Chapter 128- Frostfang
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Zhan Yue Chapter 128- Frostfang

I opened the Illusionary Moon APP my phone. As expected, a third combo was clocked into the combo system. Along with Lin Xi's Gale and my Separated by water, Dawn created a third combo which he called "Chasing Stars and Stepping on the Moon". After clicking on it, there was actually a video of him using the skill.

In the video, an archer was holding a bow. The first strike was a direct arrow, the second was Explosive Shot and shortly after he moved 5 yards to the right and fired another bow. The fourth bow had a spiral effect around it which caused a temporary stun. He would follow it up with a Stun Arrow.

This was the combo which did the highest damage till date, its overall damage reached 1050%, it was really terrifying!

Ah Fei looked at the detailed description of the combo and then he glanced at me. He said, "This Dawn... No wonder Fang Ge Que chose him as his heir, he really is strong. Chasing Stars and Stepping on the Moon, total damage of 1050%, it has already exceeded your 600% and Lin Xi's 84-%, it is so terrifying..."

I nodded my head, "En, Dawn's combo can definitely insta kill someone. Even heavy armored players might not be able to tank his damage."

"10.5 times of damage, along with Dawn's top equipment, no one can be able to block him."

Ah Fei gritted his teeth and lowered his voice, "Ah Fei, you said that Lin Xi and Dawn's damage are both higher than yours but why are they only S and why is your Separated by water SS?"

"Very simple."

I smiled, "Lin Xi's Gale uses Blade of Dawn so its damage is high. Dawn's Chasing Stars and Stepping on the Moon uses Explosive Shot and Stun Shot. They are main damage methods so after using the combo, he won't be able to use them. My Separated by water is a pure basic attack combo with no skills at all. After I finished I also stun them so I can follow it up with Annihilation or Dragon Will. Anyways, the overall damage would exceed theirs."

"That makes sense..."

He nodded his head.

I placed down my phone and sniffed the fragrance in the air, "100 dollar for 500g of litte lobster, who knows how it tastes... if it is not nice then... I shall complain..."

"Hahaha, don't worry, don't worry!"


Not long later, a huge basin of little lobsters were placed in front of us. As expected, each one of them were huge and even the shells were shining. I was famished so I put on the gloves and peeled one. I dipped it in some sauce and just sucked it, instantly... It felt as if my soul had broken free from my body.

"How is the taste?" Ah Fei smiled and asked.

"It is great..."

"Hahaha~~~ Come often in the future!"

"En, sure!"

Thus, the two of us ate a mouthful of lobster with beer. IN the end, the three kilograms seemed like it was not enough so we ordered another 1.5 before we were full. The two of us slapped our round tummies, calling a replacement driver to get us back before we fell asleep.


On the next day, I slept till 11 before I woke up. I went downstairs and bought two lunch boxes to eat before heading up to game.


A light flashed across and I appeared in Linchen County in my human form. There was a ringing system notification and when I looked at it, there were actually a hundred random messages. They were basically people seeking to buy Windwalker. Many of them were guild leaders, there was even one from Breaking Dawn Ash and Man of Steel.

But I definitely couldn't sell it to those two so I just casually deleted their mail. I then looked at the various prices. Some were a sad 5000. which basically meant that they wanted me to sell them at the lowest price and make a friend. However, I didn't lack such friends.

I continued to look,

suddenly I noticed a familiar ID. There were actually many that came from Lin Xi!

Lin Xi (02:55): Hello, are you online? I want both that Windwalker and the armor, can you take it down and discuss?

Lin Xi (08:32): Hello, are you online yet?

Lin Xi (10:52): Once you are online can you message me? I really want Windwalker, we can discuss the price.

Lin Xi (12: 04): Why aren't you online yet...


I looked at the time and frowned, does this girl not need to sleep? From 3 am to 8am, she at most slept for 5 hours? No wonder her level was so high.

But Lin Xi was indeed a good buyer. Firstly, she had strength and secondly, she definitely had the money to buy it.

Thus, I only replied her, "Now I am, you really want to buy them?"

