Chapter 130- Orange night and White Bird
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Zhan Yue Chapter 130- Orange night and White Bird

"Ah Fei, how much gold do you have on you?"

"Not much."

He looked really confused, "A total of 2000 gold to buy materials. Why are you asking me that?"

"Give them all to me. Also purchase 5000G with RMB. Quick, I am arriving soon!"


He slapped his thigh, "Kid are you mad? Gold is so expensive now, do you know how much 5000G is? 25000 RMB, I think you need to calm down!"

"If money is lost it can still be earned but if the thing is gone then we can't get it back anymore. Buy it, don't be such a moneyface!"

"Okay, since you are who we are depending on..."

He went to buy gold while I teleported to Linchen County.


Five minutes later, I gold the gold and had 10 thousand gold in my bag. I crushed the Black City City Return Scroll and returned to the Heaven and Earth Pavilion. As expected, the manager was still there. While speaking to him, the puppet list from before appeared and the orange Grade Four puppet was still there!

Confirm, purchase!


A golden light shot into the air and formed an orange six colored star in front of me. An orange body stood up. It was a young man wearing an orange armor and had orange hair. He held a halberd and his eyes were filled with killing intent. He just looked forwards with a lost expression.


System notification: Congratulations for obtaining purple quality Battle Puppet (Grade Four)!



The manager laughed, "He is yours, dip your blood on the talisman on his heart and you can control all his actions."


I walked forwards and instantly the armor at his chest opened to reveal a beating orange heart. It looked like an energy core with a golden talisman within. I brushed my hand on Frostfang and stuck my finger deep into his heart to drip my blood on it.


The entire talisman started to light up. A bright light shone from the puppet's brows. Right away, our thinking seemed to be connected and I could order it around.

"Done, keep your heart." I said.

"Yes Master."

He lowered his head and covered his chest with metal and the armor.

"July Wildfire, as expected from Sir Ding Heng's disciple, you really have a sharp eye."

The manager smiled, "This puppet is the strongest in the entire Heaven and Earth Pavilion and is made with a meteor. It even has a chance of upgrading and becoming stronger. Little fellow, you really picked up a treasure."

I grinned, "But it really is expensive!"

As I said that, my eyes continued to glance around the storage like a thief. I realised that it was covered in puppets and all of them lined up silently. Among them, the low grade ones had wood patterns, the high grade ones were all made of mysterious metals and looked very durable. Moreover, although they were puppets, but my Shura Spiritual Ruin could sense the energy that they gave out, they were like true cultivators.

Without a doubt, the energy core and talismans were the strong part about the metallurgy and alchemy. Master said that Heaven and Earth Pavilion was the most secretive and important place in the outer mountain, this was probably what he meant.


I looked at the puppets and drooled a little, "Sir, look, I spent 10 thousand and lost so much. Since we have done such a huge deal, can you gift me one?"


The manager was helpless, "Sorry,

the puppets are treasures to our Heaven and Earth Pavilion. If the elder didn't say anything, I have no power to decide such a thing. Don't make things hard for me."

"If you really can't then just give me the cheapest one!" I wanted to get one for Ah Fei.

"That can't do... Even a grade one puppet is filled with a core and talismans that are totally secretive."

"Aiyo, Heaven and Earth Pavilion is just too stingy." I was speechless.

The manager was embarrassed and after a few seconds of silence, he looked at the orange puppet beside me, "Why not... You select one of the spoilt ones, I am able to decide on those."

"Oh? Where?"

"Follow me."


I passed several shelves and arrived in another storage. In it were puppet parts that were pieced together randomly. Moreover no one have cleared this place in years. In the corner, puppets that were covered in a thick layer of dust just stood there.

"En, they are the ones, just select one of them!"


The puppets were called "Incomplete Puppet", "Useless Puppet", "Puppet that can't move", etc, they were just a bunch of useless metal.

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"Why, is there anything that you like?" The manager saw my expression and he couldn't help but touch his nose.

I looked around and finally landed on one puppet. It was a female one that had a broken arm and a hole in her chest. There were parts that scattered all around. It was as if a person had punched through her. But her body was covered in dense inscriptions and her eyes looked emotionlessly forwards. She stood tall and proud and made me a little attracted. If she was still alive she should be a strong puppet, however, she was just insta killed by someone slightly stronger!

"Not that one..."

The manager grinned, "Her energy core was destroyed and lost her engine, she can't move at all. Even if you take her back, she is just useless scrap."


I was stunned but in that instance, I felt a streak of light flash in her eyes. But when I looked carefully all I saw were those empty eyes. It was as if what I saw was an illusion.


I pointed at her and said, "I think I am fated with her, I shall just choose her. Even if she is broken metal I will accept it. Is that okay?"

"Okay, take it away."

He muttered, "The youths are so lawless... Although the puppet is pretty but it is dead, you even won't let this off..."

I nearly fell to the ground, what was he thinking?

I bent down and carried the puppet up. Instantly her solid body turned soft and her remaining arm landed on my back. The other orange puppet followed behind me like I was its boss.


Wind Cloud Platform, personal cave.

"Pa ta!"

In my room, I placed the female puppet at the corner. I used my brush to clean her up and realised that she was exquisitely made. Some parts of her shell was even more exquisite than my orange puppet Moreover I couldn't see her grade. She probably wouldn't be too low when she was still usable. Moreover she looked good and for her to become trash like that was such a waste.

But right at that moment, she suddenly moved!

"Ah? !"

I retreated and then my face was filled with surprise. I walked forwards and touched her face, "You are still alive?"

"Weng weng~~"

She didn't speak but something dropped from the hole in her chest. It gave off a golden light. It was a metal that was covered in inscriptions. It looked like a broken leaf, what was it wrapped around?


I looked at it carefully and touched the metal. It started to open and in it was a red heart with grey runes around it.

Energy core? !

I lowered my head and looked. I realised that when she was insta killed, her heart shifted and moved close to her throat which was how she avoided death. Although her heart was damaged and a lot of energy was lost, but I had picked up a treasure. This heart, this so-called energy core was still alive!

Thus, I gritted my teeth, cutting my finger and dripping some blood on the talisman.


Instantly, a shocking light exploded from the talisman. A golden light filled my room. Shortly after, the heart was covered in flames, melting the metal. Like wild grass growing, the metal pieces stretched and covered the hole in front of her chest. Although it wasn't tightly sealed but it looked much better than the hole before.


System notification: You have obtained unrepaired Battle Puppet (Grade One)!


What? It was just Grade One?

I was disappointed. It seemed like she could only be a flower vase in the future. Right at that moment, she opened her eyes once more. That empty-looking eyes. Silver hair covered her broken armor. One her old arm, the inscription and metal spread, forming into a broken silver sword.

In her last life, her last battle was probably really intense?


She started to speak but her voice had no emotions at all.


I nodded my head and smiled, "You have finally awakened. Do you know who you are?"

She shook her head, "I don't."


She was just a puppet so I didn't think too much, "Then I shall give you a name. Since you are white then I shall call you White Bird!"

"Yes, White Bird will listen to your orders."

After saying that, she just stood there like a straight spear without moving. Without my orders, she would keep that position until she was destroyed once more.

I turned around and looked at the other puppet with hope. Orange Grade Four puppet. I smiled, "As for you, your name will be Orange Night!"

"Yes, Orange Night will listen to your orders!"


I smiled, "Orange Night, follow me out, we have a mission."

"Yes Master!"

I brought Orange Night to the empty land outside the hall. I turned around and two daggers appeared in my hands. I smiled, "Orange Night, fight with me!"

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