Chapter 134- Luoyan Mountain Battlefiled
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Zhan Yue Chapter 134- Luoyan Mountain Battlefiled


Right when I was sparring with Orange Night to raise skill familiarity, Ah Fei's voice spread from the outside, "Ah Li did you hear the system notification? Blood Expedition is about to start up!"

"Blood Expedition?"

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I was stunned, "What do you mean?"

"Damn, you can't receive system notifications?"

"We aren't even in the same camp so how do you know that I can hear it?" I was speechless.


He smiled awkwardly, "I will send my page to you, I don't know if you can join in."


Right away, an Illusionary Moon system activity page was sent over. I opened it and expected, it came from a human race city--

Battle of Luoyan Mountain

The Dimension Legion Army is spying on our human race land and today, Blood Dynasty has formed an alliance with them and launcehd an attack towards Night Fire Stronghold near Linchen County. Warriors from the other world, please set forth. The honor system has been activated, kill Blood Dynasty members and you will obtain honor and reputation! Fight, behind you is your homeland. We have no other choice!


This was an event restricted to Linchen County players which was why I didn't receive the system notification. After all I belonged to Black Castle. But since it was Blood Dynasty, maybe I could join in, and I should be able to get some contribution points and experience right? Maybe they would even drop equipment!

At this moment, an undead cavalry riding a bone horse galloped over. He held a flag and just arrived near Wind Cloud Platform. He shouted, "Emergency war matters! Blood Dynasty has invated Luoyan Mountain, threatening Black Castle's border area!"

Oh? It also triggered?


Master Ding Heng's body appeared in the wind and said, "Blood Dynasty has new movement? Scoff, they are clashing with the humans? They really don't respect our Black Castle at all!"

As he said that, he hollered towards the air, "All the outer location deacons, head to the War Hall for a meeting! All disciples remain nearby, prepare to fight!"

His voice pierced through the clouds and spread to each corner of the five locations. Instantly many powerful people flew out from their caves and headed towards the main hall.

Ding Heng looked at me and smiled, "Go and take a look?"

I nodded, "Okay!"


Ten minutes later.

War Hall, a bunch of resilient-looking undead warriors stood outside the hall. Apart from the left and right camp of the three divisions, the outer five locations had their own army. The War Hall was the one in charge of them. At this point, Elder ranked NPCs filled the hall. Ding Heng and Zhuang Huai Shui sat the center. Their positions seemed to be the highest in the five locations.

"Blood Dynasty has finally targetted Luoyan Mountain."

A deacon elder stood up and said, "Linchen County connects Blood Dynasty, Linchen County and Black Castle and is a really chaotic area. Our right camp has a thousand men army there but Blood Dynasty will definitely send their true forces. This army is not enough to face them. I think the five locations should send our elites to assist!"

Zhuang Huai Shui smiled coldly, "Assist who? Assist those despicable humans from Xuanyuan Empire? Did Elder Zhou forget that during the Battle of Blue Lake, Xuanyuan Empire's Marquis Lin Huang nearly wiped out our whole left camp. We still haven't taken revenge for that yet!"


Elder Zhou waved his sleeves and didn't say a word.

"That is then, now is now."

Ding Heng brushed his beard, "Then we were fighting with the humans so Marquis Lin Huang did what he should have. Now, Blood Dynasty is attacking Luoyan Mountain and I heard that they sent 100 thousand troops. Marquis Lin Huang might not be able to fend them off. If Linchen County is wiped out, what good will it do to us? If Blood Dynasty succeed in invading the humans,

their next prey would be us."

"Does Blood Dynasty have such a huge appetite? Senior Brother Ding is just too careful!" An Elder beside Zhuang Huai Shui said.

"Too careful?"

Ding Heng smiled, "Does Junior Brother Lei remember the battle 18 years ago? Blood Dynasty's 2000 men strong army charged from the outer mountain and nearly wiped out the main hall. They sent dozens of Elder level experts so as to kill the King of Darkness. Have you forgotten about how big their apetite is?"


Zhuang Huai Shui kept silent.

A white robed elder said solemnly, "I agree with Senior Brother Ding. As compared to the humans, we should be more worried of Blood Dynasty. Xuanyuan Empire's Bahuang Marquis just want to suppress us to this area while Blood Dynasty can wipe us all out. Since King of Darkness isn't out yet, our five locations need to join the battle!"

