Chapter 127- Third combo
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Zhan Yue Chapter 127- Third combo

The final equipment that King Yue dropped which was the one that I had the highest hopes one. It was a leggings that was covered in purple light. I held it in my hands and warmth flowed all about. I reached out and the purple words floated out, dazzling me--

Salvation Leggings (Precious Grade)

Type: Leather Armor

Defence: 160

Strength: +98

Agility: +85

Stamina: +82

Effect: Avoidability +60

Effect: Salvation power, when attacked, there is a 5% chance to turn 100% of target's attack into your own health

Effect: Toughness, raise user's Health by 1600

Bonus: Raise user's Attack by 20%

Bonus: Raise User's Defence by 22%

Required level: 50


What a great item!

My body shook. I probably couldn't describe it in such a way right? Level 50 leggings, that was so amazing! Let's not mention the huge stats. The one I paid most attention about was the 1600 Health as well as the passive ability. In life and death situations, once I was lucky and triggered the passive, wouldn't I become overpowered?

I didn't think anymore, anyways I had reached the required level!

Salvation Leggings, equipped!

Boots of Windwalking, equipped!

All of a sudden, warmth spread into my body. Along with me equipping the two new equipment, my stats and Combat strength changed--

July Wildfire (Blade of Chaos)

Level: 50

Attack: 1458-1845 (+125%)

Defence: 1047 (+118%)

Health: 18660

Critical Strike: 13.40%

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Lifesteal: 10.5%

Comprehension: 97

Charm: 22

Soul Star: 20

Contribution point: 1082970

Combat strength: 3988


Attack and Health were the most obvious especially Health. Now I had close to 20 thousand health. At the current stage unless it was a Paladin with more than two purple equipment, if not there was no way he could compare to me. This was because I had a total of six purple equipment which were all covered in level 3 inscriptions. My powers were through the roof!

"Are you not done yet?" Ah Fei said, "I am so hungry."

"Calm down!"

I was speechless, "So what if you stay up occassionally, why do you not have any dedication nowadays."

"Damn, then I shall go online?"

"Sure, I will probably take more than half an hour."

"En okay!"


I left King Yue's tomb not long later. The moment I popped out, I heard a ear piercing horn that made my eardrums hurt. I flew away from the forest and bumped into a Land of Reincarnation disciple that was flying back. I pounced forwards and pressed him onto the ground.

"You... July Wildfire!"

His eyes were filled with terror, "Are you trying to kill me? We.... Only a few Land of Reincarnation disciples are enemies with you. Most of the disciples don't have any animosity towards you!"

I shook my head, "Brother don't be afraid, I am not thinking about killing you. I just want to ask, what does this horn mean?"

He rolled his eyes, "You don't even know this, to think you are the top Wind Cloud Platform disciple?"

My face turned red, "This is my first time. Tell me, what does that mean?"

"It means that the trial is over and we have to leave within an hour if not the undead dragonriders will kill us."

"Ah? !"

I raised my head and saw a giant shadow circling above. It was covered in thick death energy. This strength was not something that I could go up against.

But I was a little pumped up. Our Black Castle actually had dragonriders. Although they were undead ones but they did seem quite strong!

"Let's go,

go together?" I asked.


He climbed up from the ground and nodded.

Thus, the two of us left the ruins together. Right when we charged through the barrier, we saw a dense amount of disciples. Lodan, Dong Yuanbai, Long Yilan, Lei Ling etc were all there. They were all smiling which showed that they gained a lot. Some of them looked helpless like they had returned empty handed.

As for me, I couldn't say that I returned empty handed. King Yue's tomb had given me so much!


"You are all out?"

A black shadow descended from above. It was really an undead cavalry riding a bone dragon. He held a sword covered in blood inscriptions. Although the bone dragon was only left with skeletons but the runes on it could still be seen and it still had a bit of life level. It roared and dragon power surged through the wilderness, causing many young disciples to cover their ears.

I frowned and continued to keep silent.

On dragonback, the undead cavalry jumped off and said, "Since you are out then let's close the World Ender and start to check."