"En, please take them off okay?"

"Okay, I shall meet you in the Great Sage Hall?"

"Okay, I am coming over now. Are you bringing the equipment over?"


The city was a safe zone so I was not worried that she would kill me to drop my items. I just took out Windwalker and Windwalking Armor from the auction house and came to Great Sage Hall. I passed the hall and the corridor and came to the inner courtyard. There were very few players here. Under a maple tree, Lin Xi was standing in battle gear.

She held a purple sword and her light purple armor pressed against her skin, showing off her brilliant curves. The peaks on her chest protruded out and her stomach was totally flat. A white cape fluttered behind her. Along with a beautiful face, she was a girl that would tempt all guys. However, her face was ice cold, she was like an ice statue such that no one dared to touch her.

"You are here."

I smiled, "Lin Xi, I am the owner of the equipment."


She nodded, "I told you my intentions in the message, I also want to know what you think."

"I have brought the equipment, tell me a price." I said.

"Okay, great."

She grinned and gave a rare smile, "But I don't have much money to buy the bow. So can we trade?"


I was stunned and said, "But... I don't need equipment, but money..."

"I know too..."

She said, "Why not you look at the equipment that I am planning to trade and then decide okay?"

"En, okay, let me take a look."


She opened the trade interface and a purple wrapped dagger appeared. The stats popped up and shocked me--

Frostfang (Precious Grade)

Attack: 140-175

Agility: +105

Strength: +88

Stamina: +85

Effect: Lifesteal +2.5%

Effect: Quickness, Attack Speed +30%

Effect: Frostfang, attacks has 25% chance of triggering frostfang, deal 200% damage

Effect: Broken armor, ignore 12% of target's Defence

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 25%

Bonus: Raise user's Defence by 23%

Required level: 50


This dagger was much stronger than Lord Slayer!

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As a level 47 purple equipment, Lord Slayer's damage was actually crushed by something. As compared to Lord Slayer, this Frostfang was a true top equipment!

But, I tried to calm myself down and maintain a nonchalant expression.


Lin Xi bit her red lips and said, "This Frostfang was something I just got from a level 54 Precious Grade Wild Boar King. this is the only thing I have and I don't have more money to buy Windwalker. I believe that this Frostfang is only higher and no lower than Windwalker. Since you are the one selling, you should be clear."


I nodded, "Right, Frostfang does have good stats, but... This is a dagger, non of my friends need it. Why not you sell it?"

She gritted her teeth, "Firstly, time doesn't permit it. Once I sell it, maybe someone else would have bought Windwalker. Secondly, there would be price lost when selling. I would thus be the one taking a loss so this was the only plan I could think of. Let's trade, Frostfang for Windwalker and Windwalking Armor?"


I shook my head, "One for two, I am the one losing out. Windwalking Armor has decent stats and could increase an Archer's survivability by a large amount. You are famous in game so you should know about that right?"


She looked at me and said, "Tomorrow is my best friend's birthday and she would reach level 50 tomorrow so I want to give her a surprise. Anyways, I can owe you but you have to sell me Windwalker. She would definitely love it."

This bow was dropped by a goddess level Boss like Dugu Luoyan so of course people like it.

I dissed and then said, "Why not... We can exchange but I am taking a huge loss. How about Windwalker and Windwalking Armor for Frostfang and some money? Some gold is fine to, what do you think?"

"Okay... Okay..."

She looked at me and said, "I have 1224 gold, I shall give you a thousand?"

"No, I want it all." I said.

She was shocked and bit her lips, "Okay, I will give it all to you!"

In the next moment, I opened the Trading interfacing and placed the two equipments up. Lin Xi placed Frostfang adn 1224 gold. This girl was not bad, she was trustworthy and actually gave me the gold!


After completing the trade, Lin Xi looked at Windwalker and smiled, "Thank you, goodbye!"

After saying that, she dashed out like the wind.

I was speechless. I looked at Frostfang and was delighted. This dagger was suitable to be my main weapon. My damage would depend on it in the future!

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