp. You really are so arrogant! Charge and fight back!"

"Yes sir!"

A bunch of Black Castle soldiers charged forwards.

I entered White Cloak mode and passed through the gap in the fence. I came to the forest behind the Blood Dynasty troops and saw the entire battlefield clearly. The right camp land was on a wide empty space surrounded in bushes and thorns. It was tough to pass through and now they were being trapped here and attacked.

As for Blood Dynasty, there was obviously a lot more of them. They were lined up in an orderly manner on the grassland and only a few of them were attacking. I got close to them and realised an arrogant looking general riding a horse. He seemed really confident as he held the reins and a line of words appeared on his head--

General- Jin Heng (Unique Boss)

Introduction: Jin Heng, one of Blood Dynasty Jin Country's Commander in chiefs, he has done really well in the battlefield and has a really high position in Jin Country.



This Blood Dynasty's Commander in chief looked at the Black Castle camp and laughed coldly, "They actually sent reinforcements!"

Another general said solemnly, "Sir, should we... Retreat first?"


Jin Heng's eyes were filled with disdain, "Who cares about their reinforcements? Scoff, Black Castle's main right and left units have been diverted to Swallow Mountain. They can't bring any elites over. Even if they send anyone, they are just some weak people that we don't have to care about! Behind us we have the 30 thousand main force of Jin Country!"

As he said that, his eyes were filled with viciousness, "Since they dare to come, I will wipe them all out here!"


The general shivered and didn't dare to say anything else.

I basically understood the rough situation so I retreated back to the edge of the forest. There were large amounts of Blood Dynasty soldiers here. After all there were too many of them and couldn't all be together. This gave me a chance to take advantage of.

Ahead of me, the bunch of soldier names were blood red. They were all spearmen wearing red armor. When I got close, their stats appeared--

Blood Dynasty Spearman (Precious Grade Monster)

Level: 55

Attack: 1400-1850

Defence: 1200

Health: 14000

Skill: Spear Thrust, Blood Strike, Blood Consumption

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Introduction: Blood Dynasty Spearman, warriors chosen from everyday men. They have huge arm strength and stamina and can launch attacks while holding long spears. These formations have defeated many strong enemies including Black Castle's undead legion and Bahuang Army's iron cavalry etc.

They really are famous.


Level 55 Precious Grade Monster, did they have a chance of dropping purple equipment? Not bad not bad, they were 4 levels higher than me, they were perfect for levelling up.

Thus, I used Soul Star Explosion and spread my right hand towards the dense amount of spearman to use White Cloak+ Dragon Will!


The sounds of dragon roaring spread in the air. The golden dragon energy surged forwards and instantly the bunch of monsters cried out. A bunch of shocking damage numbers appeared on their heads--






A dense amount of damage numbers rose into the air and all of them were insta killed! Moreover, some of the numbers crit and did 12 times true damage. The damage numbers were so shocking!


My experience bar flashed twice. This palm finished too many Blood Dynasty spearman. In the next second, the spearman around noticed me and charged out. All of them shouted, "Black Castle bastard, charge forwards and kill him!"

"Come and kill me then!"

I provoked them arrogantly. At the same time I waved my dagger to kill the bunch of spearman. Lord Slayer and Frostfang "pu pu pu", as I caused lines of blood to splatter. Basically each attack of mine could deal 3000-4000 damage. Once I triggered Frostfang's effect then they were bascially insta killed. As for Hunter's Edge and Annihilation, they all basically one shotted the enemy.

"Shua shua!"

Two attacks later, a spearman was left with 50% health before he could retaliate. I didn't hesitate to Dark Shadow Jump forwards. With a "peng", he was insta killed. I turned around and attacked the two spearman behind me and then used the Dark Shadow Jump damage to complete a perfect monster killing tempo!

Just like that, in less than ten minutes, a large bunch of Blood Dynasty troops were cleared out by me. At least 500 of them were killed. Behind me were dense amounts of corpses. Of course, I kept all the silver and equipment that they dropped.


In the distance, a deputy general level NPC shouted in rage and dashed to Commander in chief Jin Heng. He shouted, "Sir, a Black Castle young man appeared on our left and he is really strong. He is good at sneak attacks and he has killed hundreds of us. What should we do?"

"Bunch of trash!"

Jin Heng held his blade and said coldly, "I will go find him!"

After saying that, he pulled his reins and charged out on his horse. I had also heard their conversation and used White Cloak and Quickness to charge deep into the forest. I jumped onto the tree branches and looked below. Jin Heng sniffed but he couldn't sense any aura. He gritted his teeth, "What a coward, if you have balls then fight me!"

I kept silent. As an Assassin, what I should do is to kill people without showing myself and not acting cool. If I went out now wouldn't I be asking to die. It was best if I just kept silent and got rich.

As expected, I could waste time but Jin Heng couldn't. In a blink of an eye he returend to the battlefield to command his troops.


"Sha sha..."

A few minutes later, I landed from the trees and got close to the Blood Dynasty army. I still searched for spearman to attack. Their attack range were lower and they had lower health so it was simple for me to gain levels. As for the other soldier types, they weren't suitable. Their heavy shield soldiers had over 20 thousand,, close to 30 thousand health. The Archers were clumped together so once they noticed me, I would be insta killed. As for their cavalry, forget about it. Although my stats were strong, but it wasn't that strong.

For an Assassin fighting cavalry head on, anyone with a brain would know that I would be asking for death!


White Cloak+Dragon Will once again killed a bunch. It was time to fight them head on!

Numerous spearman around me surged forwards with rage on their faces.

"Damn that fellow is here again!"

"Damn, my cousin was killed by him just now, I want to take revenge!"

"Kill that ignorant thing!"

"Right, he doesn't respect our Blood Dynasty at all, he is just asking for death!"

The bunch of them surged forwards but I just smiled calmly and opened my palm. I released my Grade Four Battle Puppet Orange Night.


Orange Night instantly swept with his spear and killed a half health spearman.

"Orange Night, kill to your fill!" I said.

"Yes Master!"

His mechanical voice had no feelings at all as he charged into the crowd. Instantly an orange spear exploded in the crowd and killed the NPCs. I looked at my experience bar and realised that I gained exp from Orange Night's kills. Although I only got 30%, but what did that mean?

Orange Night could level up!

Thinking about that, I was delighted. Right, Grade Four wasn't the strongest. Lin Fengnian still had grade five and six, maybe even seven or eight ones. But Orange Night was not replaceable as he was orange. Even if he upgraded, he would be orange. It was a definite win!

Apart from that, with Orange Night helping me, although I gained 30% experience, but the achievement points for the event was added to me too! Maybe I would be able to get on the boards soon. Who knows whether or not I could get on it with my identity as someone from Black Castle. If I did, many players would officially know me!

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