Chapter 133- Man and sword as one
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Zhan Yue Chapter 133- Man and sword as one

Sword Shadow Dragon Totem, this was definitely his ultimate move!

Come, Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map!

"Shua" as a golden light flashed across. A scroll opened up between Yan Buhui and I. Within the scroll were thousands of mountains, lakes adn all sorts of life-like beings. Yan Buhui's Sword Shadow Dragon Totem, that sword formed of thousands of sword lights was in truth just one single attack.


The entire giant dragon just nosedived into the Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map but only caused a small ripple. Yan Buhui's mouth opened wide, "This... How is this possible?"

In the next second, a giant moonlight arrow flew out from Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map and shot towards Yan Buhui!

"Damn? !"

I was about to jump up. The arrow from Ouyang Luoyan actually came out!!


Yan Buhui was about to breakdown. His strength was crushing me but such an accident occured. Facing this arrow, he jumped into the air and sword light spread out around him. He was like a sword cultivator that had acheived the dao, "Just this... And you want to defeat me?"

Right when he thought that he could dodge it by jumping, the arrow changed directions! It did a sharp turn, speeding up and shooting through the wind and smashing into Yan Buhui's stomach. With a "peng", the moonlight turned into an icy frost and actually stunned Yan Buhui in mid air!

"Good chance!"

I entered White Cloak and opened my fingers towards Yan Buhui. Instantly the air around was twisted by the power and runes landed. There were dragon roars as I slapped forth and the golden dragon power pierced through his body and took away a large part of his health. It was even higher than that of White Cloak+Annihilation. This was what I gathered from experience. Dragon Will was too special and its damage to NPCs were increased. What was the reason, I wasn't too sure about that.


I ordered and Orange Night dashed forwards. He slashed Yan Buhui's body and beat him up really badly!

"Too much!"

In three seconds, the arrow's stun was up. Yan Buhui hollered and his sword gave out a large ring. It pierced through Orange Night's body like lightning and instantly Orange Night's health dropped by 14%. He was close to death!

I didn't even dare think about it, that was ten thousand gold!

I raised my hand and collected Orange Night back. If he was destroyed then it would be a huge loss.

At the same time, Yan Buhui dove down with his sharp sword. His eyes were really cold, "You are the only one left, what other skills do you have? !"

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This sword was quick and accurate and I probably couldn't dodge it.

I smiled and used Dark Shadow Jump. I appeared in the sky behind him, Frostfang used Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack on him. At the same time, Lord Slayer flashed as I stabbed into his back. I stepped onto him and smashed him back towards the ground.


As a Sword Saint, although Yan Buhui's strength was weakened, but he was still really proud. How could he get humiliated like that? Pressure spread from his back as he forced me back. He held his sword and had a cold gaze in his eyes, "I will defeat you!"

Suddenly my vision started to blur and an extremely strong power started to flow. Yan Buhui and his sword seemed to disappear at the same time but that strong pressure was still there above me. His true move was here!

"One with the sword!"

"Shua", the sky was sliced open.

Both man and sword seemed to merge into one and their auras were exactly the same. Man was sword, sword was man. They slashed through the wind and caught me off guard. I could even see the mysteries behind the strike, like this game wasn't as simple as a game.

But, it should follow the game system so it could still be broken!

Facing this strike, I didn't even think and used my combo!

Separated by water!

"Peng", a golden energy wave exploded with me at the core. All enemy attacks were interrupted and that included Yan Buhui's sword. Although it was sharp but Separated by water's golden energy shook him away. What followed next was Separated by water's attacks!

Instantly, Yan Buhui was about to clear out!

"Ancient technique? !"

His eyes were filled with shock and retreated. He greeted hi teeth, "Teen, you have won, we have no need to fight anymore!"


I held my daggers. His sword wind took down close to 40% of my health. In truth he still had a higher chance of winning because I was out of skills. At most I could use the Blood Barrier but that might not be able to block it as it wasn't a true invincibility skill.

"Yes, you have won."

Yan Buhui's gaze was still cold and proud but there was some joy in it, "I smelled some human race soul aura on you. I didn't expect a descendent of the human race to grasp this technique. This Sealed God Temple is to test the youth. Since you have comprehended the ancient technique then you don't have to challenge this level. Head up, you should be able to reach further heights."


I nodded and cupped my fists, "Thank you senior."

"No need to be so polite, see you next time!"


This time I didn't head up once more as there was no point. Orange Night had no more durability and if I went alone, I was just asking for death. Yan Buhui was already so strong so much less the one at level 81? If I wanted to challenge, I had to wait for Orange Night to recover. Moreover I have to improve too if not I would definitely not finish the 90th floor.

Confirm, leave!


In the next second, a golden light wrapped me and I was sent out. At the same time, there was a loud bell and my rewards were here--


System notification: Congratulations for passing Sealed God Temple 80th floor, obtained rewards +5000000 experience, gold +7500, contribution points +250000!



Golden light covered my body, I had levelled up. Level 51! One got large amounts of experience by challenging Sealed God Temple. I would probably get even more after clearing floor 99. Moreover I was also rewarded 7500 gold. This was really important. I was really poor now and lacked gold the most. I felt really good, like a dumb fellow that finally tasted something sweet.

I looked at my bag. Orange Night's durability was at 5%. I had to let him recover. If not if I faced something serious, I wouldn't be able to use him. After all I was in Black Castle and there would be some dangers. If there was a chance, I believed that people from Land of Reincarnation would kill me.

Leave, back to Heaven and Earth Pavilion!

Along the way, I noticed that Lin Fengnian was back. I walked over and smiled, "Hello Senior Uncle Lin~~"

"Little brat, what do you want to do?" He didn't even raise his head to look at me.

I laughed, "It is like this, I just purchased the Grade Four Battle Puppet and it was damaged in battle. So I came here to see if you can help me repair it."


He looked at me, "Let me take a look."


I raised my hand and summoned Orange Night. Instantly his body appeared in front of Lin Fengnian. He was in a terrible state, his armor was nearly smashed, especially his chest and stomach which had sword holes left by Yan Buhui. All of a sudden, Lin Fengnian opened his eyes wide, "This is called damaged? Damaged? It is nearly destroyed!"

I was a little awkward, "If... If it was a small matter, I wouldn't have came to find Senior Uncle!"

"You brat!"

He scoffed, "You do have a sweet mouth.. Forget it, let me take a look. If you want to repair it, you need some materials, it would depend on you."

"Yes, whatever Senior Uncle says is right!"


Lin Fengnian turned around and opened his palm. Patterns spread around Orange Night and in the next second, the system prompted me: Completely repair Orange Night (Grade Four) requires 1244 Gold, will you repair it!?


So expensive?

My mouth nearly fell but I gritted my teeth. If I didn't repair it now, maybe in 24 or 48 hours it would still not be at full health. As a scared perso, I had to maintain my combat strength at full. Orange Night was half of my strength.

"Pa ta", repair was completed and Orange Night stood in front of me, good as new.


Lin Fengnian sucked in a deep breath, "Although the Battle Puppet is strong but don't rely on them. You need to remember that all the puppets I craft have a soul. Before they became puppets, they were living beings."


I was stunned.

"Right, that Grade One puppet, why not..." He said once more.

I carried Orange Night on my shoulder and ran out, "Bye Senior Uncle Lin, I shall treat you to tea when I am free!"

"You brat! Little jerk! ! !"

His furious scoldings spread from behind me.

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