Chapter 132- Yan Buhui
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Zhan Yue Chapter 132- Yan Buhui

"Sha sha..."

I stepped into Sealed God Temple once more. The moment I entered I instantly felt someone from the higher levels scouting me. It was as if my life force was locked onto by some strong beings. At the same time a bell rang in my ears--


System notification: Will you continue to challenge Sealed God Temple Level 71?



In the next second, a light pillar landed on my body. Along with a strong pushing force, I was teleported to level 71 which was high up in the clouds. In the center was that iron rod weilding expert. Disdain appeared in his eyes, "Loser you dare to come again?"

"I might not lose again this time."

I reached out and pulled out the Grade Four Battle Puppet Orange Night. Instantly an orange streak of light condensed to form Orange Night's handsome figure. He was dressed in orange war armor and held a spear that had orange light wrapped around it. He was extremely handsome.

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"Fight alongside me." I said calmly.

"Yes Master!"

He replied with his mechanical voice before looking at the guardian ahead.


I entered White Cloak mode and shouted, "Attack!"


Before I said anything else, Orange Night flew into the air and jumped forwards like a sharp arrow. He thrusted his spear forwards in the sky, pushing down towards the enemy with enormous force and shining gold light patterns.

"You are asking for death!"

The guardian's eyes opened wide and instantly flames shot out from within. He swept the iron rod and with a loud "keng", it clashed with Orange Night's spear. Instantly, Orange Night was forced back and his body was flung outwards. But in the next second, he charged forwards once more and thrusted with a sharp wind-breaking sound!

This Battle Puppet was too strong, as expected from something of orange grade!

"Come on then!"

The guardian shouted in rage and flames surged around the iron rod. He charged forwards and the instance he smacked the spear aside, he opened his palm and golden runes appeared. He just slapped Orange Night's chest like that. I thought that Orange Night would break down but his health just ticked a little. Layers of light floated up around his body like that of a protective formation.

Such strong defence, no wonder I couldn't defeat him!

It seemed like Orange Night could tank the Boss. This made things much easier!


In the air, I used Frostfang along with Annihilation onto the Boss's back. After stabbing in, his health had dropped close to 10%. After White Cloak+Annihilation succeeded, the Boss also reacted quickly. Turning around and trying to grab me with his eagle-like claws.

Dark Shadow Jump!

Along with Dark Shadow Jump's light, I leapt away. In the next moment, I appeared behind the Boss, not only avoiding that strike but also dealing some damage. Basic attack+ Backstab+ Basic attack did another bit of damage.

"You--- You totally infuriated me!"

He hollered. He waved the iron rod with his left hand and turned around whilst swinging large amounts of wind.


Frostfang moved once more. Not only did I succeed with Gouge, I also successfully used Frostfang. "Puchi", the Boss was covered in a layer of ice. When he tried to raise up his iron rod once more, Orange Night descended from above and smashed his spear onto the Boss's left hand to interrupt his attack.

Perfect combo!

I laughed out loud, waving Frostfang and Lord Slayer to attack for the third time. I immediately retreated and allowed Orange Night to tank. Just like that, i could focus on damaging.

In the end, I just did this over and over and in less than a minute, this level 71 Boss that I thought was invincible was wiped out by the two of us.

"Wu wa~~~"

I cried out and knelt on the ground. My body was bathed in light and instantly returned to full health, the only thing was that Orange Night's health bar dropped by a little. Battle Puppets were able to recover themselves. Orange Night was orange grade so logically speaking his recovery speed would be quicker. That was okay, after one night he would reach full health as long as he wasn't destroyed by anyone.



Light descended and I was teleported once again. The 72nd floor guardian was ahead of me when I appeared.

I used the same strategy. Orange Night led the way while I just needed to be in charge of damaging. There was nothing interesting in this floor and with Soul Star Explosion, we ended the battle in just a minute

Just like that, we climbed level by level and there was basically no difficulty.

Until I reached the 79th floor.

This time there was a young teen holding a staff. He looked at Orange Night and me coldly and said, "Challenger, this is the most you can go today."

I frowned and said, "Attack!"


