Chapter 131- Pardon
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Zhan Yue Chapter 131- Pardon


An orange light shot through the air. Orange Night's spear turned into a streak of lightning. Even though I was mentally prepared but I still felt like I was caught off guard. I turned my head and sidestepped, brushing past Orange Night's spear. I could even feel a bit of pain. Before I even stood still, he swept his dagger towards me!

I couldn't dodge!

Sparks flew as I held my dagger in front of my chest!


Orange Night's strike was really strong and forced me several steps back. I also lost 10 thousand health from that. When I lifted my head, Orange Night's orange body descended from above. His spear pressed down on me like that of a mountain!


I was stunned. I had guessed that the orange Grade Four Battle Puppet would be strong but I didn't expect it to be this strong. I quickly activated White Cloak!



White Cloak's Miss effect succeded and at the same time, I used Annihilation. Instantly Orange Night lost a bit of health. As a Battle Puppet, it needed to be tanky. After all it was made of really tough metal and normal attacks did limited damage to it. It was obvious that my strength wasn't of the level to destroy him.


In that instance, Orange Night shouted. Wind wrapped around his body and the words "Absolute Dust" appeared. It was actually using a skill. Instantly its movement speed increased and it appeared beside me like a flash of lightning. It smashed its spear onto my back and then hollered before kicking my legs.


I flew up into the sky. When I was in mid air, Orange Night jumped up and struck, causing me to lay strewn on the ground. I felt as if my organs had shifted positions. Orange Night continued to strike and after a furious roar, he smashed his spear onto the ground, causing it to crack and flames to surge into the sky.

Too strong!

I was shocked. As expected from the Battle Puppet, it felt like it was born for battle. Its attacks were really direct and they were purely to kill. Maybe this was what true battles were like!

All of a sudden, I understood everything. Before Orange Night's next attack, I used Dark Shadow Jump to appear behind him and damage him. When he turned around, I charged in the opposite direction and used Gouge. While attacking, my left hand felt cold as Frostfang shook. With a "shua", a Frostfang attack stabbed Orange Night's body and was activated!

After the Frostfang hit, Orange Night's body was covered in a layer of frost. Absolute Dust could increase movement speed and attack speed but my attack reduced both. This showed the value of Frostfang. Not only was its Attack really high, it also had a certain control element to it. Probably even Lin Xi didn't expect Frostfang to have such an effect!


Dark Shadow Jump!

I continued to attack and clash with Orange Night but very quickly my health bar was emptied and Orange Night smacked me away. I could only hide in the corner and heal up before fighting again.

Just like that, I used Dark Shadow Jump every six seconds and used it really frequently. My familiarity with the skill started to increase and in just an hour, a bell rang. The skill levelled up, it turned into level 3 Dark Shadow Jump, the attack damage increased to 180%!

Of course, what I gained more from the sparring was battle techniques. Orange Night was really strong and could totally crush me. Moreover each action and skill of his were used perfectly. It was like a tool born to kill. In my battles with Orange Night, I could sense that my mechanics and judgement were growing quickly. The benefits were probably much bigger than just the skill familiarity alone.

I looked into the distance at Orange Night who stood still there.

My heart lit up. Previously I only reached level 70 of Sealed God Temple, what about now? If I could bring Orange Night in to help, would I have a higher chance? But could I bring it in?

Thus, I studied the Battle Puppet rules. When I waved my hand, I actually noticed a "move" button to ask me about whether or not I would shift it into my bag.


"Shua", Orange Night instantly turned into an orange light which entered my bag. It turned into a mini figurine in my bag. I could actually do that? Illusionary Moon probably treated Battle Puppets as a tool that could be summoned for use!

Instantly I was delighted. So now I could definitely bring Orange Night into Sealed God Temple!

Forget it, I shall try it first!

This time, not only did I have Orange Night, I was also level 50. Moreover, I was equipped with many more purple equipments. My stats were far higher than previously so maybe the outcome would be different!

"En, I have decided!"

I returned to the room and looked at White Bird who was standing straight like a spear. I raised my hand and kept her into my bag too. Instantly, she turned into a beautiful doll. She shone silver. Grade One Battle Puppet. Although it seemed like a joke but I felt that she definitely wasn't simple. Maybe she was even stronger than Orange Night!