"No, we have to ask King of Darkness!" Zhuang Huai Shui said.

Right at that moment, an undead cavalry wearing golden armor galloped in. His body was covered in thick death energy and was filled with killing energy.

"It is King of Darkness's guard!" Ding Heng said, "Do you have news?"


The cavalry said, "Elders, King of Darkness has given orders: You can head out to war!"

"Good, you can return."


Ding Heng said, "Now who opposes Battle of Luoyan Mountain entering Battle of Luoyan Mountain?"

Instantly, the crowd was silent.

"Since that is the caes then we are just going to head out to battle!"

The War Hall elder said solemnly, "Each location will send out 30% of their disciples and the deacon elder will lead them into battle. War Hall will send 20 thousand elite troops. We will set out 2 hours later!"

"Yes elder!"



System notification: Please note, Battle of Luoyan Mountain event is about to begin, will you join?

Of course!



System notification: Congratulations for accepting main quest Battle of Luoyan Mountain (SS Grade) !

Quest details: Head towards Luoyan Mountain and help our forces attack, crush Blood Dynasty's invasion plan. After the quest, you will be rewarded based on your contribution points!


It was here, a main system questline!

I laughed out loud. What I needed the most now was probably such a quest! Firstly, I would be able to obtain large amounts of experience and secondly, I could familiarise with the various characters of the camp. Especially since the war against Blood Dynasty would last for very long.

But at this moment, a bell in the right corner jumped. Wind Cloud Platform Trial started to countdown. This was in conflict with the quest.


Ding Heng was shocked and asked me, "Little fellow, Wind Cloud Platform Trial is about to begin. How would you choose? Maintain your position as top in Wind Cloud Platform or head to Luoyan Mountain?"

I didn't even think, "Master I will head to Luoyan Mountain. I can get first anytime but I might not have a chance for such a battle. I know what is more important!"

"Good, as expected from my disciple, then you should follow the army out to battle!"



Half an hour later.

I prepared everything and repaired all of my equipment. I also bought a bunch of potions and man potions. In my bag, Battle Puppets Orange Night and White Bird all had full health. Probably only Orange Night could be of large help, but for White Bird... It didn't look like it was in a fighting state. Or maybe once I released it, it would be insta killed right away so forget it!

Game time and real life time was 4:1. A day in real life was four days inside. After I prepared everything, I could hear orderly footseps on the wide mountain path. An army was setting off from the War Hall camp. At the front were many sword and shield weilding undead warriors. At the back were archers that were corroded by the power of darkness such that their faces all turned black. They were really solemn, holding their bows and carrying quivers filled with arrows.

Frther behind were the cavalry, roughly five thousand of them. They were all riding bone horses and the soldiers themselves were carrying sharp swords and spears. Some held Black Castle flags. The furthest behind were the logistics team which dragged animal corpses like cows and deer. The undead legion obtain strength by swallowing flesh and blood. Moreover, the strength of the troops of the outer mountain couldn't be compared to the left and right army so they needed to use such primitive methods to obtain strength.

But, Black Castle had strong principles. After all, they swallowed animal corpses unlike those from the Dimension Legion who swallowed humans. After all, humans were the essence of heaven and earth, the power that the human body contained was not something that normal animals could compare to.



An undead cavalry wearing dark gold armor walked into the crowd and looked forwards with a serious gaze, "The teleportation formation to Luoyan Mountain is ten miles out. After we head out of the city we can teleport there directly. The battlefield is in a mess so be prepared and entire battle modes!"

"Yes sir!"

Just like that, I followed the NPC army out of the city walls. On rough estimation at least 20 thousand troops were sent. There were also roughly 500 decently strong disciples following. But when we arrived on the battlefield, we would probably have to fight for ourselves.

Outside the city, in some broken and abandoned bushes, a few elders were dressed in grey robe. They muttered words and instantly a while veil appeared in front of us. The teleportation formation was activated and on the other side, one could see the battle scenes outside. Large amounts of Blood Dynasty soldiers were attacking the right camp's defence line.

"The battle has already started!"

The undead cavalry hollered, "Charge, assist the camp!"

"Yes sir!"

A bunch of people charged forwards. I also held my daggers and charged excitedly. For some reason, I really wanted to kill a bunch of people!

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