Orange Night attacked once more, his spear turned into a cold light that pierced forwards.


The thorn-looking teen hollered and thorns rose up from the ground and wrapped Orange Night. At the same time, a black colored liquid dripped onto Orange Night and it actually had a corroding effect which caused Orange Night's health to drop from 32% to 27%. This was a problem!


Under White Cloak state, I dashed behind the teen and used Annihilation. Instantly I slapped away 11% of his health. It seemed like this was a Boss with high damage but low survivability. Right when I was planning to use my next move, he shook his staff and green spiritual energy surged from him, "Lotus!"

Instantly a giant lotus blossomed beneath me and covered half the field. Each petal was covered in blood colored thorns. Just by standing on it, my health was dropping quickly.


I retreated and stood beside Orange Night that was bounded while trying to use my combo!

Separated by water!

Under the golden energy waves, as expected, the lotus and thorn effects were broken by Separated by water. Orange Night was free once more and stabbed down with his spear, smashing it heavily on the teen's head.

I used Dark Shadow Jump and jumped behind the teen. Using the 180% damage, I attacked him from the back. All of a sudden he was pincered from front and back and his spell was also broken by my Separated by water. His expression changed, "How is that possible? ! Someone in Black Castle actually knows a secret technique? Impossible!"

While saying that, he was taking damage from both sides. He gritted his teeth and raised his staff, spiritual powers rose up into the air, "Sleeping spirit power, please follow me..."

Before his words finished, I used Gouge to interrupt him!

When an Assassin got close to a mage, it was like a father beating a child.


Orange Night shouted and waved all sorts of skills using his spear. Under this series of attacks, in less than 30 seconds, we managed to kill this Boss!


System notification: Congratulations for the successful challenge, will you enter the next floor?


Next second, I appeared on the 80th floor. In the center of the tower stood someone proudly. It was a clean-looking sword cultivator wearing a scholar robe. He held a green sword and there was fighting intent in his eyes. He smiled, "It has been years since there was a challenger here, great, someone is here..."

I frowned and got close slowly to read his introduction--

Sword Shadow - Yan Buhui (Unknown Grade)

Level: 50

Attack: ???

Defence: ???

Health: ???

Skill: ???

Introduction: Yan Buhui, an ancient human race sword cultivator. Legend had it that he became a strong sword saint when he was 28 and became one with the sword. In the long rivers of time, he challenged his limit, helping the human race to kill demons. When he died, his soul was sealed in Sealed God Temple and he became one of the guardians.


This person was definitely really strong!

I sucked in a deep breath. I definitely couldn't fail here. Each 10 levels in Sealed God Temple was a checkpoint so if I failed here it meant that I failed this time. But if I passed, then at least this trip was for something!

"Orange Night!"

In White Cloak state, I saw Orange Night who had only 23% health. I was a little worried, "Are you okay?"

"Yes Master." His voice had no emotions at all.

"Okay, attack then!"


In the next second, the loyal servant just charged forwards with the spear. He descended from above, his spear covered in fire laws, like a volcano that was pressing from from the sky.

"Scoff, Battle Puppet?"

At the center, Yan Buhui laughed coldly and he charged into the air with his sword. It was as if he was summoning the sun, he forced Orange Night black. He opened his left hand and spiritual energy turned into a sword which stabbed into Orange Night's stomach!


Just one short moment and Orange Night had dropped by 7%.

At this moment, I had no time to think and just used Dark Shadow Jump to jump behind him. I used Annihilation+Hunter's Edge!

Under my intense hits, Yan Buhui's health dropped by 13%. It was still okay. Although his attacks were strong but he didn't have much health if not that was just too overpowered!

"En? !"

Yan Buhui spun around. Not only did he face me, he also opened the distance. While not letting me use Gouge, he smiled, "Interesting. Then I shall play with you a little!"

He opened his palm and hollered, "Sword Shadow Dragon Totem!"

"Kong kong kong~~"

There were actually the sounds of dragon roaring beneath my feet. Shortly after, light broke from the ground and gathered into a giant dragon formed through sword light. It just pounced towards me!

So amazing, this Boss was a little strong!

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