Chapter 129- Orange Puppet
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Zhan Yue Chapter 129- Orange Puppet

Outside Great Sage Hall.

Ah Fei was carving inscriptions outside. I sat down beside him in an unassuming spot and said, "Are you busy?"

"En, I am, don't disturb me if you don't have anything."

"Of course I have something!"

I requested a trade and then placed Frostfang and Salvation Leggings over, "Quick, help me carve the level three inscription, I am rushing for time."


His face was covered in black lines, "You received another two purple equipments? How did you brat get it!?"

"Salvation Leggings was one that I got in a map known as King Yue Tomb."

"Frostfang? Such a strong dagger, it is the god weapon of the current stage. How did you get it?"


I smiled, "I also got a purple bow when I was clearing King Yue Tomb. Lin Xi wanted it so she exchanged it with me for Frostfang. Such a coincidence, we got what we needed!"

"Lin Xi?"

He sucked in a deep breath, "Damn, to get such a high grade purple dagger at this stage, Lin Xi must be really strong right?"

"Carve the inscriptions, stop slacking!"


Not long later, Ah Fei traded the two equipments over. In the end Frostfang added 150 Attack and Salvation Leggings added 150 Defence. They were all quite decent and added to basic stats, causing the ratio to double. Which meant that the actual Attack and Defence increased by 300+. Just the inscription stats alone could make normal players drool!

"Okay, I am going now, continue to work hard."


Right when I used City Return Scroll, I saw two familiar people on the square. One was Lin Xi, the other was With You Studio's Mage, the girl known as Follow Heart.

"Ruyi, how much gold do you have on you, lend me some?" Lin Xi said softly.


Follow Heart opened her mouth slightly and said in shock, "You need to borrow gold from me?"

Lin Xi's face flushed red, "I just bought a few equipment and spent all my gold. Now I don't even have money to fix my equipment and buy potions. Don't talk so much, lend me three gold first, if not we can't head out to train anymore."

"En, I have ten gold, I will give you half?" Follow Heart said.

Lin Xi smiled, "Ruyi is so nice, great. I shall fix the equipment. Tell Mingxuan to prepare, we shall head out to level right away."



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My head couldn't help but feel numb. So Lin Xi was really sucked dry by me? When I thought about that, I felt that my actions were heartless! Forget it, return to Black Castle.


The City Return Scroll shone brightly and brought me back to Black Castle. I turned back into my Shura character and landed from above in a black and golden light. "Peng", I landed on the ground and turned into my Shura form. Shining horn, distinct face and blade-like brows. I appeared really arrogant and cold.


I switched Lord Slayer to my secondary weapon and used Frostfang as my main weapon. I had a blood red color in one arm and frozen blue in the other. At that moment, I finally looked like a top Assassin. Moreover, along with me equipping Frostfang, my overall Combat strength increased by a large amount---

July Wildfire (Blade of Chaos)

Level: 50

Attack: 1596-2015 (141%)

Defence: 1209 (+141%)

Health: 19510

Critical Strike: 14.05%

Lifesteal: 11.5%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 22

Soul Star: 20

Contribution point: 1082970

Combat strength: 4325


My Attack value was through the roof and my heath was really close to 20 thousand. Critical Strike, Lifesteal etc stats were also increasing.

My overall Combat strength had reached a new level. Be it fighting Bosses or players, my strength was totally different from where I was a few days ago.

Especially with the addition of Frostfang, it made my damage numbers climb to a next level. Frostfang's 25% chance to cause 200% damage was just too strong and would definitely become one of the tricks up my sleeve. Actually, to a certain extent I had to thank Lin Xi. Although it was a trade but Frostfang was far more worth than Windwalker!

I looked at my stats. I had reached a high enough level. Level 50 which was already the level of the first rate players but my skills weren't good enough. Most of them were level 4 and not yet level 5. I could actually level them up to 6 now. The worst thing was that Dark Shadow Jump was still level 2 and the damage was only 170%. For Dark Shadow Jump, it was too weak and I had to level it up.

But, if I killed monsters, it wouldn't increase skill familiarity that quickly

I sucked in a deep breath, time to ask Master!

Wind Cloud Platform.

"Master are you there?" I raised my daggers and asked towards the sky.