"Yes sir!"

The two elders nodded respectfully.

The undead cavalry swept his sharp eyes towards the young disciples that just came out. His pupils constricted, he charged towards one of the Precious Treasure Pavilion disciples and raised his hand, "Hand it out!"

"Hand... Hand what out?" That disciple trembled.

"Hand it out!"

The cavalry raised his voice. His aura caused that disciple to kneel down. He reached out and pulled a horn that was covered in blood energy. On it were many patterns and it seemed like it contained some sort of power. The cavalry grabbed it and said coldly, "We already agreed that no disciple is to bring any treasures out, you have broken that. Men, toss him into the Spirit Swallowing Pit!"

"Sir, no... I won't dare to anymore!"

Precious Treasure Pavilion disciple begged.

No one bothered about him. The two guards easily carried him up and walked towards the forest on the left.


I frowned and lowered my voice, "Two Balls he seem afraid, where is the Spirit Swallowing Pit? Is it terrifying?"


Lodan gritted his teeth, "It is one of our prohibited areas in the back mountain. I heard that it can swallow all spiritual beings. Black Castle's rules is to toss all the huge sinners into the pit."

"If they are tossed in they will die?"

"What do you think?" He rolled his eyes.

I was tongue tied, it seemed like I understood so little about Black Castle.

Not long later, the younger generation disciples dispersed and the back mountain trials just ended just like that. I crushed the city return scroll and teleported to Linchen County. Not long later, I waltzed into Linchen County with my human account. I looked at Ah Fei who was drawing inscriptions. Forget it, I won't disturb him, I shall go sell equipment!

I came to the auction house and talked to one of the older auctioneers, "I want to sell some items."

"Oh is that so?"

He looked at my white equipment in disdain, "Adventurer, you don't look like you have anything good. You can sell items below Rare grade, you don't have to go through us."

I laughed and took out a purple bow, it was the Windwalker, "Then look at this... Can you help me see how much it is worth?"

"What? !"

His body shook and his expression changed, "This friend, so you had such huge treasures, you should have said it earlier. This Windwalker is of great quality and design, based on my experience, it should be worth at least this number!"

He raised five fingers.

I nodded, starting price 5000RMB. Slowly. People will definitely raise the bid. After all Windwalker's stats were exceptional. I placed it on auction and listed the auction time as 24 hours. I also placed the War Armor up at 800RMB. If things went as expected, it could be sold for a high price too.

I said towards Ah Fei, "Done, are we going to eat?"

"Damn, it is about two..."

He was speechless, "But luckily that stall is a supper stall and is opened till morning. Let's go, finish quickly and then come back to sleep."



Late at night, the two of us headed towards Supreme Little Lobster. It was late at night but there were still many people here. The two of us headed up and sat near the window. A beautiful little girl wore a black shop costume and smiled, "Handsome guys, what would you like to eat?"

Ah Fei's eyes lit up, "Beauty, let me correct you, I am the only handsome guy here, hahaha~~~"

"Your sister..."

I was speechless.

She covered her mouth and laughed, "You are handsome too. What would you like to eat?"

"Your secret sauce, give me... 3 kilogram, then give me four bottles of beer."

"En, okay."

The beauty went down and I looked at the receipt, "3 kilograms for 600?"

"Right, people called their shop Supreme Little Lobster, each one is specially chosen. Be it looks and taste it is the same, that is how they promoted themselves..."

He laughed, "Aiyo, can you have some standard. We earned tens of thousands today, it is just some little lobsters."

I smiled, "En, okay, as long as you are happy."

"Right right right!"


Right at that moment, a young student in the table behind exclaimed, "Damn... The third combo creator has appeared. Guess who it is?"


We weren't in the same table but both Ah Fei and I asked.

He took in a deep breath and said, "You definitely can't guess it!"


"Dawn! Legend's top Archer. An Archer creating a combo, you didn't expect that right?"


Ah Fei and I were shocked. Archers could create combos too, what kind of combo would that be?

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