Wind Cloud Platform.

When I was near to Wind Cloud Platform, I saw a familiar person. It was Lin Fengnian who was holding a red staff. Heaven and Earth Pavilion's Master actually came to Wind Cloud Platform? Moreover, beside Lin Fengnian was Master Ding Heng.

"Cough cough, July Wildfire you are here. What a coincidence, come over come over." Lin Fengnian said.

I frowned and felt that things weren't so simple. I walked over and smiled, "Master, Senior Uncle Lin you too are both here?"

"En, ah.... Yes..." Ding Heng brushed his moutstache and had a weird expression, "Your Senior Uncle Lin came early in the morning and wanted to ask you for some doll. When did you take something from him? I don't understand either. Let him tell you about it."

Lin Fengnian grinned and said, "Right. You purchased a Grade Four Battle Puppet for 10 thousand gold right?"

"Right, I just bought it a while ago."

"Then the person at the storage gave you a Grade One Puppet, a... Totally destroyed one, do you remember?"


I nodded and smiled, "Senior Uncle why are you asking for a Grade One puppet, don't your Heaven and Earth Pavilion have many of such puppets?"

"Ahahaha, yes..."

He smiled awkwardly, "But... That Grade One puppet is different. I studied it for a while but got too busy. How about this, return it to me and I shall give you a Grade Four puppet? Or, I could even give you a Grade Five one!"

My heart sank. I knew that White Bird wasn't simple. See, Lin Fengnian even came to find me."

"Let's not do that Senior Uncle..."

I scratched my head, "Truthfully, I like the puppet alot and even have some feelings for it. Senior Uncle also doesn't lack puppets so why not just give her to me."

"Ah? Feelings?"

"You brat, stop lying to Senior Uncle, how can you have feelings with a Battle Puppet? Return it to me, I will give you a Grade Six Battle Puppet!"


On the side, Ding Heng was just watching a show, "Junior Brother Lin really is generous, you are even willing to take out a Grade Six puppet? Or does the Grade One puppet that my disciple brought back have any secrets?"


He smiled awkwardly, "It is just a little special."

"Since that is the case and my disciple likes it, then just give it to him. Isn't this a form of good luck?" Ding Heng smiled, "Junior Brother, we haven't drank together for a long time right? Since you are here already then why not head back to my cave? I have a 180 year Almond Flower Brew, if you want..."

"Close to 200 year Almond Flower Brew?"

Lin Fengnian licked his lips and smiled, "Forget it, since Senior Brother Ding has opened your mouth then... Brat, I shall give the Grade One Battle Puppet to you, anyways it is badly damaged and can't be used already. I don't think it can cause much problems."

"Then... Thank you Senior Uncle!"

"You are too polite, we are all family!"

I turned around, "Thank you Master!"

"Scoff scoff, go."

We were all smart. Master even took out the wine he had kept for so long so as to help me. I will definitely remember his help.


I held my dagger and passed through a mountain range to the east of Black Castle. In the forest, a tower stood tall. Some undead experts guarded Sealed God Temple and a bone horse riding cavalry asked, "July Wildfire what are you doing here?"

I cupped my fists, "Sir, I would like to challenge Sealed God Temple!"

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He smiled, "I don't think that is suitable. Sealed God Temple isn't activated all the time, how can you open it just because you want to?"


I was a little disappointed, my plan seemed to have failed.

But at tha tmoment, a soft voice spread from the clouds, "July Wildfire is the pride of the five outer locations and the one with the best achievement in Sealed God Temple. He is an exception, he can enter Sealed God Temple anytime he wants."


When the cavalry heard that voice, he jumped off his horse and knelt on the ground. He said towards the Black Castle, "Understood! Since Your Highness approves it, I shall get to work!"

I was stunned, that voice was the most powerful person in Black Castle? I heard that he was really strong and could even fight with the Dimension Legion lords. Just now he actually gave me the rights to enter Sealed God Temple?

When I thought about that, I turned around and bowed towards that voice, "Thank you Your Highness!"

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