The clouds spread about and Master Ding Heng stepped down from the clouds, "Yes?"

"Things are like this."

I thought about it and said, "I want to test some skills and need a sparring partner but I don't want to waste other people's time. What should I do?"

"That is simple."

He brushed his moustache and smiled, "Go to Heaven and Earth Pavilion and find Senior Uncle Lin. He is good at crafting puppets, zombies, etc that can be used as your sparring partners."

My eyes lit up, "I understand, thank you Master!"

After saying that, I ran towards Heaven and Earth Pavilion.


Heaven and Earth Pavilion.

Lin Fengnian wore a grey robe and stood on a high platform covered in inscriptions. He smiled as he asked, "You want to buy a puppet from me?"

"Yes Senior Uncle Lin."

He looked a little troubled, "Firstly, Heaven and Earth Pavilion puppets can only be left within Heaven and Earth Pavilion and we don't sell it to outsidres, but... You saved the lives of a few of my disciples so I can make an exception. But, Heaven and Earth Pavilion's puppets are expensive, I don't think a fellow like you can afford it?"


I was stunned, "How expensive, can I have a look?"


He reached out and instantly a price list appeared in front of me--

Battle Puppet (Grade One): Combat strength 500, price: 50 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Two): Combat strength 1000, price: 200 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Three): Combat strength 2000, price: 500 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Four): Combat strength 4000, price: 500 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Five): Combat strength 8000, Price: 10000 Gold


As expected, it was really expensive.

I frowned but thinking about it, it seemed like these puppets could aid battles like pets. Before the beast system was released, Battle Puppets were overpowered. Was that something that could be measured in gold? En, not bad not bad, this way of thinking was really mature.

I looked at my bag. Along with the 1200 I conned from Lin Xi, I had a total of 3800. I nodded and said, "Senior Uncle, I want to buy a Grade Four Battle Puppet."


Lin Fengnian nodded, "Head to the storage, I have told the manager. He will sell the puppet to you."

"Okay, thank you Senior Uncle!"

I turned around happily and dashed towards the storage. The two guards brought me in front of a thin-looking old man. Above his head were the words "Heaven and Earth Pavilion Storage Manager". He said, "July Wildfire, the elder has informed me. Come, choose the puppet you want."



Right when I was talking to him, a new list appeared in front of me. They were all of Grade Four puppets but thier names and color were different, it was as if their strengths were different too--

Battle Puppet (Grade Four/White): 2000 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Four/Blue): 2400 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Four/White): 2000 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Four/Green): 2200 Gold


En There was actually green and blue, their Combat strength should be higher right? Moreover the prices were different.


I looked closely and there was an unassuming button at the top right of my screen. After pressing it, it said that it would cost 10 thousand contribution points to refresh!


All of a sudden I laughed. There was such a great thing? What I didn't lack was contribution points. Come, let me see what kind of treasure I can make appear!

Confirm, refresh!

With a shua, a new list appeared--

Battle Puppet (Grade Four/White): 2000 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Four/Green): 2200 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Four/White): 2000 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Four/Purple): 3000 Gold


A purple named puppet actually appeared? Moreover it was 50% more expensive than the basic one. That was a little amazing!

Purple, that should be it.

I sucked in a deep breath. For some reason I decided to gamble and continued to refresh.


This time they were all white named. I refreshed and refreshed, there was blue this time. Once more, now there was a purple puppet. No, the rate was too high so it definitely wasn't the best. I refreshed and refreshed and refreshed.

Just like that, after spending 400 thousand contribution points, there was a "ding' and a golden light shone all around. In the list, an orange name puppet actually appeared!

Battle Puppet (Grade Four/White): 2000 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Four/Orange): 10000 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Four/White): 2000 Gold

Battle Puppet (Grade Four/White): 2000 Gold


Not only was it orange, its price was preposterous. My eyes opened wide.


I had not enough money, so what? !

I had to find Ah Fei for help if not I couldn't afford it at all. The gold ratio is 1:5 now so I definitely would have to spend a large amount. But I really wanted it. With a helper, it was better than fighting solo right?

Thus, I looked at the manager and said, "Manager uncle, can you leave this orange puppet for me? I have not enough money. I will go get it and return right away?"

He smiled, "Who will say no? Return quickly!"


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